Lankeleisi RX800 Review: High Performance Electric Bike 2024!


Hello everyone, it’s Baptiste from the MobiliTest channel, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to another article dedicated to testing electric bikes. Today, we have an exciting bike that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for quite some time – the Lankeleisi RX800, which you can see right behind me. So, let’s dive in and explore everything this bike has to offer.

While the RX800 commands a premium price of €2400, its quality construction, reliable components, and adherence to regulations justify the investment for discerning riders. Additionally, promotional offers and discounts further enhance its value proposition, making it an attractive option for those seeking a high-performance electric bike with premium features.


The Lankeleisi RX800 has generated a lot of buzz in the electric bike community, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts and experiences with you. From its sleek design to its powerful performance, there’s a lot to cover. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the presentation.

Frame materialAluminum alloy 6061
Motor power48V 1000W
Mechanical offset7-speed gear shift
Speed ​​level5 speed adjustment
Counter displayLCD color screen
Tire20x4.0 inch
Maximum speed25km/h
BrakeHydraulic oil disc brakes
BatterySamsung 20Ah lithium battery 21700
Pure Electric mileage60-70km
Assistance mileage120-150km
Net weight of the bike39.5kg
Product size178x110x85-95cm
Maximum charge200kg

Design and Build Quality

The Lankeleisi RX800 is a standout in the realm of electric bikes, boasting a combination of impressive design and solid build quality.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: Design and Build Quality

The RX800 features a low-slung frame design, known as the CNE glue frame, which enhances practicality and maneuverability. This frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting, making it suitable for riders of various heights. Additionally, the ergonomic design promotes a comfortable riding position, ensuring an enjoyable experience for users.

The bike is equipped with large 20-inch Kenda tires, each measuring a generous 4 inches wide. These tires provide excellent traction and stability, particularly on challenging terrain. 

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: Hydraulic oil disc brakes

Complementing the robust tires is a reliable air suspension system, situated in the middle of the bike. This suspension setup effectively absorbs shocks and bumps, delivering a smoother ride even on rough surfaces. The inclusion of a pressure adjustment cap allows riders to fine-tune the suspension according to their preferences and riding conditions.

At the front, the RX800 features a hydraulic fork that further enhances comfort and stability. This high-quality suspension component ensures superior performance, particularly when navigating uneven terrain or encountering obstacles. The ability to lock or unlock the fork via a small latch adds versatility to the bike, enabling riders to adapt to different riding environments effortlessly.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: spacious luggage rack

The heart of the RX800 lies in its rear-wheel motor, positioned discreetly within the wheel hub. This motor provides ample power and torque, facilitating smooth acceleration and efficient propulsion. Whether tackling steep inclines or cruising along flat surfaces, the motor delivers consistent performance, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Lankeleisi prioritizes durability and reliability in the construction of the RX800. The frame is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring strength and resilience against the rigors of daily use. Components such as the tires, suspension systems, and motor are meticulously engineered to withstand the demands of electric biking, offering longevity and performance over time.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: 7-speed gear shift

The RX800 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes from the reputable Daiseland brand. This choice of braking system reflects a commitment to quality and performance. Hydraulic disc brakes offer superior stopping power and modulation compared to traditional mechanical brakes, particularly crucial for a bike of this size and weight. Riders can rely on these brakes to provide precise control and consistent braking performance, enhancing overall safety and confidence on the road.

The RX800 features an accelerator handle reminiscent of those found on motorcycles, situated conveniently for easy access and intuitive operation. This design allows riders to control the bike’s speed effortlessly, providing a smooth and responsive riding experience. The wide V-shaped handlebars contribute to excellent maneuverability, allowing riders to navigate various terrains with ease while maintaining a comfortable and upright riding position.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: located suspension integrated into the seat post

As mentioned, the RX800 adheres to relevant regulations governing electric bikes, ensuring legal compliance and safety for riders. The bike’s speed and power output are appropriately limited to meet regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind for riders regarding legal compliance and road safety. While the bike offers the convenience of motorized assistance, riders are advised to exercise caution and responsibility when operating it, particularly in urban environments where regulations may be stricter.

The RX800 comes equipped with various accessories designed to enhance functionality and convenience. At the rear, plastic guardrails provide protection and support, while a spacious luggage rack offers ample storage options. A rear light ensures visibility and safety, especially in low-light conditions, while the front guardrail provides added protection. The bike’s lighting system, although effective, may benefit from improvements in corner illumination for enhanced visibility in all directions.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: LCD color screen

The RX800’s innovative suspension design, including the centrally located suspension integrated into the seat post, contributes to a smooth and comfortable ride. This suspension setup effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, enhancing overall comfort and ride quality, particularly on rough terrain. The option to adjust tire pressure adds versatility, allowing riders to fine-tune the bike’s suspension to suit their preferences and riding conditions.

So, the Lankeleisi impresses with its innovative design and robust build quality. From its user-friendly frame to its advanced suspension and motorization systems, every aspect of the bike is meticulously crafted to deliver a superior riding experience. Whether navigating city streets or exploring off-road trails, the RX800 stands as a testament to Lankeleisi’s commitment to excellence in electric bike design and engineering.

Lankeleisi RX800: Motor and Driving Test

The Lankeleisi RX800 is propelled by a robust electric motor boasting a nominal power output of 750W, with the capability to reach up to around 1000W depending on the controller’s intensity. This powerful motor provides ample torque and acceleration, making it suitable for various riding conditions and terrains. Whether conquering steep hills or cruising along flat surfaces, riders can rely on the motor to deliver consistent performance and reliable assistance.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: on the road or driving test

Equipped with reliable hydraulic disc brakes from Daiseland, the RX800 exhibits excellent braking performance. Even on its substantial 39.5 kg frame, the brakes provide consistent and responsive stopping power, ensuring rider safety and control, particularly at higher speeds.

While not the most powerful bike in terms of acceleration, the RX800 still offers commendable performance, especially for riders who are not accustomed to electric bikes. The bike accelerates smoothly and steadily, making it suitable for various riding situations, including climbs and quick bursts of speed.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: on the road or driving test

One of the standout features of the RX800 is its exceptional comfort, thanks to its pneumatic central suspension and air suspension setup. The bike effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough terrain. The suspension’s adjustability allows riders to fine-tune their riding experience according to their preferences.

Despite lacking a torque sensor, the RX800’s cadence-based pedal-assist system provides adequate support for riders. However, some riders may find the acceleration to be slightly aggressive in higher assistance modes, and the lack of customization options for maximum speed in each mode could be a drawback for some users.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: on the road or driving test

The Lankeleisi RX800 impresses with its combination of speed, power, comfort, and handling. While it may not be the absolute best in every aspect, it offers a compelling package for riders seeking a versatile and high-performance electric bike. With its reliable braking, comfortable suspension, and respectable acceleration, the RX800 stands as a formidable contender in the electric bike market.

So, the operational test reaffirms the RX800’s position as a top choice for riders seeking a reliable, powerful, and comfortable electric bike for various riding scenarios. Whether cruising along city streets or exploring off-road trails, the RX800 delivers a thrilling and enjoyable riding experience.

Battery and Range

The RX800’s battery is ingeniously integrated into the frame, seamlessly blending in with the overall aesthetics of the bike. Thanks to Lankeleisi’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, the battery is discreetly tucked away, contributing to the bike’s sleek appearance. The high-quality paint finish further enhances the battery’s integration, making it almost imperceptible to the casual observer.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: Samsung 20Ah lithium battery 21700 battery

Despite its compact size, the RX800’s battery packs a punch with its 48V and 20Ah capacity. This generous capacity promises ample range for extended rides, whether cruising through city streets or exploring off-road trails. With such a substantial battery, riders can expect impressive performance and endurance from their RX800 electric bike.

The RX800’s battery delivers impressive range, catering to various riding styles and preferences. In full electric mode, where riders rely solely on the motor’s power without pedaling, the bike can cover approximately 40 to 45 kilometers on a single charge. However, when riders engage in pedaling and utilize the pedal-assist system, the bike’s autonomy significantly increases. In assistance mode 2, riders can expect an average range between 70 and 80 kilometers, depending on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and assistance level selected.

Lankeleisi RX800 Review: charging port

It’s essential to consider various factors that can influence the bike’s autonomy, such as rider weight, pedal input, and assistance mode. Heavier riders or those using the highest assistance mode may experience slightly reduced range compared to lighter riders or those utilizing lower assistance levels. Additionally, riding conditions, including terrain and weather, can impact battery performance and overall range.

Lankeleisi RX800: Conclusions

In the end, the Lankeleisi RX800 stands out as a top-tier electric bike with several notable strengths and a few areas for improvement. 

Lankeleisi RX800 Review

Positive Points:

  1. Exceptional Comfort: The RX800 offers outstanding comfort, thanks to its well-designed suspension system and ergonomic frame.
  2. High-Quality Components: Lankilisi’s commitment to quality is evident in the RX800’s construction, featuring premium components and durable materials.
  3. Impressive Power and Speed: With its powerful motor and high maximum speed, the RX800 delivers exhilarating performance for riders seeking excitement and speed.
  4. Generous Autonomy: The 48V, 20Ah battery provides ample range for extended rides, whether in full electric mode or with pedal assistance.
  5. Reliable Braking: Equipped with high-quality hydraulic disc brakes, the RX800 ensures safe and responsive braking performance, enhancing rider confidence.
  6. Versatility: The RX800’s versatile design makes it suitable for various riding scenarios, from daily commuting to weekend adventures, thanks to its robust frame and capable components.

Negative Points:

  1. Absence of Torque Sensor: The lack of a torque sensor detracts from the overall riding experience, particularly in terms of pedal-assist responsiveness and efficiency.
  2. Limited Mudguard Coverage: The front mudguard’s design could be improved to provide better coverage and protection against splashes and debris.
  3. Electric Assistance Calibration: Some riders may find the electric assistance levels to be too aggressive, particularly at higher settings, leading to a less intuitive riding experience.
  4. Pedaling Discomfort: While the saddle quality is high, some riders may experience discomfort during longer rides, suggesting a need for a more ergonomic saddle design.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Lankeleisi RX800 remains a highly recommendable electric bike, offering an excellent balance of performance, comfort, and versatility. Whether cruising through city streets or exploring rugged terrain, the RX800 delivers a thrilling and enjoyable riding experience. As always, your support is appreciated, and I look forward to sharing more exciting content with you in future reviews. Until then, ride safe and stay tuned for more adventures. Thank you for reading!


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