Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: Six Shock Absorbers E-bikes!


Well, folks, on this gloomy day in Avellino that seems reminiscent of Saint Antilles, I’ve got the perfect opportunity to chat with you about a fascinating little bicycle. Let’s dive back into the spotlight – it’s the Honey Whale S6 Pro, and it’s capturing attention for all the right reasons.

This electric city bicycle is not just interesting; it might be the most complete of its kind. Picture this: six shock absorbers, no traditional keys, and a slick NFC tag system for ignition. It’s a compact powerhouse designed for the city, and it’s truly a game-changer if you’re considering eco-friendly urban commuting. Let’s break down why the Whale S6 Pro is creating a buzz.

So, whether you’re cruising along cobbled streets or zipping through bustling avenues, the Honey Whale S6 Pro is here to make your urban commute a breeze. Stay tuned for more insights, and let me know your thoughts on this intriguing little city bike. Until next time, keep rolling!

FrameAluminum Alloy
Motor350W Brushless Motor
Max Speed35km/h
Climbing10 degrees
BrakeFront Disc Brake
SuspensionFront, Middle, and Rear Suspension
Battery48V 15Ah
Product Weight125.5 x 52 x 106cm
Product Size(L x W x H)26kg

Design and Build Quality

The Honey Whale S6 Pro boasts a distinctive design that elicits strong reactions – a love-it-or-hate-it aesthetic. Weighing in at 26 kg, it manages to be both compact and foldable, allowing for convenient storage. The ability to fold in both the central barrel and handlebar, with adjustable height, adds to its versatility. The integrated rear luggage rack with a cushion provides an interesting feature, though the practicality of carrying a second person might be questionable due to the bike’s low center of gravity.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

However, what truly sets this bicycle apart is its shock-absorbing system, purportedly managing 86% of impacts. The front wheel features a double fork, typical for this type of bicycle, complemented by four additional shock absorbers: two in the central tube and two on each side of the rear wheel. This comprehensive system aims to provide a cushioned experience, adding an extra layer of comfort to the ride.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: frame

The external placement of the large battery pack at the rear, from an aesthetic standpoint, aligns well with the bike’s industrial design. However, the connection method is a point of contention. The use of a cable reminiscent of old desktop PC cables may not be visually appealing and raises questions about its safety, even if it can be easily removed for independent charging.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: foldability

The left side of the handlebar integrates an onboard computer, albeit a bit small, providing essential information about the bike. The absence of speed management keys on the computer is compensated by a physical selector on the handlebar. An impressive smartphone support, securely fixed to the handlebars, adds a practical touch, distinguishing itself from flimsy alternatives found on other bicycles.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: handlebars and display

Addressing the issue of the accelerator, the bike offers a simple method to disconnect it. The ignition system, however, deviates from traditional keys, opting for an NFC tag system. While a novel and lightweight approach, the potential drawback arises in the event of losing the tags. Unlike traditional keys, where a spare can be easily obtained, the loss of an NFC tag may pose a more complex problem.

So, the Honey Whale S6 Pro stands out for its unique design, foldability, and an elaborate shock-absorbing system. However, certain design choices, such as the cable connection for the battery and reliance on NFC tags for ignition, may polarize users. The bike manages to blend innovation with practicality, but potential challenges in tag management should be considered by prospective buyers.

Honey Whale S6 Pro: Motor and Brakes

The Honey Whale S6 Pro is equipped with a robust 350 W brushless motor, showcasing its prowess with a peak power of 750 W and an impressive torque of 28 Nm. This motor not only demonstrates its strength on urban terrains but also handles climbs with ease, managing inclines of 8-10%. The bike’s capacity to support a maximum load of 125 kg further underscores its powerful performance.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: rear motor and brake

Considering the bike’s urban focus, it stands out as a formidable force among city bicycles. While the manufacturer suggests its versatility on slightly rougher terrains due to the wider wheels, the true strength of this motor becomes apparent in an urban setting. In comparison to motors commonly found on Fat bikes or electric mountain bikes, the S6 Pro’s motor might not seem extraordinary, but within the context of city bikes, it stands out as one of the most powerful in its category.

The engine’s responsiveness and balanced torque distribution make it well-suited for urban commuting. However, it’s worth noting that, like many city bikes, the S6 Pro lacks a gearbox. While this absence might not be a significant drawback for typical city riding, it becomes more noticeable when faced with steep climbs, particularly during acceleration. A traditional gearbox with set ratios, akin to those found on Shimano-equipped bikes, could have been a valuable addition to enhance the bike’s performance, especially in cities where the terrain is not consistently flat.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: rear motor and lacks a gearbox

Despite this potential shortcoming, the S6 Pro compensates with its comprehensive features, including the advanced shock absorbers, wide wheels, and a double cushioned saddle with springs. The absence of a gearbox might be forgiven, given the bike’s overall completeness and suitability for city commuting. However, for riders facing varying terrains, a gearbox could have been a valuable addition, providing more flexibility and optimizing the bike’s performance in diverse urban landscapes.

Driving Test

Once you become acquainted with the Honey Whale S6 Pro, particularly its 14-inch wheels that boast a width of 2.1 inches—slightly broader than the tires on traditional city bikes—the riding experience takes on a new dimension. The increased width provides a sturdier feel, contributing to the bike’s overall appeal. The shock absorber system, a standout feature of this bicycle, fundamentally alters the riding dynamics, making it a truly enjoyable experience.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The versatility of the S6 Pro is further underscored by the adjustable height of both the handlebars and the saddle, making it suitable for riders of varying heights. With this flexibility, individuals up to 1.90 meters in height can comfortably enjoy the bike. The ergonomic design of the saddle frame adds to the comfort, enhancing the overall riding experience.

When traversing uneven roads and paths, the combination of shock absorbers, chassis rigidity, and the substantial thickness of the tires transforms the ride into a smooth and buttery glide. The effectiveness of the shock absorber system is particularly appreciated in areas with less-than-ideal road conditions. The bike’s ability to absorb vibrations ensures that the rider is shielded from the impacts of uneven surfaces, providing a comfortable journey.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The S6 Pro is equipped with two reliable disc brakes, adding to the bike’s safety features. While the bike arrives mostly assembled, with only the saddle and handlebars needing adjustment, fine-tuning the brakes is a simple process that anyone can undertake. Even though I had to make a minor adjustment to the brakes post-assembly, it’s worth noting that the entire process is straightforward, ensuring that riders can easily address any necessary tweaks without complications.

So, the Honey Whale S6 Pro offers a delightful riding experience, enhanced by its shock absorber system, adjustable components, and robust braking system. The combination of these features makes it an appealing choice for riders seeking comfort, versatility, and reliability on various terrains, even in regions with challenging road conditions.

Battery and Range

The Honey Whale S6 Pro comes equipped with a commendable 15 amp-hour battery operating at 48 volts, setting the stage for a reliable and versatile electric riding experience. This battery configuration allows the bicycle to achieve a variable autonomy range spanning from 30 to 75 km. The variance in autonomy is contingent upon the nature of use, with factors such as riding mode playing a crucial role.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: 15 amp-hour battery

In full electric mode, although restricted in Italy, the S6 Pro can cover approximately 30 km on a single charge. However, for more practical and sustainable city commuting, engaging the assisted pedaling mode becomes the norm. In real-world tests, using assisted pedaling through city streets, the S6 Pro demonstrated an impressive range of around 50 km. This showcases the bike’s efficiency in conserving battery life while still providing ample support to the rider.

Recharging the battery is a straightforward process, with the included charger designed for European sockets. On average, the charging time from zero to 100% takes around 6 hours. This aligns with the standard charging times observed in this segment of electric bicycles, ensuring a reasonable turnaround for riders between uses.

Honey Whale S6 Pro: Conclusions

In summary, the Honey Whale S6 Pro presents an intriguing option in the realm of city bikes, offering a unique design and a set of features that make it stand out in its category.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

While the distinctive design may be a matter of personal preference, once embraced, the bicycle reveals its strengths, particularly in its shock absorber system. In cities with challenging road conditions, such as Avellino, the S6 Pro’s ability to smooth out uneven surfaces becomes a notable benefit, enhancing rider comfort.

However, the absence of a gearbox is a point of contention for some riders. While the bike compensates with an accelerator for uphill starts, the addition of a gearbox could have been a valuable enhancement, especially in urban settings. Despite this, the S6 Pro remains a compelling city bike, offering a balance of performance, comfort, and affordability.

Honey Whale S6 Pro Review: front tire and brake

So, the Honey Whale S6 Pro emerges as a city bike with a lot to offer, especially considering its competitive pricing. It may not be the perfect fit for everyone due to its distinctive design, but for those who appreciate its unique features, including the shock absorber system, it represents a solid choice in the market. Your thoughts and comments on the S6 Pro are welcomed, so feel free to share your opinions, subscribe to the channel, and stay tuned for more content.

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