Aventon Abound Review: What Makes These Cargo E-bike Special?


The California-based startup Aventon unveiled the Abound, a revolutionary electric cargo bike that it calls “an effective alternative to driving a car around town.” The Abound is a versatile, safe, and economical mobility alternative for anyone wishing to do less driving in their life. It has a 750-watt motor, a number of accessories, and a total weight rating of 440 lbs.

Considering that Aventon is mostly recognized for its fat-tired, adventure-themed road bikes, the company’s inclusion of a cargo bike in its inventory was never a given. Still, Aventon applied a lot of the same attention to detail to the Abound as it did with earlier models, which ought to give the bike a slight advantage over other affordable versions.


How cheap are things right now? According to Aventon, the suggested retail price for Abound is $2,199, which puts it on par with rival cargo bikes like the RadWagon from Rad Power Bikes and the just-launched Xpedition from Lectric. That ought to pique interest among customers who want to replace car journeys with a more environmentally friendly means of transportation but don’t want to refinance their home.

FRAME6061 Single-Butted Aluminum Alloy
MOTOR750W, 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
SENSORSTorque Sensor
FORKSuspension Fork with 50mm travel, with lockout
BRAKESHydraulic Disc Brakes
TIRES20" x 2.4" Puncture Resistant
SPEEDUp to 20 MPH on Pedal Assist
BATTERY15Ah (720Wh)
RANGEUp to 50 Miles
DIMENSIONS1910 mm (l) x 1125 mm (h)

Aventon Abound: Design and Build quality

The best way to transport nearly anything by bike that is too big or awkward to fit in a messenger bag, backpack, or secure to a small front or rear rack is with a cargo bike. They are easy to operate, take up much less room than a car or truck, and are excellent for logging additional bike kilometers.

The Abound’s sizing is primarily about packing a lot of capacity into a relatively tiny footprint. It has a one-size-fits-most step-through frame which riders 4’11” to 6’3″ may ride. The bike is 5mm shorter than a large Santa Cruz V10 downhill bike, measuring 1,910mm tip-to-tail and having a 1,274mm wheelbase. You may therefore fit one of these into your life if you have the storage room for a mountain bike.

Cargo bikes need sturdy construction because they are required to carry more than simply the weight of the rider. They also aren’t always the quickest or easiest bikes to ride – especially if you have to climb any hills – because their shape is designed for balancing loads rather than for speed or efficiency. So, rather than owning and using a cargo bike, the majority of Americans choose to drive their vehicle or truck for the short journeys that could probably be made by bicycle.

Aventon values the rear rack at 143 pounds, giving the e-bike a total maximum capacity of 440 pounds. The rear seat option can hold two youngsters. One teen or small adult can fit safely on the rack without the railing attached.

The incorporation of color screens, where you can see crucial data like speed, mileage, and battery percentages, is one of the characteristics that set Aventon bikes apart from the competition. Aventon likes to splurge on the color LCD, and it’s hard to fault them for it when the pricing is so good. Most inexpensive e-bikes skimp in this area by merely providing the most basic displays. For a more in-depth analysis of your bike’s performance, Aventon also includes a smartphone app that can be connected to it via Bluetooth.

E-bikes have transformed how bikes of all kinds are viewed, created, used, and enjoyed by millions over the past ten years. These bikes’ electric assist motors have a little (but mighty) amount of power, which enables cyclists to go further and faster while exerting the same amount of effort. Several people who previously believed cycling wasn’t for them have been introduced to biking and given it a try thanks to e-bikes.

More than most other types of bikes, cargo bikes gain significantly from the inclusion of pedaling assistance in terms of how they maximize the platform’s capacity. The majority of obstacles to using cargo bikes are eliminated by e-bike motors, which allow them overcome their increased weight, size, and occasionally difficult handling characteristics in comparison to standard bike options. Cargo bikes must be electric vehicles.

Working turn signals are a surprising additional feature on this bike’s integrated rear tail light. That is undoubtedly helpful when explaining your goals to primarily ignorant motorists who frequently resent sharing the road with bikers.

The Abound is Aventon’s most expensive bike, costing $2,200. Yet it’s also likely the most original and fashionable product the company offers. The Abound appears wonderful and is outfitted for the assigned task. The bike virtually begs you to load it up with every imaginable package, payload, or accessory due to its squat appearance and sturdy frame. The base price of the Abound also includes an SR Suntour suspension fork, a center-mount kickstand, a strong rear rack, and footboards for a passenger.

In addition, this bike has a ton of top-notch amenities, which is again, and I can’t stress this enough, pretty uncommon for a bike in this price range. They feature a superb dropper seat, extra-powerful hydraulic disc brakes, an adjustable front suspension, and a 7-speed transmission.

Naturally, all those characteristics add up, figuratively speaking. With no attachments, the Abound weighs 81 lbs, making it a substantial bicycle. The weight will increase if a child seat or rear rack railings are added. Although the front handlebar can be folded for additional storage options, if at all possible, avoid taking this bike up or down any stairs.

Aventon Abound: Motor and Battery

Even while the Abound is less expensive than many cargo bikes from established brands, it isn’t lacking in amenities. The bike can go at a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) thanks to a strong 750 W rear-hub engine. Torque sensors supply power almost as soon as you begin pedaling, and there are four levels of assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. There is also a thumb throttle to help you start going when you are at a standstill due to additional weight.

More significant than how it appears is how well the Abound performs. For the price, the list of standard features is really attractive. The drive unit propels the bike to a top aided speed of 20 mph thanks to a 750-watt rear hub motor that is fuelled by an integrated downtube battery. Aventon outfits the Abound with a torque sensor to regularly power the back hub motor, just like on the Level.2 model unveiled last year, delivering a smooth and natural pedaling experience. Aventon’s upgraded backlit color LCD head unit is a further example of high-quality design.

The Abound’s drivetrain consists of a Revo twist shifter and a 7-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. Despite the fact that both worked well during our testing, considering the cost of the bike and its intended use as a cargo bike, we would have liked to see a stronger 8-speed derailleur and trigger shifter.

We commuted everyday and completed errands close to our Easton, PA headquarters by riding the Abound. As part of our testing, we rode some of the region’s harder hills, rode through rain and snow, went food shopping, and carried kids. Overall, the Abound received high marks from reviewers for its power, speed, and hauling prowess.

The dropper post was a feature that test riders praised across the board. That makes it simple for riders of all heights to board the bike and head out for a short errand without having to fiddle with bike adjustments.

I discovered that the Abound was equally adept at climbing short to medium-sized hills, frequently being able to do it using only the throttle. The Abound is simple to ride without the throttle in comparison to other commuter e-bikes that are equally priced. Aventon’s torque sensor evenly distributes power to the motor without giving it the on/off sensation experienced by many bikes with hub motors.

Depending on how much assistance you’re using, the detachable 720Wh battery (48V / 15Ah) has a range rating of up to 50 miles. Do you enjoy driving in Turbo mode? If that’s the case, you should anticipate getting less range from the Abound’s battery.

The Abound has a range of “up to 50 miles,” according to Aventon. The weight of the rider and any baggage, the terrain, and the amount of power assistance employed all affect how far e-battery bike’s will go. We averaged roughly 25 miles of range per charge on the Abound’s battery with a 200 lb. rider through a mix of flat and hilly terrain, while being pretty generous with the throttle and highest power level. 

Aventon Abound: Conclusions

Many riders will find the Aventon Abound to be a capable e-cargo bike that meets their demands. Despite its flaws, it is still a fantastic bike. The Abound offers enough power and hauling capacity, is reasonably priced, and is well-equipped. This bike might convince you to stop using your car for short commutes around town if you were on the fence about buying a cargo bike because of the cost or the fact that longtail models are too bulky.

The California-based company’s first cargo bike is the Aventon Abound. It will also be one of the more reasonably priced variants available at $2,199.

Although the Abound has some creaks, clicks, and flex, its adjustable height and foldable design may be useful for individuals who keep it in tiny locations. The stem continued to make noise even after being disassembled, examined, and tightened again. The movable stem never struck me as dangerous—just bothersome. Given the sturdy quality of the rest of the Abound, this segment seems like a mismatch for the bike.


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