Wallke X3 Pro Review: Full-Suspension and Fat-Tire E-Bike 2022!


It’s a lot of fun to ride the Wallke X3 Pro, and those fat tires can handle anything from grassy fields and steep hillsides to muddy trails and rocky hillsides. Although it can be folded, don’t expect to transport it very far without a vehicle. The only drawback to riding such a heavyweight beast of a bike is that it is challenging to do so without engine aid. As a result, you monitor the battery to make sure you can return home.

A tough all-terrain eBike with big tires and a 750W motor, 70 miles of range, front and seat suspension, and a detachable battery is the Wallke X3 Pro. It may be folded up and thrown into the trunk of your car. It also has a pannier rack for your bags. It rides incredibly well and has an amazing appearance. One is currently available for a little over $1699 on Amazon, which is a fantastic deal.

I’ve been riding it through some challenging Cornish terrain for the past few weeks to check if it’s truly all that. 

Motor:750W power drive system
Torque80 Nm
Range:60 miles
DesignFoldable center frame
DisplayColor LCD
Throttle Assist:Yes
PortUSB Charging
Recommended rider height:5'2'' - 6'4''
Battery:48V 20Ah lithium battery.
Brakes:Dual disc hydraulic brake system
Gears:Shimano 8-speed

Video Review of Wallke X3 Pro

Wallke X3 Pro: Design and Build Quality

Since the Wallke X3 Pro is folded up for transportation, the crate is wider than you may anticipate but weighs a substantial 38 kg. Even though our shipment arrived with the bottom wide open, everything was well sealed and appeared secure. There isn’t much assembly required; just unfold the bike, cut a few cable ties, and attach the seat and handlebar. Both the front and back mudguards as well as the front and rear illumination are standard.

The diagrams in the book are a bit small, and it’s not immediately clear that you need to position the folding clasp of the handlebar stem diagonally, so this was easier said than done. But once I realized it, everything was OK.

The Wallke X3 Pro’ imposing big tires, which are 26 inches in diameter and 4 inches broad, are its most noticeable characteristic. They have substantial tread and look well at home on a little dirt bike. Additionally, the inner rim has red accents where the inner tubes appear to protrude slightly. It’s a very small but excellent visual flourish. When you roll up in this, you’ll draw attention from everyone.

The cadence sensor powers the 750W motor, which is mounted on the back hub. A torque model is used by more expensive eBikes for finer control, which can precisely measure how much effort you’re exerting while pedaling and adapt as necessary. Sensors that measure cadence often have a rough edge and react quickly to motion detection. However, I should mention that the Wallke’s cadence sensor is the most responsive I’ve used so far. It starts quickly with little motion.

The riding control system is standard; I’ve seen a different eBike with the same LCD display. Using generic parts reduces costs and facilitates repairs, so it’s not always a negative thing. The same may be said about the regular 8-speed Shimano gearing scheme.

I discovered the pannier rack to be the item that was most usefully unexpected. You may fasten pannier bags or secure luggage using a paracord, which is included and already fitted.

For comfort, the front suspension is adjustable and can be completely locked out for road cycling. Your bum will also appreciate the seat suspension. Anyone between the heights of 5’3″ and 6’3″ should be able to use it, and the maximum payload is 120kg. Both the seat height and handlebar height are adjustable. I’m 6’1″ and weigh about 105kg, so I’m very close to the maximum limit, but I didn’t experience any power or comfort difficulties.

Although the Wallke X3 Pro can be folded technically utilizing safe latches, this does not imply that it is portable in any meaning of the word. Although it is cumbersome and heavy to transport over long distances, you should have no trouble fitting it into the boot of your car. But don’t think you can roll this up and take it on the metro. Not an extremely light commuter bike. Despite my initial concerns that the folding design would jeopardize structural integrity, after pulling this object through some of the most treacherous terrain, I am sure that the latches are safe.

Wallke X3 Pro: Motor and Driving

Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended 20 PSI before leaving; to do this fast, I recommend bringing a compact portable inflator like the Fanntik Apex X8. If this is your first ride, even if you believe the battery is already full, completely charge it first to calibrate it.

The + and – buttons on the LCD control screen make it simple to change the three levels of pedal assistance. You should be warned that the motor is quite powerful even at level one and will probably catch you off guard. If you begin on flat ground, pay close attention to your surroundings. 

Although the power output is responsive – you will feel it start up as soon as you begin cycling – it is pretty crude. No matter how hard you pedal, you’ll still get the full power. In fact, I frequently only used the throttle to launch, which seemed to give me slightly greater control over the motor’s output.

Regarding the “all-terrain” claim, the Wallke X3 Pro more than met the test. Everything from grass to gravel to sand trails was traversed. I had no trouble climbing the most modest incline up to around 15 degrees on hard terrain. Beyond that was doable, but required a significant amount of work on my end as well.

Due to its larger surface area and improved grip, fat tires guarantee a safer ride. I never felt like the tires were going to slide out from under me, despite the powerful motor. Although I’ve given the Wallke X3 Pro all I’ve got, I should point out that it isn’t a scrambler bike and that your feet and pedals do sit fairly low to the ground. You should proceed with extreme caution on the rocky outcrops’ tiny trails if you don’t want to scrape by.

It is comfortable both off and on the road thanks to the adjustable suspension. My village’s grocery deliveries, which used to require a strenuous 45-minute walk up and down a steep hill, are now a nice 10-minute bike ride. It was as comfortable as it could be even while traveling through the uneven moorlands.

Wallke X3 Pro: Battery and Range

The 500W rear hub motor has enough power from the 48V 20Ah battery. The XLR charging connector, which is hidden by a little plastic disc and requires about 6-7 hours to fully charge, is located on the side of the battery. Even though it doesn’t offer a fantastic seal, you shouldn’t venture outside in a downpour.

The detachable battery is a blessing. Utilize the clasp at the back to fold the seat, then turn the key to unlock the battery. Now, it may be lifted away.

I first had trouble getting the key to work and lock the battery in. The bar it locks against was probably slightly out of alignment with the locking pin due to harsh shipment. Once I discovered the issue, it was simple to resolve (using a screwdriver to lift the bar a few millimeters), and I don’t believe it is a sign of poor construction. Simply to make sure you don’t run into the same problem, make sure the hole lines up with the locking cylinder.

Wallke boasts a range of 70 miles with pedal assistance, or 55 miles with just the throttle! In reality, this figure is based on someone who is significantly lighter than I am – likely only half the weight – riding on a smooth, level surface. Using the highest level three of the pedal assist, I was able to bike up and down rugged, challenging terrain for more than 20 kilometers. On town roads, that increased to about 50. My wife, who is much lighter than I am, made multiple journeys across town with nary a scratch in the battery. Therefore, even while I don’t believe the 65-mile range on throttle alone is exaggerated, it is undoubtedly under perfect circumstances with a small load. This is not unusual because all manufacturers calculate maximum range under ideal circumstances using essentially the same standards. Be sure to adjust your expectations.

Wallke X3 Pro: Conclusions

In the past few weeks, I’ve ridden the Wallke X3 Pro more than I have on any scooter or bike in the previous few years, far more than would typically be required for testing. I keep coming up with reasons to get on since it’s so much fun. More strangers have approached me in the last week than in the previous seven years combined, inquiring about it and then being shocked by the expense. It’s an excellent deal even at the standard of $1999. But it’s a fantastic bargain at the current sale price of about $1699.

Even if the Wallke X3 Pro is distinctive, not everyone will like it, especially if they currently ride a bike. In fact, you can have trouble doing this if you don’t want to rely on pedal help. It’s difficult to use as a simple pedal bike because of the tire size and weight. Practically speaking, you must use the motor, which naturally requires more careful planning of longer journeys. However, I believe you’ll adore the Wallke X3 Pro just as much as I do if you’re willing to accept that.

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