Samebike RSA02 Review: 1200W and 100Nm Torque E-bike 2024!


Today, I’m excited to explore a new brand that hasn’t been featured on my reviews before – Samebike. The model under scrutiny is their Samebike RSA02, a foldable fat-wheel e-bike that promises a robust performance package. Let’s dive into the key features that make this bike stand out in the world of electric bicycles.

The RSA02 boasts an impressive rear hub motor with a rating of 1200 watts and a maximum torque output of 100 Newton-meters. This substantial power allows the bike to reach speeds of up to 45 km per hour, making it a formidable force among 20-inch fat-wheel e-bikes. The sheer power of the motor sets the stage for an exhilarating riding experience.


As I delve into the testing phase, I’ll be scrutinizing the actual performance of the RSA02, particularly focusing on the electric-only range and the practicality of the claimed 130 km with pedal assist. The article later in this review will provide a firsthand look at the bike’s capabilities, including its climbing prowess and braking efficiency.

So, the Samebike RSA02 has piqued my interest with its potent motor, premium components, and promising range claims. Stay tuned for the in-depth review, where I’ll put this foldable fat-wheel e-bike through its paces and provide insights into its real-world performance.

FrameAluminum alloy
Max speed45 kmph
Pedal5 levels
TYRES24 x 4.0" Fat Tires
SUSPENSIONFront + Rear Hydraulic Suspension
BRAKESHydraulic Brakes
Product Dimensions1700 x 660 x 1100 mm

Design and Build Quality

The Samebike RSA02 is a foldable electric bike that offers a mix of features with some notable strengths and weaknesses. Let’s delve into its design and build quality.

Samebike RSA02 Review: Design and Build Quality

The frame quality is excellent, showcasing well-executed welds. However, the front shock, despite its appearance of significant travel, is limited to about 55-60 mm. The rear shock is even less impressive, providing only 10-15 mm of travel. The shocks are identified as HLT, a reasonably cheap brand. While functional, there’s room for improvement, and riders might find the performance somewhat lacking, especially on rough terrain.

Samebike RSA02 Review: Design and Build Quality

The alloy pedals are straightforward and resemble those found on various models. The off-road tread pattern on the tires is subpar in terms of rolling resistance, but they compensate by producing some noise. The rear hub motor, boasting 1200 watts and up to 100 Newton-meters of torque, is a powerful component. The 160 mm rear disc brake adds to the bike’s stopping power, supporting its weight of 30.8 kilograms.

Samebike RSA02 Review: bike rear rack

The two-stage brake light enhances safety, providing visibility during both braking and nighttime riding. The rear light is bright and reliable, contributing to a safe riding experience. Additionally, the option to attach a bike rack is a thoughtful addition, providing utility for carrying items on the go.

Samebike RSA02 Review: 24 x 4.0" Fat Tires

The handlebar doesn’t fold down, limiting the bike to a half-fold. Controls include a loud horn, a pedal-assist level selector, and a throttle for instant acceleration. The hydraulic levers feel solid, and the Shimano 7-speed shifter performs reliably. The color display provides clear information, although the battery gauge’s accuracy may be affected by steep climbs.

Samebike RSA02 Review: folding mechanism

The folding mechanism involves a latch with added security, preventing accidental releases. The bike folds in half, and the handlebar can be loosened and dropped down if desired. The key-operated locking system secures the battery, ensuring its safety and preventing theft. The bike can be compactly stored, but the non-folding handlebar may limit its space-saving potential in certain scenarios.

Samebike RSA02 Review: Design and Build Quality

The Samebike RSA02 offers a robust electric bike with some noteworthy features such as a powerful motor, reliable brakes, and a secure folding mechanism. However, areas for improvement include the suspension system and tire design. Overall, it provides a decent option for those seeking a foldable e-bike with a balance of performance and convenience.

Samebike RSA02: Driving Test

As the winter weather sets in, the Samebike RSA02 proves to be a reliable companion for your rides. Despite the overcast conditions, the bike’s practical design shines through. The addition of a bike rack at the back is particularly appreciated, offering a convenient solution to carry a bag and enhance comfort during your ride. This feature becomes especially valuable, keeping sweaty backs at bay, making it an excellent choice for various seasons, including summer.

Samebike RSA02 Review: on the road or driving test

One noticeable aspect of the Samebike is its substantial weight, clocking in at 38 kilograms. This is attributed to the robust construction, including the reinforcing elements for the foldable hinge and the added suspension. While the weight is a consideration, it brings stability and durability to the bike, especially evident in the impressive brake performance delivered by the larger 213 mm front brake.

Samebike RSA02 Review: Color LCD display

The 1200 W motor with 100 Newton-meters of torque proves to be a powerhouse. The thumb-style throttle provides an immediate and powerful response, and the bike easily reaches speeds of up to 40 km per hour with minimal effort. The motor’s noise level is slightly higher than some counterparts, but the sheer power and speed make it a worthwhile trade-off.

Samebike RSA02 Review: Rear Hydraulic Suspension

A minor concern arises from occasional rattling noises from the battery located in the frame. While not a major issue, adding shims or addressing any play in the battery compartment could eliminate this occasional disturbance, especially noticeable on rough terrains.

The Samebike RSA02 excels in climbing tests, effortlessly tackling steep inclines. The 1200 W motor showcases its strength, making climbing hills a breeze, even with minimal pedaling effort. The bike maintains a consistent and powerful performance during extended climbs, demonstrating its resilience.

Samebike RSA02 Review: on the road or driving test

Navigating through rough terrain with technical elements, such as rocks and uneven trails, is handled admirably by the RSA02. The combination of fat tires and front suspension aids in absorbing bumps, providing a smoother ride. The powerful motor proves advantageous, allowing the bike to handle rough rocky trails with relative ease.

Samebike RSA02 Review

The bike boasts exceptional braking capabilities with a 160 mm rear disc brake and a robust 213 mm front brake. Full-on braking delivers impressive results, stopping well before the intended point. The four-piston setup and larger front brake contribute to top-notch braking performance, though a minor issue of front brake squeakiness may warrant a check on caliper alignment.

Samebike RSA02 Review: Hydraulic Brakes

So, the Samebike RSA02 proves to be a versatile and powerful electric bike, showcasing excellent climbing ability, reliable brakes, and adaptability to various terrains. Despite minor considerations such as weight and occasional rattling, its overall performance and features make it a commendable choice for riders seeking a robust and capable electric bike.

Battery and Range

The claimed range of 130 km for the Samebike RSA02 seems ambitious and, as you’ve experienced, may not be achievable under normal riding conditions. Your observation of covering approximately 13-14 km per battery bar loss aligns more closely with practical expectations. Let’s break down the factors influencing the range:

Samebike RSA02 Review: 48V 17AH battery

Realistic Range:

  1. Speed Limitation: Riding with the speed limited to 25 km per hour is a common practice to conserve battery life. This limitation is likely contributing to a more realistic range, considering the energy required to maintain higher speeds.
  2. Pedaling vs. Throttle Usage: The use of pedal assist at level one might extend the range compared to pure throttle usage. Pedaling adds human power to the equation, making the battery’s energy usage more efficient.
  3. Terrain and Conditions: The range estimation provided by manufacturers often assumes ideal conditions. Real-world scenarios with hills, wind resistance, and varying surfaces can significantly impact the actual range.

Samebike RSA02 Review: front Hydraulic Suspension

The RSA02 features a 17 amp-hour battery, which is substantial and should theoretically offer a good range. However, the realistic range you’ve observed, ranging from 50-60 km, aligns more closely with expectations for an electric bike of this style.

Factors Affecting Range:

  1. Pedaling Intensity: If you pedal actively, the range will likely increase as your human effort contributes to the overall propulsion.
  2. Throttle Usage: Relying solely on the throttle tends to drain the battery more quickly, and your estimated range of 25 km in this scenario is in line with what one might expect.
  3. Weight and Climbs: Rider weight and the presence of climbs impact energy consumption. Heavier riders or challenging terrains may lead to shorter ranges.

Samebike RSA02: Conclusions

The Samebike RSA02 stands out with its remarkably powerful rear motor, boasting 100 Newton-meters of torque. The climbing performance is exceptional, effortlessly tackling steep inclines without any signs of motor or controller overheating. The peak output of the motor propels the bike up with impressive force, providing a fantastic riding experience.

Samebike RSA02 Review: cons pros

One of the standout features is the exceptional braking performance. The front brake, at 203 mm, surpasses the typical size found in similar bikes, and the inclusion of four-piston calipers both front and rear ensures a substantial braking bite. Combined with grippy tires from Kenda, the braking capabilities of the RSA02 are the best observed, enhancing overall safety and control.

While the RSA02 is relatively compact for its category, weighing in at 38 kilograms, it remains a substantial load. This weight may pose challenges when lifting or carrying the bike, particularly in scenarios like navigating stairs. The heftiness is a trade-off for the reinforced structure and powerful components.

Samebike RSA02 Review: Design and Build Quality

Another consideration is the price, slightly exceeding that of comparable foldable 20-inch fat-wheel e-bikes. Priced at $1,400, it falls on the higher end of the spectrum. However, the premium comes with advantages such as superior brand tires, enhanced braking systems, and a more potent motor, justifying the increased cost for those seeking top-notch performance.

In summary, the Samebike RSA02 offers a compelling package with outstanding climbing capabilities, impressive braking performance, and a well-designed frame. The compactness, while beneficial, comes with the challenge of its considerable weight. The higher price point is offset by the inclusion of premium components, making it a suitable choice for riders prioritizing power and quality. As you consider your options, weigh the advantages against the weight and cost factors to determine if the RSA02 aligns with your riding preferences and needs. Thank you for reading this review.


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