C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Motorcycle Design E-bike 2023!


Hey, what’s up, everyone! I’m back on the sequel to one of my favorite bikes that I reviewed last year – the C3STROM Astro Deluxe. Now, that’s a nice fancy name that caught my attention from the get-go.

The Astro Deluxe is a standout electric bike that seamlessly blends style, performance, and innovative features. From its motorcycle-inspired design to its advanced technology, this bike has garnered attention for its unique combination of form and function.

Equipped with both front and rear suspension systems, the Astro Deluxe prioritizes rider comfort, making it suitable for various terrains. The rear suspension, in particular, adds an extra layer of customization, allowing riders to adjust it for their preferred comfort level.

While the Astro Deluxe has received praise for its design, power, and features, the price point may be a consideration for potential buyers. At $3,099, it competes in a market where various options are available at different price ranges. However, for those seeking a premium electric bike with a unique aesthetic and robust performance, the Astro Deluxe stands out as a compelling choice.

Frame:Aluminum Alloy
Motor:Enhanced 750W,1800W Peak
Speed:Class 3: 28mph
Off-road: 32mph
Brakes:4 Piston Hydraulic
Head Light:130 LuX -LED
Tires:Treking tire 20*4.0″
Front Suspension:Lockout Air suspension with100mm travel distance
Rear Suspension:Rockshox absorber with 360psi adjustable lockout
Battery:Removable Lithium-ion 1040Wh (52V20Ah)
SAMSUNG 21700 Cells
Charge Time:4-5 Hours
Range:32-78 Miles*
Vehicle Weight:99 lbs
Rider Weight Limit:360 lbs

Design and Build Quality

The C3STROM Astro Deluxe stands out not only for its motorcycle-inspired design but also for its innovative features that enhance both power and comfort during rides. One of the standout features is its motorcycle-like appearance, giving riders the feeling of cruising on a traditional bike. However, what sets this electric bike apart is the addition of a rear suspension system, complementing the existing front suspension with 100 mm of travel. This dual-suspension setup ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing the impact of potholes and rough terrain.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Design and Build Quality

The rear suspension is particularly noteworthy, being an air suspension system. This adds an extra layer of customization for riders, allowing them to adjust the suspension to their preferred comfort level. The combination of the upgraded seat, now paired with the rear suspension, ensures a super comfortable experience, making long rides more enjoyable.

Power and torque are emphasized as key strengths of the C3STROM. These attributes are crucial for navigating city streets, providing the rider with the necessary acceleration and performance. The bike’s ability to handle urban environments is demonstrated through its responsiveness when the light turns green, showcasing its power and agility in real-world scenarios.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: front light

The lighting system of the Astro Deluxe contributes to both safety and aesthetics. The LED headlight at the front, designed to resemble a motorcycle headlight, is not only large but also features daytime running lights. The addition of different beam modes allows riders to customize their visibility based on riding conditions. The rear lighting, including the LED tail light, brake light, and turn signals, not only enhances safety but also adds a stylish element with a distinctive swiping pattern.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: rear light

However, some aspects could be improved. The absence of audible turn signal indicators is highlighted as a drawback, as riders often rely on sound cues. Additionally, the missing turn signal indicator on the display is mentioned as a feature that could enhance user experience. The color display, despite being bright, lacks this crucial piece of information.

The bike’s display is described as large, bright, and equipped with a color screen that provides essential information such as speed, battery level, and range. The color display adds a modern touch to the overall design, but the absence of a turn signal indicator on it remains a notable downside.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: display

The throttle and suspension system are praised for their uniqueness and adjustability. The design of the suspension, integrated within the aluminum frame, maintains the bike’s original style while adding an extra layer of comfort. The adjustability of both front and rear suspensions allows riders to fine-tune their riding experience, catering to individual preferences.

In terms of tires, the C3STROM Astro Deluxe features 20 x 4 fat tires, resembling those found on e-mopeds. While these tires are not deeply threaded, indicating that off-roading might not be the bike’s primary focus, they contribute to the bike’s stability and control on various surfaces.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Design and Build Quality

In terms of aesthetics, the Astro Deluxe is available in two colors, with the Moonlight color, described as a cream with brown and black accents, receiving particular acclaim for its stylish and unique appearance. The overall consensus is that the C3STROM Astro Deluxe is not only a high-performing e-bike but also one of the best-looking options on the market, combining power, style, and practicality in a single package.

Additional features were highlighted, such as the electronic horn, noted for its loudness, and the control setup on the handlebars, including the navigational controls and the convenient USB Type-A port for charging devices. The rider expressed a desire for a USB Type-C port, considering the bike’s price and the evolving technology landscape.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Design and Build Quality

Regarding pedaling, the rider, standing at 6 feet tall, notes that knee clearance is manageable. The experience of pedaling is described as reasonable, with less pronounced discomfort compared to other motorcycle-style e-bikes. However, the rider points out the phenomenon of “ghost pedaling” that occurs after reaching a certain speed. Despite pedaling effort, the bike’s single gear design limits the impact on speed beyond a certain threshold. As a result, the rider tends to rely more on throttle-only operation for daily commuting.

So, the C3STROM Astro Deluxe appears to be a well-designed and powerful electric bike with a focus on comfort, making it suitable for urban riders looking for a stylish and enjoyable commuting experience.

Driving Test

The seamless acceleration is attributed to the robust 750-watt motor, peaking at an impressive 1880 watts, coupled with a substantial 90 newton meters of torque. This power is notably advantageous for urban commuting, ensuring riders can keep pace with traffic without any lag.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Enhanced 750W,1800W Peak

Beyond its performance, the Astro Deluxe maintains its appeal with a distinctive motorcycle aesthetic. The frame design incorporates an open space in the middle, allowing for the attachment of accessories such as water bottles or, in the case of the reviewer, a thoughtfully provided basket for additional storage. This innovative use of space demonstrates the bike’s versatility and practicality for daily use.

Attention to detail in the design is evident, with features like the stitching on the seat, faux air intakes on the side, and a cut-out C3 logo on the frame, contributing to the bike’s overall cool and cohesive look. The color coordination between the seat and the front and rear plastic fenders adds a touch of sophistication, creating a visually appealing package.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: on the road or driving test

Practical elements are not overlooked, with the inclusion of a rear rack for additional cargo capacity. The cable management at the front is described as neat and well-organized, contributing to the bike’s overall clean and sleek appearance. However, a minor point of contention is the sticker on the side of the battery, which the reviewer finds less appealing.

During the speed test, the bike demonstrates its capability, reaching a top speed of around 19.6 mph according to the display and 19.5 mph according to the GPS app, showcasing its compliance with Class 3 e-bike regulations. The single gear design simplifies the riding experience, and the acceleration is praised for its smoothness.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: handlebars

Switching to Off Road mode, the bike showcases even more impressive performance, reaching speeds of around 32 to 33 mph. The off-road capability is noted, with the rider emphasizing the importance of adhering to regulations and the need to manually switch to Off Road mode each time the bike is turned on.

The hydraulic disc brakes, both front and rear, receive high praise for their effectiveness in quickly bringing the bike to a stop, contributing to the overall safety of the riding experience. The reviewer emphasizes the importance of considering factors such as rider weight, wind, and terrain when evaluating the bike’s performance.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Rockshox absorber with 360psi adjustable lockout

Taking the C3STROM Astro Deluxe off-road was a bold move, and the electric bike showcased impressive performance in various terrains. The rider expressed confidence in the bike’s power, even when navigating steep slopes. The decision to attempt descending and ascending a challenging crevice provided valuable insights into the bike’s capabilities.

During the descent, the rider utilized the brakes effectively, and when powering up the slope using only the throttle, the Astro Deluxe demonstrated its ability to handle off-road challenges. The bike’s power was evident as it almost effortlessly tackled the steep terrain. Even with a momentary foot-down, the overall performance was still deemed impressive.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Design and Build Quality

The subsequent ascent on an even steeper incline, however, revealed a potential issue with the chain. The rider noted a slipping or difficulty in catching the gear when starting to pedal. While this occurrence may have been an extreme test, it highlighted a potential concern, specifically related to the length of the chain. Some reviewers have also pointed out this issue, suggesting that adjusting the chain length could potentially resolve the problem.

Despite the chain hiccup, the rider emphasized the bike’s capability to conquer challenging off-road paths. The Astro Deluxe’s performance on gravel, sand, and rough terrain was described as smooth and comfortable, with the rider expressing that it might be the smoothest ride experienced on an e-bike up to that point.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: display

The ride continued along a riverfront, showcasing the bike’s adeptness at handling diverse terrain. The rider particularly praised the smoothness and comfort, attributing it to the rear suspension, a feature absent in the previous model.

Battery and Range

The C3STROM Astro Deluxe boasts a formidable Samsung 1040 watt-hour battery, a crucial component that significantly influences its range. The company estimates a range between 32 and 78 miles, depending on the mode of operation. The lower end of the spectrum, around 32 miles, is attributed to throttle-only usage, while the higher end, up to 78 miles, is achievable with pedal assist, specifically at level one.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: "Removable Lithium-ion 1040Wh (52V20Ah) SAMSUNG 21700 Cells"

In practice, the rider shares their experience of using the bike for a few weeks, indicating that the estimated range aligns well with real-world performance. The rider, weighing around 200 lbs, emphasizes that the bike is designed to support riders up to 360 lbs. The overall weight of the bike, including the rider, is 99 lbs, making it a substantial yet capable vehicle.

The battery, conveniently located on the frame, can be easily removed using one of the two provided keys. The charging process takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to fully replenish the battery. This feature allows riders to bring the battery indoors for charging, enhancing convenience and flexibility in managing the bike’s power source.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe: Conclusions

Overall, the C3STROM Astro Deluxe presents a compelling package of performance, design, and features that set it apart in the electric bike market. The bike’s aesthetic, inspired by motorcycles, coupled with thoughtful design elements like the rear suspension and open frame for accessories, contribute to its unique appeal.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Rockshox absorber with 360psi adjustable lockout

However, the price point of $3,099 may be a potential deterrent for some prospective buyers. While the bike offers a comprehensive feature set and design, there are other options on the market that may provide similar ride quality or faster speeds at a lower cost. The rider acknowledges the value proposition by stating that some bikes at higher price points lack the Astro Deluxe’s features and finish.

The accompanying app, accessible via Bluetooth, adds a tech-savvy dimension to the overall experience. Features like built-in map control, cruise control, and the ability to control lights through the app enhance the bike’s usability and convenience.

C3STROM Astro Deluxe Review: Aluminum Alloy frame

For those hesitant about the price, the company offers alternative models, such as the original Astro and Astro Pro ebikes, providing a range of options with varying price points. The base Astro model, priced around $2,400, offers a more accessible entry point for budget-conscious buyers. A link to the product page is provided for those interested in exploring the bike further.

Alternatives of C3STROM Astro Deluxe




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