Engwe S6 Review: This E-Scooter Will Go Anywhere!


We have tested quite a few Engwe scooters by this point, so we are familiar with their build, quality, and performance. As a manufacturer of high-quality, equally affordable scooters, Engwe is able to reach a wider market.

We’re genuinely surprised at the build quality of the Engwe S6 so far. Usually with budget scooters, there’s that sense of impending doom when pieces start going wrong early on, but so far with the Engwe S6.


Before we go any further, let’s clarify that the Engwe is not made from cutting-edge alien technology straight from Stark Industries. Based on our testing of this device, its features might not be appealing to everyone and its use case may not fit into everyone’s lifestyle.

Find out if this electric scooter is a good fit for you before buying it.

Material:aluminum alloy
Power:500W (PEAK 700W)
Top Speed:18-45 Km / h
Tire Size:10'' off-road pneumatic tires
Battery:48V 15.6Ah
Charge Time:6-8h
Driving Mileage:70 Km without recharging
Max Load:120kg
Product Weight:25kg
Product Size(L x W x H):110 x 25 x 110cm

Engwe S6: Design and Build Quality

A scooter with a steel frame is the Engwe S6. The Engwe S6’s stem is much more robust because of its stiff folding mechanism, which folds the scooter at the base rather than the stem. On our model, there was virtually no play. There don’t seem to be any obvious weak points or flaws in the frame.

Engwe S6 will successfully conquer both city and rural roads as well as the hearts of those who use this mode of transportation. Jilong’s quality is legitimately regarded as the greatest. This particular model stands out for being affordable, practical, and easy to use.

Although it uses a simple push rod design, the rear suspension is highly effective at dampening. There was very little to no flex, and the rear suspension appeared to be of exceptional quality.

Since not every customer can detect a rip-off when they see one, Engwe isn’t one of those e-scooter companies that advertises a 20 mph electric scooter as a 30 mph electric scooter.

Rider wobbles have been noticed by certain Engwe S6 users.

However, the majority of these riders later claimed that this problem had been resolved once a few bolts were tightened in the vicinity of where the stem and front wheel were connected. While testing the unit, we didn’t detect any swaying.

The Engwe S6’s folding structure makes it simple and convenient to transport, store, and use on public transportation.

Parking footstep that prevents you from becoming trapped on anything while you leave the scooter in an upright position.

Alarm, which will calm the user if he must leave the vehicle alone for some time.

The only component of the scooter that we felt fell short was the front suspension, which although it functions adequately, appears to be of low quality. The outer spring and fork with two struts that make up the front suspension are capped at the top. 

Although it’s not the end of the world, the stem is another place to be concerned about because the mechanism that lets you change the handlebar height (which is really helpful for taller/shorter riders) doesn’t completely stop some level of rotation. The clamp that prevents the handlebar stem from rising and falling does a poor job of maintaining alignment between the handlebars and front wheel. Although this problem is mitigated if the clamp is tightened very much, the design is flawed and should have included a locator pin of some kind.

The journey will be even more pleasant thanks to the wide deck, which can easily accommodate both legs. The board measures 55 cm long and 21 cm wide (working length 49 cm). Additionally, it includes sanding strips on the legs to prevent slipping.

The Engwe S6 is at the point where any additional weight would make it less portable and appropriate for taking up stairs, even if it is still quite light compared to other scooters in a similar power range. The S6 is transportable and carryable, though at little over 24 kg, carrying any significant difference would doubtless become uncomfortable.

All of the components may be folded into a small enough space to fit in the trunk of practically any car or hatchback, including the handlebars and stem.

The Engwe S6’s tires are 10-inch pneumatic tires with “anti-skid rubber,” though it’s difficult to confirm this. We had no trouble locking the brakes and skidding. The tires have a curved inner wall profile, which increases puncture risk while also making the tires stiff.

Many Engwe S6 riders complained about how quickly their tires would blow out or get punctures.

Engwe S6: Motor and Battery

Although it’s cool to ride an electric scooter at 30 or 40 or even 50 mph while seated, is it safe to do so? That is a unique type of cool.

Riders of the Engwe S6 can figuratively “sit and enjoy the ride” on their electric scooter thanks to the seat’s detachable design.

Dual suspension – front and rear suspension – on a scooter for more than $600 with a 15.6 Ah battery makes the Engwe S6 a fantastic deal. Both the front and back suspensions of the Engwe S6 are spring-based. Ironically, the front suspension consists of a fork with two thin bars and a huge open spring around the bars. The rear suspension, on the other hand, uses pretty excellent closed anodized metal parts.

A 500 Watt single drive scooter is the Engwe S6. Therefore, don’t expect to go flying down the lanes or along greenways as any scooter in this category won’t be particularly powerful, but the Engwe S6 performs admirably overall. Keep in mind that a 500 Watt scooter’s speed can vary depending on the weight of the scooter, the motor’s efficiency, the battery, and the controllers. Given that it has one of the highest top speeds for a scooter in this power range, the Engwe S6 is unquestionably a strong candidate.

The comfort level is good, and the overall suspension performance is good.

There are no wheel spins during the smooth and steady acceleration. Up until about 18 mph, it will continue to gather up speed before slowing down to 25 mph.

It can maintain a steady speed of 25 mph without the motor or controllers overheating.

Off-road, the Engwe S6 did a great job. The suspension and tyre setup let it to easily handle stony/lost gravel pathways and some muddy tracks.

Despite having only one engine, the Engwe S6 struggles to ascend steep slopes, and bigger riders may find it difficult to continue climbing at gradients of 20% or higher. A 70 kilogram rider can expect to ascend a 20% incline, albeit at a crawling speed of 3-5 mph.

Generally speaking, the Engwe S6 Jilong is a great car for getting about the city and beyond. It will be of tremendous assistance and leave many positive impressions. 

Now that you can monitor your speed and remaining battery life, you can decide whether or not you need to charge your e-scooter before going for a ride or riding it on long distances.

Never fear that your electric scooter will run out of power in the middle of nowhere, far from your house, or close to Pennywise’s residence.

Given the pricing, we had anticipated a “highly rated” battery with lower performance; nonetheless, we were pleasantly surprised by the battery’s great performance, which allowed us to travel more than 20 miles in MODE 2 and at full throttle for the majority of the trip.

Theoretically, if you ride carefully in MODE 1, you should be able to travel 30 miles on a single charge, albeit it would be agonizingly slow.

Engwe S6: Conclusions

It is suitable for motorcyclists that bike off-road. For cyclists seeking to balance comfort and speed. The S6 can be an option for you if you have a medical condition that prevents you from standing for extended periods of time but still want to enjoy the benefits of riding a strong electric scooter.

The Engwe S6 may not be the best choice for people who travel by e-scooter and must carry their e-scooter around because lighter, more portable variants are available.

The Engwe S6 was dispatched fast to us from Germany, and when it arrived, the box was in fair shape. We say this because occasionally, scooters can be delivered with significant dents and gashes in the box, resulting in harm to the scooter. 

Everything was there and nothing was missing, and it even came with a small toolbox for assembly. It was beautifully packaged. Just the handlebar gear needed to be arranged and tightened; otherwise, it just took a few minutes to assemble.

Since I review a lot of 500W scooters and am used to the amazing thrill of 8000W+ from my Bronco, I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t expecting much. However, the Engwe S6 is a terrific scooter for the money; they have packed a lot of features into a scooter that costs more than $600.


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  1. Hello, I have engwe s6 scooter and have a problem. When I ride at maximum speed is show on spidometer 42km/h but realy speed is abaut 32km/h


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