BEZIOR M2 Review: What You Need To Know About This Electric Bike?


The maker of the cheaply priced, electrically assisted BEZIOR M2 bike claims a wide range, a comfortable ride, and power steering that makes it easy to conquer all the hills on our route. How is it in reality?

For many people, bicycles are steadily replacing cars as a mode of transportation. But it is simple to lose motivation if our route to work or the store is not entirely level or we frequently encounter strong winds. If we choose a bicycle with electric assist, this discouragement poses no harm to us. And the gear that ended up in our editorial office is this. How did it eject itself?

A mid-high range electric bicycle with a distinctive appearance and top-notch exterior materials is the BEZIOR M2. It is now capable of providing five pedal-assist modes, as well as front and rear braking systems, larger tires, and a seven-speed Shimano gearbox.

Max Speed25Km/h
Max Grade35°
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Package Size149 x 22 x 80cm
Unfolded Size176 x 83 x 63cm
Wheel26 x 1.95",Kenda
Product Weight27.1KG
BrakeMechanical Disc Brake
Applicable HeightNo More Than 200cm
Charging Time5-6H
Battery Capacity12.5AH
The Charger48V
Charging Voltage56V
Input Voltage48V

BEZIOR M2: Design and Build Quality

Now it gets even better because the cargo also comes with a set of tools (multitools with hexagonal keys, wrenches, screwdriver), accessories, and the vehicle itself, allowing us to quickly put everything together without the need for any of our own tools.

Crucially, the set comes with thorough European instructions, so even someone who has never put together a bicycle that was sent by mail should have no trouble.

As can be seen in the photos that accompany this analysis, BEZIOR M2 is built of aluminum alloy-based materials that also feature IP54 certification, ie resistance to contact with water or accumulation of dust. Its stated weight is 27.1 kilos, and its measurements are still 1490 x 220 x 800 mm.

The bicycle is a suitable model for those who are between 1.60 meters and 2 meters in height since it not only offers good comfort in the format of its seat but also allows for height adjustment between 32.5 inches and 39.5 inches. A maximum of 120 kg can be supported.

The electric bike also includes a lever that, once installed, enables you to ride without using your feet. Just keep in mind that a bike with such a retrofit is not allowed to be driven on a public road in Poland without registration and insurance. The electrically assisted bike is by law… just a bicycle, and we can move it using the same methods as a traditional two-wheeler propelled just by muscle force if, on the other hand, we choose not to install the shifters. This is entirely optional.

Important technical information: The BEZIOR M2 size is universal and should fit anyone between 155 and 195 cm tall. M2 refers to a distinctive frame shape.

A 3.5-inch LCD screen that displays real-time driving information, such as current speed, time and distance traveled, assistance level, remaining battery, malfunction alarms, etc., is a feature that BEZIOR M2 does not overlook.

The customary area found above the rear wheel is valued for storing baggage or other items that must be handled in a comfortable manner, which may be quite helpful when traveling on lengthy journeys.

Additionally, the bike has 26-inch rims with 1.95-inch wide tires. Therefore, you are not restricted to using only smooth asphalt; you are free to travel via woodland or dirt trails without fear. logical shock absorber with full lock functionality (80 mm travel).

BEZIOR M2: Motor and Driving

Everything is confirmed in the whole operation if it can be confirmed that the materials selected for the Choose BEZIOR M2 they are reliable. It is also notable for having a number of extra features not typically found in competing models on the market, despite having a conventional 250W motor with a maximum speed limit of 25 km/h.

On the one hand, a pedal assist system that enables switching between five modes tailored to each user’s desired effort (12/16/20/23/25 km/h) and a Shimano seven-speed system are both things to be grateful for.

The BEZIOR M2 has a Shimano 7-speed transmission, which works well for most rides (for the time being, putting the electric thread aside). However, at extremely high speeds (35 km/h and more), you start to run out of gear a little bit and have to wind up pretty hard. Due to enhanced protection, there is little chance that the rear derailleur will be harmed even in the event of an accident on the driving side. Yes, we checked it accidentally, and nothing was bent or in need of further adjustment.

Disc brakes are used for braking; they are efficient but noisy. This noise might go away over time as the discs and blocks break in, but it’s also likely that you’ll just have to get used to it and maybe think about switching the blocks to another type in the future.

The fact that this e-bike is delivered with all conceivable accessories is most crucial, though. For instance, there is a trunk, a kickstand, and complete lighting, including a lamp at the front and a lamp at the back that also alerts drivers behind us when we are braking.

It is also challenging to overlook the on-board computer’s quite sizable screen, which is right next to the steering wheel. We select the power and assist mode based on its level, but we can also check the speed, battery charge level, condition of our lights, duration of the current trip, and distance traveled. We don’t even need to remember to pack a powerbank if our phone or a sports camera runs out of battery because there is a USB socket right here.

BEZIOR M2: Battery and Range

The vehicle’s integrated 12.5 Ah battery, which offers a maximum autonomous range of 100 km in assistance mode or around 50 km in electric mode, completes the package. It will take between 4 and 6 hours for it to fully recharge at the time of the recharge.

In reality, the range of 80–90 km is entirely feasible with light wind, easy driving, and no additional gains. These values naturally decrease as you climb, but you can still have a great deal of contact independence. For instance, when traveling 35 km in locations with a lot of steep rises and mountains, the charge indicator 5 shows 1-2 lines. In most circumstances, it will imply that we can commute to work and return for a few days without worrying about the battery running out of power.

The type of terrain we are traveling on has a big impact. Manufacturer claims 100 km for the bicycle assist mode and 50 km for the completely electric mode, which is when the lever is installed. Naturally, these figures are derived from constant-speed driving at a flat pace.

The 600Wh battery may be fully charged in around 5 hours when it comes time to recharge. By the way, a unique lock and key are used to secure the bike’s most precious component. So you won’t have to worry about someone jumping on our battery while you leave the bike in front of the business.

BEZIOR M2: Conclusions

Due to their appealing looks, dependable performance, and reasonably priced range, electric vehicles have established themselves as viable options in the major Chinese retailers. Users who have more money to spend can, of course, wager on superior goods and provide evidence by selecting BEZIOR M2.

Through the Geekbuying special program, it is possible to purchase the BEZIOR M2 for a significant one-time discount at $879.

Conversely, if you want to use such a bike not just to commute to work every day but also to the forest on the weekends, you can compare the price of buying, maintaining, and charging such a bike to the same price for a car. However, we won’t be performing your calculations any longer here.

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