Cyrusher XF800 Review: After the Test I Was Pleasantly Surprised!


Cyrusher XF800, a Chinese e-bike manufacturer, is one whose products we frequently test. Considering their incredibly low cost, we were mostly pleased. You can find out in this test if the new tank roll with 26-inch fat-tire tires exhibits the same behavior.

The Cyrusher XF800 is completely suspended, has substantial tires, and leaves a violent impression. In this test, you’ll learn what the 2,199 euro e-bike is capable of and what it may be used for.


The black and red pedelec arrived promptly, safely, and with excellent packaging, just like all other bikes from the manufacturer. The new e-bike is also quite nicely made, which is evident the moment you remove it from the comparatively convenient container. The battery is built inside the down tube and resembles the types that are typically found in Jeep or Eskute, for instance. The head tube also has four threads that are fastened to the frame, which is noticeable right away. A basket, front rack, or other accessory could be mounted here. The fact that even some wires are routed in the frame is what I appreciate best about the pricing of just 2,199 euros.

The tank roll was generally set up quite rapidly. I calculate that it will take between one and two hours to unpack, modify, and discard it. The front brake caliper on this type must also be installed by hand. Really nothing out of the ordinary, but I just wanted to note it. Anyone who wants assistance setting up can locate a very jovial and determined Amazon employee on YouTube.

Motor750 watt Bafang
SpeedUp to 28MPH
Rider Height5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)
Max Load330 lbs (150 kg)
Battery48 volt 13 amp-hour
Range50 miles (80 km)
Tires:Chaoyang 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires
Rear Derailleur:Shimano SL-TX50-7R, 7-speeds
WaterProof:Whole bike IP 65 Waterproof, including battery
Rear Suspension:Spring suspension 165x750 lbs

Cyrusher XF800: Design and Build Quality

An LCD display and a remote control device are used to operate the Cyrusher electric bicycle. Additionally, I appreciate that it is not a given for the price. The display, which gives the most crucial driving information, is even comparatively large. On the other hand, reading becomes more difficult in the sun.

In addition, a fairly basic shifter on the handlebars is used to control a 7-speed Shimano circuit with Tourney rear derailleur. I have no idea why, but practically all Chinese e-bikes come equipped with this lever. A reasonable shifter, in my opinion, would be preferable. But there’s definitely a good reason I don’t work on product development for low-cost Chinese producers; instead, I test the e-bikes and then contribute my two cents.

After the customary break-in period and a minor fine adjustment, two mechanical disc brakes offer deceleration and effectively complete their task.

For even more comfort, a sturdy suspension fork is mounted at the front. This even features a lockout and is rated as good in this price range in comparison. The battery also powers a front light that is mounted on the suspension fork.

A strong impression is also left by the front suspension fork. It can even be blocked via a lockout, is stable, and has no play. Another excellent impression-maker is the rear suspension. What I also would not have anticipated is that it is air-sprung and that it can be modified with a damper pump. The suspension is incredibly fantastic and actually does the situation justice.

The newest Cyrusher litter undoubtedly has a geometry that takes some getting used to at first glance. Unfortunately, the tank roll also has a reputation that is more typical of Chinese bikes: a short frame. As a person who is 1.80 m tall, I am unable to even approach a reasonable leg posture with the saddle fully extended. For quick journeys into the city or commutes, this is not an issue, but for longer tours, it is. Because of this, I think the seat tube is a little low, especially for taller persons, who are more accurately average and I don’t necessarily count myself among them.

The Cyrusher XF800 is a highly adaptable electric bicycle. simply because it was designed for several markets. The huge display allows you to adjust the bike’s settings in this way. Here, you have a full range of options for customizing the e-bike for your intended purpose. In the US, you may select between mph and km/h for the unit of the speed limit. There are numerous assistance modes available as well. Through the options menu, the throttle grip can also be turned off. So, in theory, you could modify the parameters based on the situation. In a video, Cyrusher clearly explains all of the alternatives.

On the other hand, the rear derailleur performs consistently and faultlessly when shifting through the 7 gears. With the 26-inch monster truck tires, you’ll also come to realize that the particular surface is not interesting. Cobblestones, mud, or sand don’t matter to the XF800 in any case.

The battery is also equipped with a USB port. Anyone who enjoys using their smartphone to navigate over long distances may find this to be especially helpful. There is a larger compartment on the frame that holds the controller in addition to the sizable battery. It doesn’t concern me personally, so it’s not necessarily a drawback, but I still want to bring it up here.

Cyrusher XF800: Motor and Driving

The Bafang drive’s 750 W nominal power, which can generate up to 1,500 W of peak power and 80 Nm of torque, is plainly audible in a variety of circumstances. For instance, the Cyrusher XF800 starts uphill without even a hint of throttle grip. But the thrust of the e-bike makes me smile widely not just on the hills but also at the traffic light or in other circumstances. The fat bike can support speeds of up to 40 km/h (approximately 25–26 mph) with my setup. The throttle and Pedal Assist can both be used to reach this speed.

The engine has a great airflow and is quite amazing. Even though there is just one fitted pedal sensor, the software is fairly well synchronized. On hills or climbs in the test, Cyrusher XF800 is a ton of fun. Because even there, you can comfortably drive up to 40 km/h with a powerful motor. Cyrusher Fat bike is an all-around enjoyable piece of equipment. The handles were the only item I found objectionable in this situation. After a few kilometers, they start to slip, and you should switch them out for screwable ones as soon as you can.

Otherwise, driving a Cyrusher XF800 is surprisingly easy going and secure. You rapidly get an almost heavenly feeling from the fat tires. You no longer have to be terrified of forest roots or cobblestones.

My model too had a few problems powering on. Since the remote unit received some water on the first day, I think the issue there is with me. Cyrusher offered a replacement, however once it dried out, the e-bike could be started once more. Since the system is genuinely protected against intense rain, under IPX4, I’m assuming a Monday model here. I should note that I have run into this issue, though.

Additionally, the tank roll’s equipment is often of good quality Cyrusher. Entry-level components are installed everywhere because of the inexpensive cost, yet the total package is pretty outstanding.

There are five different support levels from which to pick. The top speed varies between these. This is also typical with the extremely affordable e-bikes, although it doesn’t always make sense in my opinion. Because the e-bike only supports you up to a top speed of 40 km/h in the fifth stage. Accordingly, the remaining levels are graded lower.

Cyrusher XF800: Conclusions

For instance, the new Cyrusher XF800 is available in the Amazon online store. At checkout, the discount will be automatically taken off. You only pay 2,195 euros because the bike is now on sale. The Cyrusher XF800 offers an intriguing price-performance ratio if you’re not too tall and want an effective e-bike. 

The XF800 is an e-bike that is reasonably priced but has a lot of functionality. The equipment is amazing, the tuning is quite successful, and there is a current level control. If you want a vehicle that is a little more powerful but still wants comfort and quality, the XF800 is an excellent option. The issue with Europe traffic continues to be the slight to considerable drop of bitterness. The XF800 is a well-designed e-bike with a lot of power if you don’t view it so narrowly, and I don’t want to encourage you to do it that way.


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