G-Force ZM Review: 750W High Performance E-bike 2024!


Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the review. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce and review the G-Force ZM Silver Aluminum Pro Edition, an electric bike that’s truly a marvel. This premium e-bike comes with a variety of features that set it apart in the market.

Choosing the dual battery option not only increases the total battery capacity but also extends the range significantly. With both batteries, riders can expect an outstanding 120 to 160 miles of range, making the G-Force ZM a top choice for those seeking long-distance rides. The single battery option still provides a respectable 60 to 80 miles of maximum range.


The single battery option is priced at $1,499, while the dual battery option is currently on sale for $1,799 (down from the regular price of $1,999). Equipped with a powerful 750W Buang Motor capable of a peak output of 1300 watts, providing robust performance. The 20 Amp-hour battery offers impressive endurance, and the dual-battery option boosts the total capacity to 40 Amp-hours.

With its premium features, dual battery option, and impressive specifications, the G-Force ZM Silver Aluminum Pro Edition stands out as a top-tier electric bike. The upcoming range test promises to showcase its capabilities, and potential buyers can consider the current sale prices for a limited time. Stay tuned for the review, as the G-Force ZM takes center stage in the world of high-performance e-bikes.

Frame6061 aluminum
Hub Motor750W brushless gear motor
Shifter7-speed Shifter
DisplayLCD Display with USB charging
Brake160mm hydraulic brakes
Throttle Half twist throttle
KickstandHeavy duty aluminum
Rear LightIntegrated Taillight
Tires20" x 4.0"
ChainKMC chain
Battery48V 20Ah Samsung battery
Range60-80 Miles
Weight85 pounds
Total Payload Capacity400 lbs

Design and Build Quality 

The G-Force ZM is a full suspension fat tire electric bike designed for adventure and performance. Let’s delve into its design and build quality to understand why it stands out in the e-bike market.

G-Force ZM Review: Design and Build Quality

The fat tires, measuring 4 inches wide, provide enhanced stability and traction, especially on rocky terrains. With a recommended tire pressure of 20 to 30 PSI, the bike offers versatility for various riding conditions. The full suspension system, comprising adjustable front forks and a rear shock absorber, ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on challenging surfaces.

G-Force ZM Review: 20" x 4.0" tires

The 20-inch bike resembles a motorcycle, giving it a distinct and stylish appearance. The frame design not only contributes to its aesthetics but also supports the bike’s robust build. The motorcycle-like vibe adds an element of uniqueness to the G-Force.

G-Force ZM Review: Front light

The bike features hydraulic brakes, providing reliable and responsive stopping power. The bright 48-volt LED projection headlight ensures visibility during low-light conditions, emphasizing safety. The integration of LED lights enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the bike.

G-Force ZM Review: full suspension system

The G-Force ZM boasts a top speed of approximately 28 mph, offering an exhilarating riding experience. What sets it apart is its impressive 400 lb payload capacity, making it suitable for riders of various sizes and allowing for additional cargo.

G-Force ZM Review: Design and Build Quality

The full-color LED display provides essential information such as speed, trip odometer, and assist mode. The intuitive control panel allows easy navigation through pedal assist modes (1-5) and manual pedaling (0). Additional features like the horn and headlight control add convenience to the rider’s experience.

Additional Features:

  • USB ports on both the battery and frame offer versatile charging options for personal devices.
  • A spacious and comfortable seat enhances the riding experience, making longer journeys more enjoyable.
  • The bike comes with a handy USB port for charging or powering devices on the go, providing added convenience for riders.

G-Force ZM Review: 48V 20Ah Samsung battery

The bike is designed with user convenience in mind. The assembly and user manuals are readily available online, simplifying the setup process. Noteworthy features, such as multiple power buttons for the batteries, contribute to the ease of use.

The bike accommodates various accessories, such as phone holders and GPS devices, enhancing the rider’s experience. These aftermarket additions, though not part of the bike, showcase its versatility and adaptability to individual preferences.

G-Force ZM Review: Design and Build Quality

The addition of reflective stripes on the tires, coupled with a bright LED projection headlight, tail light, and side marker lights, enhances the bike’s visibility and safety features. The comprehensive lighting system ensures that the rider is easily seen by others on the road, even in low-light conditions.

The reviewer praises the comfort provided by the large and comfortable seat, reminiscent of classic banana-style seats from BMX bikes. The 20-inch design adds a nostalgic touch, making the bike feel nimble and reminiscent of childhood rides. The suspension system works seamlessly, contributing to a smooth and enjoyable ride.

G-Force ZM Review: LCD Display with USB charging

While the exact functionality of the dual battery system is not explicitly clarified, the reviewer speculates that it might be used as a backup, allowing for an easy swap when needed. Each battery is uniquely keyed, providing an added layer of security.

The presence of USB ports on both the bike frame and battery adds convenience, allowing riders to charge or power their devices on the go. The option for financing through Clara is highlighted, making the purchase more accessible to a wider audience.

G-Force ZM Review: 160mm hydraulic brakes

So, the G-Force ZM excels in design and build quality, offering a blend of style, performance, and functionality. Whether navigating rough terrains or cruising on city streets, this full suspension fat tire e-bike delivers a thrilling and comfortable riding experience.

G-Force ZM: Driving Test

One crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked is the powerful torque generated by the Buang Motor, delivering an impressive 86 Nm of torque. This substantial torque ensures a strong and swift initial takeoff, contributing to the bike’s dynamic performance. The reviewer notes that the bike doesn’t exhibit excessive torque during the initial takeoff, maintaining a controlled and stable acceleration, which is ideal for various riding conditions.

G-Force ZM Review: on the road or driving test

The G-Force ZM’s handling on gravel roads is commendable, showcasing its ability to navigate uneven surfaces with ease. The fat tires, set at a minimum inflation of 20 PSI, provide excellent traction and shock absorption. The full suspension system, along with hydraulic brakes, ensures a smooth and controlled ride, even on challenging terrains. The reviewer praises the bike’s stability, handling, and comfort on gravel roads.

An exciting feature mentioned by the reviewer is the presence of cruise control, adding a layer of convenience to the riding experience. The bike effortlessly reaches high speeds, reaching an impressive 36 mph on a straightaway. The cruise control functionality enhances the overall enjoyment of the ride, allowing the rider to maintain a consistent speed without constant throttle input.

G-Force ZM Review: LCD Display with USB charging

The suggestion to opt for the dual battery option is highlighted, providing riders with an extended range for longer journeys. The option to finance the purchase through Clara further expands accessibility, making the bike more attainable for those who prefer a structured payment plan.

The comfortable, banana-shaped seat is emphasized as a standout feature, contributing to an enjoyable riding experience. The bike’s aesthetic design, resembling a dirt bike rather than a conventional electric bike, is noted as a key factor in the reviewer’s initial attraction to the G-Force ZM.

G-Force ZM Review: on the road or driving test

The overall conclusion from the reviewer is overwhelmingly positive, praising the G-Force ZM as an impressive and enjoyable electric bike. The reviewer expresses a desire to take the bike for an extended 10-mile ride, leveraging cruise control and enjoying the bike’s exceptional performance.

So, the G-Force ZM shines in terms of torque, off-road capabilities, speed, additional features, and financing options, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking a high-performance and stylish electric bike.

Battery and Range

After an exhilarating 10.7-mile ride on the G-Force ZM, it’s clear that this electric bike is not just a means of transportation but a source of genuine joy and excitement. The reviewer emphasizes several key aspects that contribute to the bike’s exceptional performance and overall appeal.

G-Force ZM Review: 48V 20Ah Samsung battery

The bike effortlessly covered over 10 miles on a single ride, showcasing its impressive battery efficiency. With two batteries providing a combined 48 volts, the G-Force ZM demonstrated exceptional range capabilities, leaving the rider with a full set of five bars even after an extensive journey. The reflective stripes on the tires add to the safety features, enhancing visibility during nighttime rides.

G-Force ZM Review: 48V 20Ah Samsung battery

The bike’s ability to reach speeds of 30-35 mph significantly enhances the overall riding experience. The reviewer emphasizes the thrill of riding at higher speeds, turning what could be a mundane commute into an exciting adventure. The sleek design and styling of the G-Force ZM contribute to its aesthetic appeal, resembling a motocross or dirt bike rather than a traditional e-bike.

G-Force ZM: Conclusions

In wrapping up the review of the G-Force ZM, it’s evident that this electric bike offers an exceptional combination of performance, style, and value. Currently on sale for $1799, down from its regular price of $2499, the G-Force ZM presents an attractive opportunity for those looking to invest in a high-quality electric bike. Additionally, the option for financing through Clara opens up possibilities for a wider range of riders, allowing them to experience the thrill of this remarkable bike without a hefty upfront payment.

G-Force ZM Review: Design and Build Quality

Encouraging potential buyers to check the reviews on the website, the reviewer highlights the overwhelmingly positive feedback, with a majority of five-star ratings. The presence of honest customer reviews adds credibility to the G-Force ZM’s reputation.

G-Force ZM Review: Front light

In essence, the G-Force ZM stands out as a compelling choice for electric bike enthusiasts, offering a winning combination of performance, style, and affordability. The review serves as a valuable resource for those considering this bike, providing insights into its features and the positive experiences of riders who have embraced the G-Force ZM.


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