Auloor H1F Review: 750 Watt Folding Big Tire E-bike 2024!


Hey there, it’s Joey back with another exciting e-bike review on Vegas Dtech. Today, we’re diving into the world of electric bikes once again, and this time, we’ve got something special behind me – the ‎Auloor H1F bike. This beauty is a 750-watt folding big-tire e-bike, promising both style and substance.

But here’s the million-dollar question – does the ‎Auloor offer anything truly unique? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. From its sleek design to its powerful motor and practical folding capability, this bike certainly checks all the boxes. But is there that extra spark, that special something that sets it apart from the rest? Stay tuned as we take a closer look and uncover the answer.


Now, while the ‎Auloor e-bike boasts a stunning design and solid construction, the burning question remains – does it offer any unique features or benefits that set it apart from others in its class? Let’s delve deeper and find out.

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Hub Motor 750W rear hub motor
Pedal Assist 5 pedal assist levels
Top Speed 28MPH
Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shift
Max torque 72N.m
Tires 20" x 4.0" fat tires
Front Light 48V LED light
Brake 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes
Battery 48V 12.8Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery
Range 28-30miles (throttle)
Range 42-60miles (pedal assist)
Weight69.5 lbs (with battery)
Payload Capacity 330 lbs

Unboxing and Assembly

Upon receiving the Auloor H1F folding bike, you’ll find it securely packaged to prevent any damage during transit. Carefully remove all the packaging materials to reveal the components of the bike.

Auloor H1F Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Assembling the H1F e-bike is a straightforward process and can be completed in approximately 30 to 35 minutes.

Begin by attaching the front wheel to the frame. The wheel comes with spacers, with one side wider than the other. Ensure the thin spacer is placed on the rotor side, while the wide spacer is on the opposite side.

Next, install the headlight and front fender onto the bike. These accessories enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the bike.

Auloor H1F Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Attach the handlebar to the neck of the bike. This step is essential for steering control and rider comfort.

The bike comes with a rechargeable battery, which is typically pre-charged to around 25 percent. Ensure the battery is securely in place and connect it to the bike’s electrical system.

Before riding, perform a thorough quality check to ensure everything is in working order. This includes checking the front axles for correct torque, ensuring the brakes have proper clearance and are not rubbing, testing the derailleur to ensure smooth gear transitions, and inflating the tires to the appropriate pressure.

Auloor H1F Review: Unboxing and Assembly

If necessary, charge the battery fully before taking the bike out for a ride. This ensures maximum performance and range.

Once assembly and quality checks are complete, take the bike outside for a test ride. Pay attention to how it handles, shifts gears, and brakes to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

Design and Build Quality

The Auloor H1F is a folding e-bike designed for versatility and convenience, catering to riders of various sizes and preferences. 

Auloor H1F Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike features a Shimano 7-speed thumb index shifter, allowing riders to adjust their speed and control according to terrain and preference.

With a robust battery, the Auloor H1F boasts an impressive range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for longer rides.

Auloor H1F Review: Design and Build Quality

The bike can support riders weighing up to 300 pounds, ensuring durability and stability for a wide range of users.

Equipped with paddle-type grips and a half-throttle, the handlebar setup offers comfort and ease of use. The mode button allows for convenient adjustment of power assist levels.

Auloor H1F Review: 48V 12.8Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery

Manual operator brakes provide reliable stopping power, with 160mm brakes at both the front and rear. The cable brake style caliper ensures smooth braking performance.

A rear shock rated for 750 pounds, coupled with front shocks featuring preload adjustment and lockout, ensures a comfortable and customizable riding experience, whether you prefer a soft or stiff suspension setup.

Auloor H1F Review: rear shock rated for 750 pounds

The bike’s dashboard displays essential information such as speed, battery level, power assist levels, and mileage, providing riders with real-time feedback on their ride.

Quad LED front lights offer ample illumination, while the rear light with brake functionality enhances visibility and safety. A buzzer horn adds an additional safety feature for alerting others on the road.

Auloor H1F Review: rear light

Front and rear plastic mud guards protect riders from splashes and debris, with thoughtful design features such as a chain clearance cutout to prevent damage during riding.

The Auloor H1F features a straightforward folding mechanism, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Joey demonstrates the folding process, showcasing its simplicity and convenience for users who need to fold and unfold the bike frequently.

Motor and Driving Test

The Auloor H1F is powered by a robust 750 watt motor, delivering impressive performance and acceleration.

Auloor H1F Review: on the road or driving test

Joey takes the bike for a spin, setting the power assist to level five. He immediately notices the substantial power output, describing the bike as a “beefy monster truck” among folding bikes.

Despite encountering debris and rubble from a recent storm, Joey pushes on, averaging speeds of around 24.8 to 25 miles per hour on flat terrain.

Climbing a slight incline, he maintains speeds of 25.3 to 26 miles per hour, showcasing the motor’s torque and efficiency.

Auloor H1F Review: display

With the throttle wide open, Joey effortlessly reaches speeds of 29 to 30 miles per hour, noting that the bike doesn’t feel strained at all, even at higher speeds.

The bike’s large, four-inch tires provide confidence and stability, allowing Joey to navigate rough terrain with ease.

He praises the suspension system, remarking on its effectiveness in absorbing bumps and dips, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Auloor H1F Review: on the road or driving test

Joey tests the braking system on a steep downhill slope, reaching speeds of up to 17 to 18 miles per hour before applying the brakes.

Initially, he experiences some inconsistency in the braking performance, with the brakes engaging intermittently. However, on the second attempt, the brakes provide a strong and reliable grip, resulting in a significant skid mark spanning 25 to 30 feet.

Joey concludes his test ride with high praise for the Auloor e-bike, highlighting its impressive motor power, sturdy build quality, and comfortable ride.

Auloor H1F Review: 20" x 4.0" fat tires

He acknowledges that while some riders may prefer hydraulic brakes and larger rotors, the bike’s current braking system performs admirably, providing adequate stopping power in various conditions.

Joey appreciates the bike’s versatility and performance, making it a suitable choice for both urban commutes and leisurely rides.

Battery and Range 

The battery is a 48-volt, 12.8 amp-hour unit manufactured by reputable brands such as Samsung or LG. This choice of battery cells ensures reliability and longevity, crucial for the bike’s overall performance.

Auloor H1F Review: 48V 12.8Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery

With a capacity of 12.8 amp-hours, the battery provides ample power to support extended rides and climbs, offering riders the confidence to explore various terrains without worrying about running out of charge.

Joey notes that the battery has a charging time of five to six hours, which is relatively standard for e-bikes of this caliber. This charging duration allows users to conveniently recharge the battery overnight or during breaks, ensuring it’s ready for the next adventure.

Auloor H1F Review: Folding e bike 2024

Despite facing challenging conditions such as headwinds and steep inclines, Joey finds the battery’s performance to be admirable. Even under load, the battery maintains a consistent power output, allowing him to navigate through varying terrain with ease.

Joey observes that while the display initially shows a decrease in battery percentage during intense usage, such as climbing grades or accelerating against headwinds, the battery quickly recovers once he eases off the throttle. This indicates efficient power management and regeneration within the battery system.


In summary, Joey wraps up his review of the Allure by UE bike with an overall positive impression. He finds it increasingly challenging to pinpoint significant faults in e-bikes these days, and the Auloor H1F is no exception. Despite some minor drawbacks, the bike impresses with its quality build, reliable performance, and attractive design.

Auloor H1F Review


  • Joey highlights several strengths of the bike, including the exceptional ride quality provided by the large 20×4 CST BFT tires and the efficient rear suspension system.
  • He praises the bike’s build quality, particularly noting the high-quality paint finish and the integrated battery design, which enhances the overall aesthetics and durability.
  • The large and easy-to-read S830 instrument cluster is another positive feature, providing essential information at a glance, contributing to a user-friendly experience.


Auloor H1F Review: 20" x 4.0" fat tires

  • Joey identifies a few areas for improvement, such as the somewhat basic plastic fenders and the handles’ tendency to slide around.
  • He also expresses some concerns about the accuracy of the battery gauge, particularly under load, suggesting that a volt meter option would provide more reliable information.
  • Additionally, Joey notes that the bike’s torque may feel lacking, especially during low-end acceleration or climbing steep grades.

Overall Rating:

  • Despite these minor drawbacks, Joey gives the Auloor H1F a commendable rating of 4 out of 5 stars. He acknowledges its excellent value, especially considering its current sale price of $849, down from the regular price of $1199. With its impressive build quality, reliable performance, and attractive design, the Auloor H1F is a compelling choice for riders seeking a versatile and dependable e-bike.

Auloor H1F Review: Design and Build Quality

So, Joey’s comprehensive review provides valuable insights for potential buyers, helping them make informed decisions about whether the Auloor H1F is the right e-bike for their needs and preferences.


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