Lectric XPedition Review: Affordable Electric Cargo Bikes 2023!


The Lectric XPedition, a new cargo bike from low-cost electric bike manufacturer Lectric, was just unveiled. The XPedition is one of the most affordable automobile alternatives available right now, costing $1,399 or $1,699 for the dual battery version, just like the rest of the brand’s inventory.

When you look at the specifications, it’s difficult to disagree with Lectric when they call the XPedition “the ultimate transportation option.” The Phoenix-based company’s first cargo bike appears to check a lot of the appropriate boxes straight out of the gate with 180mm rear and front hydraulic disc brakes, a rear-hub engine, and a maximum payload capacity of 450lbs.


The bike was a delight to ride, and one of my test passengers liked it enough to want to stay seated long after I was done testing. Despite the fact that I don’t rank the bike quite as highly as customers’ 4.9/5 stars on Lectric’s product page, the bike was still great to ride.

FrameLightweight 6000 series aluminum
MotorA 750W rear hub-motor (1310W Peak) with 85Nm of torque
BatteryDual-Battery 48V, 14ah
Rangeup to 75 or 150 miles
LCD DisplayA backlit, heads-up LCD displa
TiresLectric 20” x 3” street tires
BrakesHydraulic mineral oil brakes paired with 180mm
Freewheel11-28 tooth, 7-geared freewheel
Bike Unfolded72"L x 12"W x 46"H
Bike Folded72"L x 12"W x 32"H

Lectric XPedition: Design and Build Quality

The Lectric XPedition, like the Lectric XP 3.0, comes completely assembled, so all you need to do to use it is take it out of the box, unfold the frame and stem, fill the tires to the proper pressure, fold down the pedals, and charge the batteries. A fantastic safety feature that more e-bikes should have is the requirement that you insert one of the two provided keys into the bike in order to turn on the power and use it.

Lectric is, of course, a direct-to-consumer brand, a classification that has a well-known set of benefits and difficulties. It will surely be more challenging to test-drive one of the firm’s bikes before you buy one or have it fixed because the company employs less expensive parts and doesn’t have a statewide network of dealers and authorized repair facilities. Lectric, however, asserts that their bicycles will be delivered completely constructed, covered by a yearlong warranty, and have a full US customer service base. You’ll have to take its word for it for the time being because I haven’t personally tried it out.

The only issue is that it’s a little difficult to put the key because the keyhole is on the bottom of the frame, right in front of the frame hinge. For the first few miles of testing, I was also concerned that the key would come out while I was riding, but so far, it has stayed in place.

Lectric provides the eXPedition in only one color – white. The holiday bundle and passenger package were also included in the white Step-Thru model that I tested.

For a limited time, the XPedition comes with the Christmas Bundle, which is free and includes a bigger seat, a suspension seat post, a bike lock, and an elite lamp. According to my tests, the included seat is a little overly padded and is not the greatest choice if you plan to pedal the bike for an extended period of time.

The bike lock helps anchor the vehicle to a post or stand by fastening to the back of the frame underneath the seat. Although it is a folding lock with low security, it is still better than nothing. The headlamp, which is sufficiently large and bright for a safe riding experience, shares the same sentiment.

Consider purchasing the $90 Passenger bundle, which contains the additional passenger seat, passenger handlebar, and passenger foot pegs, if you plan to purchase the Lectric XPedition and want to be able to transport a second rider. My test subjects claimed the seat was really pleasant. It is a large, well-padded cushion that clips to the back rack.

A T-bar handlebar is attached to the seat post so the rider can hold onto it. Also, the rubberized handle casing for a better grip is helpful. A convenient platform for the passenger to rest their feet while riding on the back of the bike is provided by pegs that extend about three inches from the back wheel.

Lectric XPedition: Motor and Battery

Both rely on a rear-hub motor that produces 85 Nm of torque, 1,310 W of peak power, and 750 W of nominal power. (How reliable is the assertion about peak power? (Electrek claims not at all!) The Lectric XPedition has a top speed of 20 mph while using the throttle but can sprint to 28 mph with pedal assistance, classifying it as a Class 3 e-bike in the end.

Thanks to a new mechanism it calls Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation, Lectric boasts significantly better pedal-assist functioning. The device, per the manufacturer, “by assisting riders up to a defined power level for each PAS setting, instead of restricting the aid by speed, improves on the typical pedal-assist functioning.” It seems that this is intended to feel more realistically like a torque sensor without requiring a more expensive component.

The tires of the XPedition have the same 20-inch diameter as standard size tires, but they are three inches wide and substantially thicker. Mechanical disc brakes enable rapid and consistent stopping even when my passenger and I exceed the 330 pound weight limit. And even at full capacity, the 750W motor was more than enough to propel me forward quickly and at a reasonably constant speed.

By exploring the menu on the primary display, you can choose the passenger mode. When in passenger mode, the e-speed bike’s is limited to 10 mph, which may make your passenger feel less intimidated by your riding prowess and provides a little margin of safety in case you throttle a little too aggressively.

Yet, the 7-speed Shimano transmission will assist you in climbing hills while carrying a passenger. A throttle and seven-speed transmission are excellent features since they let you ride the bike at an intensity of exercise that is comfortable for you. The drivetrain allowed me to ride all the way from the bottom to the top without having to walk up the bike because I live at the top of a hill. This is one of the few capable e-bikes available.

Depending on the assist levels you’re utilizing, the single-battery model with 48 volts and 14 Ah for a combined 672Wh of capacity can travel up to 75 miles. With 1,344Wh of capacity, the dual battery variant has a remarkable 150 mile range.

Lectric XPedition: Conclusions

Nonetheless, the XPedition may now legitimately assert that it is one of the most affordable electric cargo bikes available, if not the most affordable. From the release of the XP 3.0, Lectric has been utterly committed to affordability. The newest model from the brand also reflects that devotion.

The Lectric XPedition, which costs from $1399, has metal fenders, front and back lights, an integrated rear rack, and tires made for both highways and trails. The differentiating feature is the passenger package, which enables enjoyable joyrides with your loved ones. I’m eager to take my daughter on more gravel-trail rides with me while we go hiking and fishing.

The Lectric XPedition is a wonderful choice if you want a bike to ride around town with a friend, shop at nearby stores, or commute to work. Moreover, campers and gravel trail riders will find it to be a fantastic choice because of the wide tires with good wear.

Due to their special qualities that enable them to replace car trips, cargo bikes in particular are climate solutions. Lectric is doing its part to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, the improvement of the environment, and the empowerment of its customers to live better, more car-free lifestyles by providing a low-cost model.

There aren’t many options if you want an e-bike that enables you to transport passengers while you ride. There are, however, a lot of additional foldable e-bikes to take into account.


Alternatives of Lectric XPedition




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