HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: 750W Fat Tire E-bike!


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Electric bicycle manufacturer HOVSCO has gained significant attention in recent times for its range of impressive and cost-effective electric bikes. With a focus on versatility to accommodate varying weather conditions found in different countries, the brand has become popular among cyclists worldwide. One standout model that embodies this versatility is the HOVSCO HovAlpha, an electric bike that excels on diverse terrains.

The HOVSCO HovAlpha electric fat tire bike comes with an attractive price tag of $1999. However, for those looking to make a purchase, there’s an additional incentive in the form of a $200 coupon off the original price. This discount brings the total cost down to $1799, making it even more affordable and enticing for potential buyers.

Lastly, we’ll wrap up the review by summarizing our thoughts and inviting you to leave your comments and opinions about the HOVSCO HovAlpha in the comment section below. We value your feedback and would love to hear your impressions of this electric fat tire bike.

So, without further ado, let’s jump on the HOVSCO HovAlpha and embark on this exciting ride and review. Let’s get ready for an incredible adventure on the HOVSCO HovAlpha electric fat tire bike!

FRAME6061 Single-Butted Aluminum Alloy
MOTOR1032W (Peak) 750W (Sustained)
SPEEDFor Europe:15.5 MPH (25km/h)
SENSORSTorque Sensor + Cadence Sensor
CHAIN7 Speed
DISPLAYBC280 LCD Smart Easy Read Display
BRAKESHydraulic Disc Brakes, 180mm Rotors
CASSETTE14-28T, 7 Speed Cassette
TIRES26 x 4" Ebike Rated Tires
BATTERY48V, 20Ah (960Wh)
CHARGER54.6V 3 Amp
RANGE60-80 Miles Average
WEIGHT77 lbs
WEIGHT LIMITMaximum Payload Capacity: 450 lbs

Design and Build Quality

The HovAlpha showcases a unique design that catches the eye. Its frame is constructed from a 60-61 single-butted aluminum alloy, which ensures both strength and durability while keeping the bike relatively lightweight. The frame is engineered to offer stability and comfort, providing a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: design and appearance

Equipped with a Shimano Tourney derailleur and a Shimano thumb shifter, the HovAlpha offers reliable and precise gear shifting. Shimano components are renowned for their performance and dependability, ensuring a seamless transition between gears and enhancing the overall ride quality.

The bike features 180-millimeter disc rotors paired with Zoom hydraulic brakes. This combination delivers powerful and consistent braking performance, granting riders confidence and control over their stopping power. Whether on city streets or rugged terrains, the HovAlpha’s braking system offers reliable and safe braking capabilities.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: 180-millimeter disc rotors paired with Zoom hydraulic brakes

The HOVSCO HovAlpha is equipped with Zoom Forks on the front. While the performance of these forks may be uncertain, testing them out will provide a better understanding of their capabilities. Being a hardtail bike, riders have the option to release some air from the rear tire, creating a more cushioned and springy feel during rides.

One aspect that may require immediate attention is the seat. Based on feedback, the original seat may not provide the desired level of comfort. Swapping it out for a more comfortable seat is recommended to prevent discomfort during longer rides.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: front suspension fork

The HovAlpha is equipped with 26 by 4 Chaoyang Tires. While less familiar compared to other well-known tire brands, these tires are designed to provide excellent traction and stability across various surfaces. Their width helps distribute the bike and rider’s weight, enhancing stability and grip on different terrains.

The HovAlpha comes packed with several noteworthy features. Positioned on the left side, a push thumb throttle allows easy acceleration without the need for pedaling. The bike offers five levels of pedal assist, enabling riders to choose their preferred level of assistance during their journey.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: 26 by 4 Chaoyang Tires

Additionally, the HovAlpha boasts a front headlight and a rear tail light. These lights require separate activation from the bike, as they have their own battery source. Furthermore, the bike’s battery includes a handy LED light that serves as an emergency strobe light or a helpful tool in case of breakdowns on the roadside.

A standout feature of the HovAlpha is its torque sensor. This sensor measures the amount of force the I applies to the pedals and provides assistance proportional to that input. The result is a more natural and intuitive riding experience, with the bike responding to the rider’s effort levels.

Weighing 72.8 pounds with the battery included, the HovAlpha falls within the average range for e-bikes of its kind. It offers a maximum payload capacity of 450 pounds, accommodating riders of various sizes and allowing for additional gear or cargo.

Performance and Driving

Powered by a 750-watt motor, with a peak output of 1,032 watts, the HovAlpha delivers powerful performance. The torque sensor becomes the highlight of the bike, allowing riders to conquer hills and challenging terrain with ease. I express excitement and curiosity about the torque sensor’s impact on their ability to tackle inclines.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: 750-watt motor

With a sense of adventure, I decided to put the HovAlpha to the test by attempting to climb steep hills. Utilizing throttle-only mode, they are surprised to find that the bike effortlessly carries them up challenging slopes. The torque sensor provides the necessary power and assistance, making the ascent feel achievable and enjoyable.

I further explore the capabilities of the torque sensor by attempting even steeper hills. To their astonishment, the bike almost wheelies due to the torque assistance, showcasing the incredible power and responsiveness of the system. I express their satisfaction and mention how they wish all their e-bikes had a torque sensor.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: handy LED light

With the initial overview complete, the next step is to conduct a speed test. With a full battery voltage of 54.6 volts, the top speed of the HovAlpha will be determined. Let’s embark on the speed test and see how fast it can go.

The HOVSCO HovAlpha features a display that provides riders with essential information and control options. The display allows easy access to various settings and modes, ensuring a seamless riding experience. In this case, I have already unlocked the bike through the accompanying app, granting full access to its capabilities.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: driving and ride on sand

For the speed test, I opted to use the thumb throttle exclusively. As they turn around, they plan to switch to pedal assist mode. The pedal assist level is set to the maximum, pedal assist five. The bike offers a total of seven gears for a versatile riding experience.

During the test, I experienced the quick takeoff enabled by the torque sensor. They feel the immediate response and the impact of the torque sensor, providing a noticeable push forward. The torque sensor on this bike is a new and exciting feature for the rider, offering a different riding experience compared to bikes with cadence sensors like Eskute Spark X.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: driving and ride

I reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour using the throttle, but they note that at this speed, the torque assistance reduces. However, they continue pedaling to achieve a maximum speed of almost 30 miles per hour. The torque sensor provides a unique sense of control and responsiveness, allowing me to adjust their effort and feel connected to the bike.

I appreciate the control and versatility offered by the torque sensor, as it allows them to ride at an easy pace while still getting a workout. Compared to cadence sensors, which can sometimes feel abrupt and less customizable, the torque sensor provides a smoother and more controlled riding experience.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: driving and ride on the earth

Next, I sets out to test the bike’s capabilities on the beach. While acknowledging that the bike might not be able to pull them all the way to the beach, they are determined to see how far it can go. With pedal assist set to level five, they venture onto the sand and find that the bike performs surprisingly well, effortlessly pedaling through deep and challenging terrain. I decided to release some air from the rear tire, making it squishier and further enhancing the bike’s ability to handle the sand.

The rider’s experience on the beach is exhilarating, and they have fun drifting and maneuvering through the sand. They highlight the excellent performance of the HovAlpha’s larger tires, which work exceptionally well on the beach terrain. The ability to pedal effortlessly through the sand leaves impressed, and they express their enjoyment of the torque sensor, as it adds to the overall fun and engagement of the ride.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: driving and ride on sand

As I approach the water, they remind viewers to wash off the bike after riding on the beach to prevent any damage from sand or water exposure. I continue to explore the beach, finding joy in the bike’s capabilities and the workout it provides. They even attempt to jump over a horseshoe crab shell, showcasing the bike’s versatility and their playful nature.

Wrapping up the ride, I reflected on the HovAlpha’s performance, deeming it one of the most enjoyable bikes they have ridden on the beach. They express their appreciation for the torque sensor, believing that every e-bike should have this feature, despite acknowledging the potential higher cost compared to cadence sensors. I concluded the ride by adjusting the rear tire’s pressure and highlighting the bike’s use of a USB-C charging port.

Battery and Range

Hidden within the frame of the HOVSCO HovAlpha is a removable internal lithium-ion 48-volt 20-amp hour battery. This concealed placement gives the e-bike a stealthy appearance. The battery capacity offers substantial power for extended rides. The manufacturer claims a range of approximately 60 to 80 miles, assuming pedaling on mode one.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: battery and power

After an exciting ride, I provide an update on the distance traveled and the remaining battery life. They mention covering a distance of 15.2 miles and having three battery bars left. As they ride through a pitch-black trail, they demonstrate the functionality of the headlights, although noting that they could be brighter for optimal visibility in such conditions.

I decide to conduct a quick range check, which reveals that they have traveled 20.2 miles so far, leaving them with two battery bars. They start to feel the effects of battery sag, which slightly impacts the bike’s performance. The top speed they reach is approximately 24 miles per hour.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: design and appearance

Surprisingly, the review transitions into nighttime, and I express my excitement about continuing the ride on the HOVSCO HovAlpha. They mention having an absolute blast while pedaling, highlighting the fun they had even in low-light conditions.

Of course, I can’t end the video without attempting a jump near a church. However, they notice a stick stuck in front of it, which may pose a potential obstacle. 

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: frame 60-61 single-butted aluminum alloy

I had a fantastic time riding the bike and were particularly impressed with the torque sensor, which provided a unique and enjoyable riding experience. I mentioned feeling exhausted after covering a distance of 21.7 miles, and they plan to check the battery voltage using the grand charger once they get home.


Overall, the HOVSCO HovAlpha electric bike proves to be a reliable and exciting option for riders seeking a versatile and affordable e-bike. With its combination of performance, features, and affordability, this e-bike offers an excellent riding experience for both experienced cyclists and newcomers to electric biking.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: design and appearance

The bike’s design elements, such as the sleek frame and the stealthy appearance, add to its overall appeal. The inclusion of a front headlight and rear tail light, with separate battery power, enhances visibility and safety during night rides.

Riders can choose between five levels of pedal assist, along with the option to use the thumb throttle for a quick start. The torque sensor technology ensures a responsive and controlled riding experience, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate hilly terrain and enjoy a customizable workout.

HOVSCO HovAlpha Review: driving and ride on the earth

So, HOVSCO HovAlpha electric bike stands out as an impressive and versatile two-wheeler, catering to a wide range of cyclists. With its punchy performance and ability to tackle various terrains, this e-bike offers an exhilarating riding experience. The highlight of the HovAlpha is its torque sensor, providing riders with precise control and a more natural pedaling feel, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

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