Himiway Zebra Review: This Is How E-Cargo Bike Should Be!


As I become older, I’ve been participating in new activities to supplement my indoor training routine, including outside activities like hiking and the aim to do a lot more biking. The only issue is that I have a fairly old bike that the former owner of my house left behind. Although I was able to do some minor repairs to it, I would really want a new bicycle and, if I can afford it, an electric bike. You don’t know how thrilled I am to have the chance to evaluate the Himiway Zebra Cargo Bike.

I was up in the Caribbean, where owning your own vehicle as a teenager was a big deal. As children, there were three categories: first, there were the wealthy children, most of whose parents were foreign diplomats, who acquired off-road motorcycles at a young age of 14 to 15. Although I doubt it was ever legal, the cops didn’t seem to mind. We (the kids without and in awe) would hurry outside to see them pull up and park when they would bike to school. It was intriguing.

Kids like myself, who possessed bicycles and were permitted to ride them around town during the day, had to return home as the sun set and the streetlights turned on. The kids that would walk made up the final group. Electric bikes were not available in those earlier times. We had bicycles with generators on the front forks that we would activate by touching the wheel, which would then turn on the headlight. It’s hilarious how the cops would ignore a 14 or 15-year-old riding a motorcycle, but would insist that a younger child on a bicycle have a functioning headlight.

Although it was my pride and joy, the Raleigh 3-speed Chopper, which was the trendy bike at the time, always appeared to outshine it. When my brother left for college, I immediately took possession of his purple bike and made it my own. It appeared similar to this but in purple. 

The ideal adult electric bike for daily use is the Himiway Zebra Electric Luggage Bike, which combines performance, high speed, and cargo carrying. It is advised for riders between 5′ 2″ and 6′ 3″.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Number of Speeds‎7
Battery48V 20Ah
Payload Capacity400lbs
Recommended Height5'2"~6'5"
Special Feature‎Fat tire

Video Review of Himiway Zebra

Himiway Zebra: Design and Build Quality

Even when left standing alone, this unique bike looks fantastic. The majority of the parts are made of rubber or metal, including the metal frame. There is a bell, a quick-release adjustable seat, a metal cargo case on the rear, a quick-release front wheel, an LED front light, and a very ergonomic handlebar. With the help of the provided keys, the battery, which is located in the frame’s largest and major portion can be taken out. The design also has “fat” tires and an extremely sturdy ambidextrous kickstand similar to those found on motorcycles.

Himiway Zebra intended to give me a fully completed bike at first, but they were unable to locate an affiliate nearby who could pick it up, assemble it, and transport it to me. I consented to assemble it myself because I am an avid do-it-yourselfer. Assembly went as easily as I had anticipated, and I finished unpacking and putting everything together within an hour. Keep in mind that a large portion of that hour was spent unwrapping the bike because practically every component was wrapped, taped, or otherwise protected during shipping.

I assembled it at the garage entry and used a cardboard box on the ground to ensure that I did not scratch it because my workshop in the garage is packed with tools and supplies from ongoing projects. I’ll show you a few pictures I took while putting it together. Please remember that the weather was chilly and wet, and that my yard is still covered with a significant number of the leaves that fell from the big trees. The removal of the leaves will be covered in another review. 

The next thing I did was inflate the tires to the recommended 30 PSI, and as I hadn’t yet charged the battery, I pedaled the vehicle to its destination. Simply put, I couldn’t wait to ride it. I didn’t want to stop because the ride was so enjoyable, but as it started to rain, I decided it would be a good idea to bring the car back into the garage and charge it.

Himiway Zebra: Motor and Battery

Let’s now discuss the Himiway Zebra Electric Cargo Bike’s performance.

The first time I rode it, as I already indicated, I did so without any power assistance because I hadn’t charged the battery. I put the bike through a variety of gear changes, smooth and bumpy terrain, slope changes, and even some grass. It was comfy and seemed like I could ride it for a long time on any surface, thus I enjoyed riding it. The bike still feels quite stable and secure. It took some getting used to the steering with the spring attached.

A couple of days later, when I finally had the opportunity to ride the bike, I had a completely charged battery and was prepared to explore my alternatives for power or was I? The bike seemed to suddenly accelerate as soon as I turned on the LCD, which turns on the power modes automatically.

The power of the battery is immediately felt once the pedal-assist is engaged. The bike accelerates as you pedal as you raise the level to 2 and then 3, respectively. I also enjoy how the half twist throttle is simple to operate and situated so that it can be used while still being in complete control of the bike. This bicycle is quick. I have noticed various brands and models online that claim a high speed of 30 mph, but I contend that 20 mph is more than sufficient for a bicycle.

When on a long journey where you might need to stop, using the throttle makes it possible to ride the bike without having to pedal. A helmet should always be worn when riding a bike, especially an electric bike, despite the fact that several of the photographs in this article show the rider doing so. I personally never ride without one. Last but not least, his bike has a very nice ergonomic location for the gear shifter, making it simple to access and shift up and down. Additionally, the brakes have excellent functionality and apply very forcefully.

I’m trying to stay as young as I can, but I wish they manufactured a mountain bike-style model without a load capacity.

Maybe make a small charge indication LED someplace on the bike so I don’t have to turn on the LCD or rely on the power supply light to know when it’s fully charged.

Himiway Zebra: Conclusions

My first time owning and riding an electric bike was the Himiway Zebra Electric Cargo Bike, and I’m so pleased it was. The bike is obscenely sturdy, comes packed beautifully, and rides like a dream. On a bicycle, 20 mph is more than sufficient for me, and the throttle is responsive. 

The brakes are effective, and I frequently use them when I feel like I am moving much more quickly than I had intended. If I ever get the chance to test another electric bike, it will have a severe issue living up to my expectations after my experience with this one because there are so many attachments available for it. I wholeheartedly applaud it and say “well done”!

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