HANEVEAR H100 Review: Impressive Dual 750W E-Bike 2024!


Hey everyone, today we’re diving into the world of affordable e-bikes with the HANEVEAR H100. This bike has caught my attention because it boasts being the cheapest all-wheel drive bike currently available on Amazon, priced at just $449. Let’s take a closer look and see if it lives up to expectations.

First off, let’s talk specs. The HANEVEAR H100 features dual 750W motors, providing impressive power for its price point. With dual suspension, this bike promises a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. It’s an intriguing package for anyone looking for an entry-level all-wheel drive e-bike without breaking the bank.


Now, let’s delve into the details. The build quality appears decent, considering the price. The frame seems sturdy enough, and the components, while not top-of-the-line, seem serviceable for casual riding. It’s important to manage expectations here – at this price, you’re not getting premium features, but you are getting value for money.

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Motor Wattage750W*2
Max Speed30MPH+
Suspension TypeFull Suspension
Brakehydraulic brake
GearsFive gears
BatteryLG 48V 16Ah
Mile Range65 Miles(Affected by rider weight and riding habits)
Gross weight38KG
Item Weight‎380 Pounds
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎40.94 x 32.68 x 17.32 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎69 x 65 x 48 inches

Unboxing and Assembly

Upon the arrival of the HANEVEAR H100 Folding Bike, the first impression was notably positive. The packaging was meticulously done, with ample foam padding and protective layers ensuring the bike’s safety during transit. Despite the potential rough handling during shipping, the bike arrived intact without any visible damage, a testament to the care taken in packaging.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing the HANEVEAR H100 revealed a neatly folded bike snugly placed inside the box. The initial setup process was remarkably straightforward, requiring minimal effort. Removing the zip ties securing the bike and unfolding it were the primary tasks, and within moments, the bike was ready for use. This simplicity in assembly is a significant advantage, especially for those who are not fond of intricate assembly processes or lack technical expertise.

One notable aspect of the H100 is its user-friendly design, evident from the minimal setup required. The manufacturers have prioritized convenience without compromising on quality. This makes the bike an attractive option for individuals seeking hassle-free transportation solutions.

Design and Build Quality

Starting from the front, the HANEVEAR H100 boasts a robust and well-thought-out design, prioritizing both functionality and convenience. The front wheel is equipped with CST tires measuring 20 x 4 inches, providing stability and traction on various terrains. Notably, the front wheel features a 750-watt geared hub motor, ensuring efficient propulsion. What sets it apart is the thoughtful inclusion of a plug release mechanism, facilitating tire changes without the hassle of detaching the motor entirely – a feature often overlooked in all-wheel-drive bikes.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Design and Build Quality

For braking, the H100 is outfitted with hydraulic brakes featuring 160mm discs from the brand Dy Island. Despite being unfamiliar, these brakes perform admirably, offering smooth and quiet operation, instilling confidence in the rider’s ability to stop effectively.

Adding to its versatility, the H100 incorporates a front suspension fork, enhancing ride comfort by absorbing bumps and vibrations. While not branded, the suspension fork provides basic adjustability, allowing riders to toggle between a fully sprung or locked-out mode, contributing to a smoother riding experience.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: rear Suspension

In terms of illumination, the bike comes equipped with a sizable and bright headlight at the front, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. Moreover, it includes a tail light, brake light, and turn signals, providing comprehensive lighting for nighttime riding – a feature often overlooked in many electric bikes.

Further enhancing its practicality, the H100 e-bike comes with metal fenders and a rear rack. While the fenders may produce some noise when struck by debris, they offer effective protection and are color-matched to the bike’s paint, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The rear rack provides additional utility, although caution should be exercised regarding weight limits.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: electric folding bike

The frame of the HANEVEAR H100 boasts a sleek design with a well-executed paint job. While available in only one color, the gray hue is complemented by appealing graphics, adding to its visual appeal. The folding frame design, although not favored by all users, offers convenience for storage and transportation. However, the weight and bulkiness of the folded bike may pose challenges for some users, particularly when lifting it into vehicles.

Finally, the frame also houses the battery pack, seamlessly integrated for both aesthetics and functionality.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Gross weight

The handlebar setup of the HANEVEAR H100 offers a plethora of functionalities, although some accessories may require adjustments to suit individual preferences.

Starting with the provided mirrors, while appreciated as a complimentary inclusion, their usability may vary for different riders. Mounting these mirrors proved challenging, and their narrow design and magnification effect made positioning for optimal visibility around the rider’s shoulders difficult. Consequently, many users may opt to replace them with alternative bar-end mirrors for improved functionality.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Five gears

The bike also comes with a phone holder, another thoughtful addition, albeit with some limitations. While it accommodates most smartphones, some users may find that their phone’s size interferes with the holder’s functionality, particularly if buttons are inadvertently pressed. In such cases, swapping out the holder for a more suitable alternative may be necessary.

On the handlebars, a right-hand twist throttle and a speed thumb shifter provide intuitive control over the bike’s acceleration and gear shifting, respectively. Additionally, a range of buttons facilitates various functions, including toggling between single and all-wheel drive modes, activating turn signals and the horn, and controlling the display. The inclusion of a dedicated headlight control adds further convenience.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Driving Test

Speaking of the display, the H100 features a vibrant and customizable screen, offering essential ride data such as speed, battery life, and odometer readings. The comprehensive programming manual included in the package enables users to fine-tune various settings, including pedal assist levels and strength, to suit their preferences.

Moving on to specifications, the bike weighs in at approximately 82.5 lbs, which, while relatively heavy for a folding e-bike, is reasonable considering its dual-motor, dual-suspension configuration. The weight capacity remains unspecified, but the bike’s robust construction suggests suitability for most riders.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: on the road or driving test

Regarding seat height, the minimum is set at 33 inches, accommodating riders of various heights comfortably. However, at the maximum seat and handlebar height, the bike may become impractical for exceptionally tall individuals due to its elevated position.

The rear suspension, akin to the front fork, provides a degree of cushioning, albeit with limited travel. While not comparable to high-end suspension systems, it effectively mitigates bumps and vibrations, enhancing ride comfort without compromising the bike’s affordability.

HANEVEAR H100: Motor and Driving Test

Up front, the HANEVEAR H100 features a 52-tooth chainring, notable for its double-sided design which effectively prevents chain derailment during rides. While the chainring is constructed from plastic, its functionality remains reliable, ensuring a smooth riding experience without any instances of the chain slipping off.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: on the road or driving test

In the rear, a 14-28 tooth rear freewheel provides decent pedal feedback, particularly at higher speeds. With the bike capable of reaching speeds of around 28 mph, riders may experience a slight “ghost pedal” sensation as they approach maximum speed. However, the Shimano 20 rear derailleur ensures smooth gear transitions, enhancing overall ride quality.

The heart of the HANEVEAR lies in its 750W geared hub motor situated in the rear wheel. Additionally, the inclusion of two 18-amp controllers – one for each wheel – provides ample power without sacrificing control. Unlike some high-powered e-bikes with unruly acceleration, the H100 strikes a balance, delivering manageable yet potent performance suitable for various riding conditions.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Five gears

Dual suspension, comprising a front fork and rear shock, contributes to the bike’s overall comfort and ride quality. While not exceptional, both the front fork and rear shock provide adequate cushioning against bumps and vibrations, enhancing overall ride comfort.

The front fork, while prone to bottoming out under heavy loads, effectively absorbs smaller bumps and imperfections on the road. Similarly, the rear shock, although lacking significant travel, ensures a smoother ride, particularly on uneven terrain.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: handlebar

The HANEVEAR H100 shines in terms of performance, offering impressive speed and hill-climbing capabilities. A demonstration of its prowess in hill climbing showcases its ability to effortlessly ascend steep inclines, even with minimal rider input.

The bike’s all-wheel-drive system contributes significantly to its climbing abilities, with both front and rear wheels providing traction and stability. This feature is particularly advantageous for tackling challenging terrains or steep hills with ease.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Driving Test

Despite its weight of approximately 85 lbs, the H100’s dual motors and well-balanced power delivery make it an excellent choice for riders seeking both performance and versatility. Additionally, the bike’s suspension, while not the most advanced, effectively dampens vibrations and enhances overall ride comfort.

So, the HANEVEAR H100 Electric Folding Bike offers an exceptional blend of power, versatility, and comfort, making it a compelling option for riders looking to explore various terrains and riding conditions. With its robust construction and impressive performance, the H100 stands out as a worthy contender in the budget e-bike market.

Battery and Range

The heart of the HANEVEAR H100 electric folding bike lies hidden within its frame – a robust 48V 16Ah battery pack. While accessing the battery requires unlocking a compartment with a key and unfolding the bike, the inconvenience is offset by the provision of a charging port accessible without removing the battery. This thoughtful design element allows for convenient charging without the need for disassembly.

Despite its compact frame, the H100 surprises with its sizable battery capacity. A 16Ah battery pack is notably generous, especially considering the typical capacities found in folding e-bikes. This larger battery capacity equates to extended riding range, offering users the freedom to explore without frequent recharging.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Design and Build Quality

In a range test conducted under rigorous conditions – dual motor mode, pedal assist 5, and minimal pedaling – the HANEVEAR H100 showcased remarkable endurance. With predominantly throttle-driven propulsion and minimal pedaling input, the bike achieved an impressive range of nearly 30 miles. This endurance far surpasses expectations for a folding e-bike, demonstrating the efficiency and capability of its power system.

It’s essential to consider various factors influencing range, such as rider weight, terrain, and riding style. In this test, the rider weighed approximately 180 lbs, and the terrain was relatively flat. Consequently, individuals in hilly areas or with heavier loads may experience slightly reduced range. Nonetheless, the HANEVEAR H100’s exceptional performance in the range test underscores its suitability for various riding scenarios and reaffirms its value proposition.

HANEVEAR H100: Conclusions

Overall, the HANEVEAR H100 electric bike offers a compelling option for those venturing into the world of e-biking. With commendable speed, impressive hill-climbing capabilities, and an extensive range, it caters to riders seeking an affordable yet feature-rich option. The comprehensive package includes essential accessories, making it a convenient one-stop solution for aspiring e-bike enthusiasts.

HANEVEAR H100 Review

Ride comfort on the H100 is generally satisfactory, with the oversized seat providing ample support and cushioning. However, the handlebar position may not suit all riders, and the unconventional giraffe-style stem could be polarizing.

Priced at $1,400, the HANEVEAR H100 strikes a balance between affordability and functionality. While it may not feature premium components throughout, it delivers solid performance and versatility for its price point. It’s a suitable choice for individuals looking to explore e-biking without breaking the bank.

HANEVEAR H100 Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the H100 represents a practical and accessible entry point into the world of electric folding bikes. Despite minor drawbacks such as the inconvenience of battery removal and some ergonomic considerations, its combination of features and affordability makes it a compelling option for riders of varying skill levels and preferences.

Whether you’re commuting through city streets or embarking on leisurely rides, the HANEVEAR H100 offers a reliable and enjoyable riding experience. Your feedback and thoughts on this bike are highly valued, so feel free to share your opinions and questions in the comments below.


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