Engwe X20 Review: Small All-Terrain E-bike 2023!


This is the absolutely new Engwe X20 x-series all-terrain e-bike – a true marvel of engineering that blurs the lines between traditional bicycles and high-performance motorcycles. This remarkable two-wheeler stands at the forefront of electric bike innovation, redefining the way we perceive e-bikes and setting new standards for exhilarating outdoor adventures.

The Engwe X20 all-terrain e-bike, a marvel of design and performance, is now available at an incredibly attractive price point. Priced at $1,599, the Engwe X20 already offers a remarkable value proposition. But that’s not all – for a limited time, all customers have the opportunity to enjoy an additional $150 OFF.


In this review, I will tell you in detail about all aspects of the new Engwe e-bike. For example, about the assembly and its features, I will share the details in the design, I will also tell you about driving specs, range and, of course, the pros and cons.

Material:6061 Aluminum Alloy
Torque:65 N.m
Maximum Climbing Degree:30°
Transmission System:Shimano 8 Gears
Max Speed:20-25Km/h
Tire Size:20 X 4.0 Inches
Brake:Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Battery 1:48v 14.4ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery 2:48v 7.8ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Mileage:76 Km (electric Mode)
Bike Weight:37.2 KG
Maximum Load:330lbs (150kg)

Unboxing and Assemble 

The Engwe X-Series X20 all-terrain e-bike is an exceptional piece of machinery that promises exhilarating rides and versatile adventures. Assembling this innovative e-bike may seem a bit daunting at first, but fear not – we’ve created a detailed step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth unboxing and assembly process.

Engwe X20 Review: Unboxing and Assemble 

Step 1: Unboxing and Front Wheel Installation

  1. Carefully unbox the Engwe X20, ensuring you have all the components and tools ready.
  2. Remove the protective bar from the front fork – this was included to prevent bending during shipping.
  3. Identify the two shims or spacers that come with the front wheel. These are crucial for proper installation.
  4. Slide the spacers inside the fork – this is a crucial step to prevent confusion later.
  5. Remove the spacer from the front disc calipers and slide the front disc into place, ensuring it aligns correctly between the calipers.
  6. Insert the axle of the front wheel into the fork.
  7. Place the washer and nut on the axle, and use a 15mm socket wrench to securely tighten the nut. This will ensure the front wheel is firmly attached.

Step 2: Handlebar Installation

Engwe X20 Review: Unboxing and Assemble 

  1. Align the handlebars with the front wheel, making sure they are straight and aligned.
  2. Tighten the bolts that secure the handlebars to the front tube, ensuring a snug fit.

Step 3: Kickstand Installation

  1. Attach the kickstand to the e-bike using the provided bolts. This will provide stability and make the assembly process easier.

Engwe X20 Review: Unboxing and Assemble 

Step 4: Handlebar Tube Locking

  1. Lock the front tube in place – this feature allows for easy folding of the handlebars when needed.

Step 5: Handlebars and Front and Rear LED Lights

Engwe X20 Review: Unboxing and Assemble 

  1. Attach the handlebars securely to the handlebar pole, ensuring they are straight and aligned.
  2. Tighten the bolts that hold the handlebars in place, making sure they are very tight to prevent slipping during rides.
  3. Install the front and rear LED lights. Secure the front light by passing a bolt through the fork and tightening it with the included Allen wrench. The rear light may require some patience due to the lock bolts.

Step 6: Pedal Installation

Engwe X20 Review: Unboxing and Assemble 

  1. Locate the pedals marked with “L” for left and “R” for right.
  2. Line up the pedals correctly and twist them onto the crank, using the included wrench. Ensure they are tightly secured to prevent them from coming loose during rides.

Step 7: Optional Rear Seat Installation

  1. Attach the rear seat using the provided screws. This step is optional and allows for carrying a passenger or adding a rack.

Step 8: Seat Post Installation

Engwe X20 Review: Unboxing and Assemble 

  1. Optionally, you can install the seat post while the battery is outside the frame for easier access.
  2. Tighten the seat post securely using the Allen wrench.

Step 9: Battery Installation

  1. Place the battery into the designated slot on the frame.
  2. Attach the power cable to the battery and secure it in place.

Step 10: Display and Control Cable Installation

Engwe X20 Review: Unboxing and Assemble 

  1. Attach the green display and control cable, ensuring it is securely tucked in.

Step 11: Final Checks and Tire Pressure

  1. Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary. Recommended pressure is often indicated on the sidewall of the tire.
  2. Ensure everything is properly tightened and secured before your first ride.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully unboxed and assembled your Engwe X20 all-terrain e-bike. With attention to detail and careful installation, you’re now ready to experience the thrill of this motorcycle-like e-bike on various terrains and embark on exciting journeys. Remember to always follow safety guidelines and enjoy your rides to the fullest.

Design and Build Quality

The Engwe X20 is a revelation in design and build quality, showcasing a level of craftsmanship that truly sets it apart from the competition. Every inch of this e-bike is a testament to thoughtful engineering, durable components, and an unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional riding experience.

Engwe X20 Review: Design and Build Quality

Right from the start, the Engwe X20 surprises with its well-appointed controls. The left-mounted thumb throttle provides intuitive control over motor speed, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your pace. The inclusion of hydraulic brakes, an eight-speed Shimano shifter, and a triple suspension system further accentuates the attention to detail in its design.

The Engwe X20 boasts a sophisticated suspension setup that promises a smooth and comfortable ride even on challenging terrains. The triple suspension system includes front fork suspension, mid-frame suspension, and dual air shocks at the back. This unique combination enhances shock absorption, ensuring that bumps and obstacles are absorbed, offering a stable and controlled ride.

A remarkable feature of the Engwe X20 is its adaptability to various rider sizes. The generous seat height caters to tall individuals, accommodating inseams of up to 43 inches. This makes it a great fit for riders over 6’2″ and even up to 6’8″, providing a comfortable and ergonomic riding position. Additionally, the adjustable handlebars offer further customization to suit individual preferences.

Engwe X20 Review: Power and Riding Test

The Engwe X20’s folding fat tire design is a game-changer, blending versatility and durability. The solid one-piece wheels not only ensure ruggedness but also demand minimal maintenance. The 20-inch diameter and 4-inch wide tires contribute to stability, traction, and a commanding presence on various surfaces.

Equipped with seven-inch hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear, the Engwe X20 delivers ample stopping power, instilling confidence even during rapid descents. The Shimano eight-speed derailleur at the rear complements the e-bike’s versatile capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly navigate diverse terrains.

The X20’s robust construction is immediately apparent, reflecting a commitment to durability and reliability. Every component exudes a sense of sturdiness, and at 92 pounds, the e-bike’s weight underscores its solid build. While this weight might affect agility, it imparts a sense of stability and momentum, making it well-suited for adventurous outdoor journeys.

Engwe X20 Review: Design and Build Quality

The X20’s folding mechanism enhances its convenience factor. The ability to fold the handlebars and the bike in half aids in storage and transportation, even if the overall weight remains substantial. The inclusion of a brake light, tail light, and headlight with automatic activation in low-light conditions adds an extra layer of safety and convenience to your rides.

In essence, the Engwe X20 is a masterpiece of design and build quality, representing a harmonious fusion of innovation and functionality. Its well-engineered features, robust components, and versatile design make it a force to be reckoned with in the world of e-bikes. Whether you’re seeking thrilling off-road adventures or a reliable urban commuter, the Engwe X20’s remarkable design and build quality ensure a ride that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Display and Controls 

The handlebar panel of the Engwe X20 is not just a control center – it’s a window into a world of information and convenience. With a thoughtful and simplified design, this panel empowers riders with essential data and control options, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The handlebar panel serves as your digital dashboard, providing a wealth of real-time information that keeps you connected to your e-bike’s performance. Key metrics include:

  1. Battery Level: Monitor your battery’s charge level at a glance, ensuring you always have a clear understanding of your available power.
  2. Speed: Keep track of your current speed, enabling you to adjust your pace and ride with confidence.
  3. Total Distance: Stay informed about the overall distance your Engwe X20 has covered since its inception, adding up the adventures and journeys you’ve embarked upon.
  4. Trip Distance: Track the distance of your current trip, allowing you to gauge your progress and plan your rides effectively.
  5. Trip Time: Monitor the duration of your current trip, providing insights into your riding patterns and habits.
  6. Max Speed: Discover the maximum speed you’ve achieved during your rides, adding an element of thrill and accomplishment.
  7. Average Speed: Gain a sense of your typical riding speed, helping you maintain consistent performance and pacing.
  8. Motor Power Draw: Understand how many watts of power the motor is currently drawing, giving you insight into the e-bike’s energy consumption.

Engwe X20 Review: Power and Riding Test

The handlebar panel is your gateway to a variety of riding modes and speed settings, tailoring your Engwe X20’s performance to your preferences and the demands of your journey. These modes enable you to effortlessly switch between various levels of assistance, adapting to challenging terrains or leisurely cruises.

Despite the wealth of information and control options available, Engwe has managed to simplify the interface into an easy-to-read and intuitive display. The bright panel ensures excellent visibility, even under direct sunlight, allowing you to access vital information at all times.

Seat and Handle grips

The seat of the Engwe X20 is adorned with a faux leather cover that exudes sophistication and luxury. The faux leather not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers durability and easy maintenance, ensuring that your e-bike retains its polished look over time.

Engwe X20 Review: Seat and Handle grips

While the X20 features a small passenger seat at the rear, its practicality might be limited due to its placement and design. The presence of the front seat and potential pedal interference make this feature less accommodating for adult passengers. However, the rear section of the frame serves a dual purpose – when the seat cover is removed, it transforms into a functional bike rack, adding versatility and utility to your rides.

The handle grips of the Engwe are a tactile delight, featuring what appears to be high-quality faux leather that closely resembles the real thing. The grips not only provide a comfortable and secure hold but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the e-bike. Their ergonomic shape further adds to the comfort, allowing for a relaxed and natural hand position during rides.

Engwe X20 Review: front light

The exterior routing of cables and wires along the frame of the X20 serves a practical purpose while maintaining a clean and organized appearance. The placement of the cables and wires on the outside makes maintenance and repairs more accessible, while also contributing to the e-bike’s distinct visual identity.

Power and Riding Test

The Engwe X20 stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering and performance capabilities, positioning itself as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of electric bikes. With a formidable 1000 Watt peak power brushless Gearhead motor, this e-bike is geared not only for exhilarating speed but also for conquering even the most challenging hills with remarkable ease.

Engwe X20 Review: Power and Riding Test

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Engwe X20 is its uncanny resemblance to a motorcycle experience. This is not merely an e-bike with a motor; it’s a machine that imparts a distinct motorcycle-like feel. This sensation arises from its remarkable power output, high-speed capabilities, and the effortless way it tackles hills and terrain. While this characteristic can be a pro for those seeking a motorcycle-like thrill and performance, it might also be considered a con for those who prioritize a more traditional bicycle experience.

The Engwe X20 doesn’t just offer a ride; it delivers an entirely distinct and captivating riding experience that is both enjoyable and engaging. One of the standout features of this e-bike lies in its innovative approach to pedal assist, setting it apart from other e-bikes on the market.

When you embark on a journey with the Engwe X20, you’re introduced to a novel way of experiencing pedal assist. Unlike traditional e-bikes where the motor’s speed adapts to your pedaling cadence, the X20 empowers you to set specific target speeds for the motor to maintain. This unique system creates a personalized and controlled riding experience that aligns with your preferences and riding style.

Engwe X20 Review: Power and Riding Test

The pedal assist on the Engwe X20 is characterized by its adaptable target speeds, allowing you to fine-tune your riding dynamics. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely cruise or a brisk acceleration, the pedal assist levels let you establish the pace that suits your mood and environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for riders who want more autonomy over their speed without constantly adjusting their pedaling cadence.

When you engage the pedal assist on the Engwe X20, you’ll experience the seamless integration of human and motor power. As you pedal, the motor kicks in, gradually accelerating until it reaches the designated target speed. Once this speed is attained, the motor maintains it, enabling you to effortlessly glide forward without the need for continuous vigorous pedaling. This characteristic imbues the ride with a sense of fluidity and ease, making every journey enjoyable and comfortable.

The pedal assist system of the Engwe X20 simplifies the interaction between rider and motor. You’ll find that your pedaling becomes a harmonious dance with the e-bike’s propulsion, resulting in a seamless and intuitive connection between your efforts and the motor’s assistance. This interaction enhances the overall riding experience, making it feel less like operating a machine and more like a natural extension of your own movement.

Engwe X20 Review: Power and Riding Test

With the Engwe X20, you have the freedom to amplify or moderate your level of effort through the adjustable pedal assist levels. As you progress from level to level, you’ll notice the e-bike responding to your desired target speed, allowing you to effortlessly increase your pace or maintain a leisurely ride, all while exerting the amount of effort that suits you best.

Battery and Range

The Engwe X20 boasts a dual battery system that not only speaks to its formidable power but also showcases clever engineering. This innovative design choice enhances the e-bike’s range and practicality, making it a standout option in the world of electric bikes.

Engwe X20 Review: battery

Upon closer inspection, the Engwe X20 reveals a unique and intriguing feature – its battery, a sizable and powerful component, also serves as the seat post. This ingenious integration optimizes space utilization, creating a seamless and efficient design. Upon first receiving the e-bike, a natural inclination is to remove the battery and place it on charge. The charging process is straightforward, with the included charger drawing a manageable 114 watts and 1.39 amps, eliminating concerns about circuit overload.

Enhanced Range and Efficiency: The Engwe X20’s dual battery system provides a wealth of power options. The main battery, discreetly nestled within the frame, partners with the battery-seat post combination to create a remarkable tandem. Engwe has ingeniously designed the system to draw power from the main battery first, reserving the secondary battery for when the primary is nearing depletion. This intelligent configuration extends the e-bike’s range, offering both efficiency and versatility to your rides.

Engwe X20 Review: Design and Build Quality

Engwe estimates a range of up to 120 miles when utilizing pedal assist level one, highlighting the e-bike’s capability for extended journeys. For those who prefer purely electric power, the dual batteries provide up to 50 miles of range. If you decide to add your pedaling effort, the range can extend to an astounding 124 miles.

The decision to transform the seat post into a battery reveals a keen understanding of practicality and user experience. This choice not only optimizes space but also eliminates the common inconvenience of seat rotation. The diamond-shaped seat post ensures that your seat remains securely in place, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments and enhancing your overall riding comfort.


The Engwe X20 all-terrain e-bike stands as a true testament to the remarkable progress in electric bike technology. With its impressive features, unique design choices, and captivating riding experience, the X20 leaves an indelible mark on the world of cycling.

The dual battery system is a standout feature that sets the Engwe X20 apart. By seamlessly integrating the battery into the seat post and within the frame, Engwe has unlocked a new realm of power and range. The dual batteries not only provide ample energy for longer rides but also offer a strategic advantage in managing power consumption.

Bolstered by a 1000 Watt peak power brushless Gearhead motor, the Engwe X20’s performance is nothing short of exceptional. Whether it’s conquering steep hills or achieving exhilarating speeds of up to 31 miles per hour, the X20 delivers a thrilling and efficient ride that blurs the line between bicycle and motorcycle.

The Engwe X20’s robust construction and dual battery system contribute to its weight, tipping the scales at 92 pounds. While the foldable design does enhance storage efficiency, it’s worth noting that the e-bike’s weight might pose challenges when lifting and transporting, especially if you need to load it into a vehicle.

Engwe X20 Review: Power and Riding Test

The passenger seat at the rear of the X20, while a novel addition, might not provide the comfort or practicality desired for adult passengers due to its position and potential pedal interference. Additionally, the absence of foot pegs in the standard package might limit the convenience and safety of carrying a passenger.

So, the Engwe X20 all-terrain e-bike presents an exhilarating journey into the future of cycling. Its innovative design, powerful performance, and user-centric features create a harmonious blend that caters to both enthusiasts and adventurers alike. With the X20 as a capable and dynamic companion, riders can confidently embark on diverse journeys, forging unforgettable experiences on two wheels. As electric bike technology continues to evolve, the Engwe X20 stands as a beacon of progress and an embodiment of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in the world of cycling.

Engwe X20 $150 OFF

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