Magicycle Deer Review: Power Full Suspension E-Bike 2023!


The company’s newest electric bike, the Magicycle Deer, retails for a whopping $2699, but what features can customers expect? Even while electric bikes may not be as well-liked as electric cars, some intriguing micro-mobility options have lately been unveiled. SUV motorcycles are slowly but surely taking over the market, with goods that promise a good mix of performance and convenience. They offer the ideal travel companion for both city commuting and off-road excursions with distinctive features like robust frames and big tires.

At $2699, the Magicycle Deer is now offered in green, white, and black. I used metallic green paint with black highlights to test the green model. The bike is quite attractive and will attract attention on the trails. With the need for some arm strength to raise it or recover from an off-trail spill, it’s a bike that the Hulk or Green Goblin might be seen riding.

With front shocks, a rear frame shock, and wide tires to propel you forward with incredible stability and control, the bike rides like a dream despite its weight and size.

Frame size18" 6061 Aluminum Frame
DisplayColor LCD Display with USB Charging
Hub Motor750W brushless gear motor(IP55)
Battery52V 20Ah LG lithium battery
Range60-80 miles
TiresKenda 26"x4.0" Fat Tires
GearingShimano 7 speed gear shift system
Brake180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Recommended Rider Heights5'5" - 6'8"
Pedal Assist7-level Intelligent pedal assist

Magicycle Deer: Design and Build Quality

The Magicycle Deer was introduced as the country’s first fully-adjustable electric bicycle SUV. As was previously noted, SUV motorcycles mix comfort and performance, and the Deer delivers both. 

The Deer, according to Magicycle, combines the features of three separate electric bicycles: a step-through commuter, a hiking, and a full suspension mountain bike. There are two variations: Stepover and Step Through. Considering that they are both $2,699, the buyer can choose whichever model best suits their needs. 

Both trims include suspension systems built into the frame, which makes riding over rocky terrain more pleasant. They have a maximum payload capacity of 400 lbs., a range of 80 miles, and seven different levels of pedal assistance.

The full-suspension system, which is possibly the most crucial component of the Deer e-bike, ensures riders’ comfort even on the roughest trails. Active shock absorption will also be felt by riders, particularly on off-road trips. 

According to Magicycle, its e-bike can go over any amount of bumps without losing stability. The addition of hydraulic disc brakes guarantees that riders have better braking performance. The Deer’s substantial payload capability of 400 pounds ought to draw consumers of all sizes. Riders may load up the back rack with plenty of supplies for off-road excursions or shopping trips.

Be careful when opening the box because the Magicycle Deer is a large and heavy bike that weighs around 92.3 pounds in total. The front wheel and tire are cut out in one part of the strong black foam substance inside the cardboard, while the accessory box is cut out in another. To access the remaining bike frame and rear wheel/tire assembly, separate the two foam halves.

With all the required gear and tools supplied in the box, setup of the bike takes roughly 30-45 minutes. A helpful installation video is also provided by Magicycle to assist users.

Mount the pedals, secure the front light, fasten the front handlebars, and snap in the batteries. Don’t worry if you are new to bike assembly because Magicycle’s instructions are quite thorough and accurate and include schematics of spacers, nuts, and waitrs.

With one exception, the battery installation proceeded exactly as described in the handbook. After fitting the battery, I am unable to remove the key from the lock, so during my testing, I rode the bike with the key still in the lock. When you need to charge the bike’s battery separately or store the bike when you aren’t using it, the key can assist you remove the battery.

On the left side of the handlebars are the controls for the bike and display. The pedal assist is controlled by the huge plus and minus buttons, while the horn and light buttons have white symbols for their corresponding roles. In order to prevent inadvertent activation while riding, the power button is placed below the minus button at the bottom.

The display is among the biggest I’ve seen on an e-bike, but it is nicely landscape-oriented so that it doesn’t protrude too far from the handlebars. The battery charge level, odometer, speedometer, pedal assist level, and front light status are all displayed on the display. These codes will also show up on the display if the bike ever experienced any issues.

Magicycle Deer: Motor and Battery

Due to the availability of a large-capacity 52V battery, the Deer e-bike guarantees long-range riding over various environments. The newest Magicycle bike, which uses 21700 cell technology, has a range of up to 80 miles, and its 52V 20AH power rating significantly extends the battery life. The integrated battery in the downtube can be taken out as needed. Other performance features of the Deer include a 750W 96 Nm high-power motor and a top speed of 28 mph (with pedal assistance).

The bike is so large and hefty that at first it could seem daunting. Being a big person myself, I genuinely enjoyed having the strength to support my 240 pounds. The Magicycle Deer can accommodate heavier riders as well because of its 330-pound weight limit. I was startled to learn that my daughter, who is around 92.3 pounds lighter than I am, enjoyed riding the bike as well. I had assumed it would find it to be too big and strong for her. It said it appreciated how quickly it could travel on the roads and that it felt extremely safe when driving it.

Thanks to the dual shock suspension system and the breathable ergonomic sport cushion seat, riding the bike for extended periods of time is possible. The seat has a center opening that enhances comfort, and the padding is top-notch. Also, the seat is just the right width to handle prolonged durations of cycling.

While the rear air suspension, which is located below the seat post, aids with comfort on the back side, the front suspension may be adjusted to meet your preferred riding experience. With the 7-gear system, climbing hills is a breeze. I did occasionally observe gear slippage since the derailleur didn’t appear to advance all the way to the next gear line.

The twist throttle is located on the right handlebar; it occupies about a third of the interior of the grip, with the thumb-operated gear shifter and brake lever located below and above it, respectively. Even at high speeds, the Logan hydraulic disc brakes worked quite effectively, allowing me to stop quickly and safely.

According to Magicycle, a motor cutoff has been incorporated into the braking system for increased security.

The pedal help level and throttle function together, thus at level one, your throttle speed will be approximately 7-8 mph and at level five, it will be at a maximum of 20 mph. By cycling in the proper gear, you may reach far higher speeds of up to 28 mph, proving that the Magicycle Deer is capable of flight.

A short-circuit-proof 3A fast charger that can complete a full charge in four to seven hours is provided with every Deer e-bike purchase. Riders interested in extending their range can spend $699 on an extra 52V 20AH battery. An LCD panel on the bike allows riders to customize display settings based on their tastes and surroundings. The firm advises that riders be between 5′ 5″ and 6′ 8″ tall. Dawn Yellow, Space Gray, and Neon Green are the three color choices for the Magicycle Deer e-bike SUV versions.

Magicycle Deer: Conclusions

I want to do more gravel and trail riding this year, so I’m going to pack my vehicle with e-bikes. Riding on my local trails was an absolute joy because the Magicycle Deer is obviously built to handle those conditions. A number of the bikes I’ve tested have had me smile widely, and the Magicycle Deer had me catching insects with my teeth. With those beautiful big tires singing on pavement and propelling me across difficult terrain, the bike flies at up to 28 mph.

For someone who hasn’t ridden a motorbike in decades, the bike’s size, weight, and handlebar position gave me the impression that I was riding a motorcycle.

A stunning, powerful bike made by Magicycle is designed to handle any terrain with ease. In order for me to utilize this bike for commuting, I would like to see ergonomic grips, fenders, and a rear light, but some of those features can be added and this bike’s main selling point is its off-road capabilities. The Magicycle Deer excels in challenging terrain and provides an exhilarating experience.

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