Tenways CGO800S Review: This is One of Most Practical and Comfortable Electric Bikes!


Tenways is a unique brand; although being situated in Asia, they aim to build e-bikes that are lightweight, very neatly constructed, and more technologically advanced than you may anticipate for an affordable hub motor e-bike from the Far East. Consider belt drive, a compact, almost silent hub motor, responsive torque sensing power delivery, and other features targeted at making your e-bike rides as pleasant, comfortable, and bike-like as possible.

But in contrast to the sportier, flat bar road bike shape of its predecessor, this is a step-through city bike. The CGO800 also comes standard with a kickstand, a larger, detachable battery, a rear rack, mudguards, and front and rear hardwired lights. Weighing in at 22.70kg instead of the CGO600’s 16.11kg, it has also gained a few kilos in weight, which was virtually unavoidable when you add a larger battery and more electronics.


The diamond-framed CGO600, the company’s first e-bike, was successfully crowdfunded. The compact Mivice M070 rear hub motor, single speed belt drive transmission, and hydraulic disc brakes are all shared by the CGO800.

The CGO600 was previously exclusively available direct to consumer, but as this review was being written, Tenways had just started to roll out their dealer network program, providing the certainty of “local” backup.

Motor:36V 250W (40Nm), rear hub motor
Max Speed:Assisted Motor Speed: 15.5mph, 25 km/h (UK)
Display:Integrated Smart LCD display
Frame & Forks:6061 aluminium
Weight:approx 19kg (no accessories)
Frame sizes:Single size
Wheel Size:700c, (tyres 48mm)
Drivetrain:Gates Carbon Drive CDX
Brakes:Hydraulic discs
Lights:LED Front, rear LED rechargeable
Battery Type:Fully integrated, 36V | 10.4Ah | 375Wh
Charge Time:Approx 4.5 hours
Warranty:5 years frame / 2 years other components

Tenways CGO800S: Design and Appearance

The brand-new step-through frame is a hefty piece of equipment. Given that it contains a removable battery and must maintain strength when the battery is removed, it must be. The inclusion of a more affordable, steel-sprung front suspension fork from SR Suntour and greater volume, puncture-resistant CST Zeppelin 50622 (28″ x 2″) tires highlights the emphasis on comfort.

The majority of the frame’s welds are almost completely undetectable, with the exception of those at the extremities of the chainstays. A highly clean and streamlined appearance is achieved by the lighting, display, and rear brake wires entering the frame through the headtube and exiting almost imperceptibly through the chainstays.

With a key, the battery may be quickly and easily removed from the single, large downtube. While riding, there was no rattling at all, and it seemed quite firmly locked in place. While biking, the frame itself felt quite solid and rigid.

Riser bars for comfortable upright riding and a new central display that can be bluetoothed to the Tenways app complete the updated front design. With lots of seat height adjustability, the one-size frame fits riders who are between 155 cm and 190 cm (5’1″ and 6’2″) in height. It fit the 5ft 8in test rider well.

It is a one-size frame that is around 19 inches in height. This is less crucial than on a crossbar frame, though, as almost anyone of any size can step over the CGO800 frame. Additionally, the seatpost has a generous amount of height adjustability, making it appropriate for a wide range of rider heights.

This step-through, integrated frame design seems to necessitate a little extra weight; the downtube needs to be especially robust to maintain strength when the battery is removed and also because it serves as the only connecting element between the front and back of the bike.

For both a sleek appearance and to serve as a union of the rack with the frame, the rear rack is skillfully fitted into the metal rear mudguard. The total result is a very elegant-looking e-bike, and as we’ll see below, it rides just as elegantly.

Check out Tenways’ first model, the CGO600, which is around 12lbs lighter, if weight reduction is important. This is partially due to the fact that it utilizes a more traditional diamond-shaped frame without the much enlarged downtube required to have the strength to support a removable battery (it features a frame integrated, non-removable battery). Additionally, it loses the CGO 800’s rack, robust metal mudguards, and kickstand, as well as having a battery with a lesser capacity.

The Tenways CGO800S appears to be a very functional, well-designed city and commuting e-bike, suited for coping with all the UK’s less than ideal city cycling circumstances could throw at it.

Tenways CGO800S: Motor and Driving

Because testing was conducted in the UK and a 20 mph US version is also available, my test bike was rated at the 250W and 15.5 mph assist limits that are required for use in Europe.

The Mivice M070 rear geared hub motor is described by Tenways as “stealthy, silent, and smooth,” and I concurred with that assessment during my time riding the bike.

Given its small size and low weight, it performs admirably. We didn’t find any hills we couldn’t get up during our test ride, and over moderately hilly terrain it’s just a joy to use. A small motor this size is never going to be the most powerful out there, but the delightfully smooth and intuitive torque sensing means and single speed simplicity mean we didn’t find any hills we couldn’t get up during our test ride.

The CGO800S offers extremely smooth and very bike-like torque sensing power, provided through a single gear belt drive, just like its sportier predecessor, the CGO600. The simplest form of e-biking is this: simply turn it on, choose from one of five power levels, and go.

One of the tiniest motors we have ever seen on an e-bike is the Mivice M070 rear hub motor. It is still reasonably powerful, but it does so very subtly. Because the motor is so slick, easy to use, and nearly silent, it is simple to forget you are riding an electric bicycle. (Turn the power off, though, and you’ll quickly realize how much help it actually was providing.)

Overall, because of how responsive the motor is to your pedal strokes, it’s one of the most bike-like devices I’ve used. There are five power levels, and even at those, you receive consistent power delivery up to the maximum assisted speed of about 16 mph. As a result, you don’t need to wastefully crank up the power to go fast like you would on less advanced systems.

It preserves the necessities of being able to ride a reasonably light bike with just enough assistance to support you when and where you need it, making for a ride that those who love to ride bikes will really appreciate.

For most headwinds and moderate slopes, there is more than enough power, but when the climb is particularly steep, it becomes obvious that there is a limit to how much such a little motor and a single speed transmission can provide. The motor begins to slow down as the gradient steepens and eventually runs out of steam at slopes of about 10%. The CGO800S will be fun to ride if you don’t face many hills this steep, and the single gear belt drive is as easy to use as it is incredibly low maintenance and durable.

Few people will likely be able to identify the motor on the bike because it is only slightly larger than an 8-speed Shimano rear hub gear, and most people won’t even be able to hear it because it is nearly silent. I couldn’t hear it at all in heavy traffic, and in the peaceful countryside, it just made a slight hum when it was working hard.

The rear indicators on the CGO800S are readily controlled by handlebar buttons, and indicators are a terrific idea in theory. However, they are just not bright enough to guarantee that they are noticed by oncoming vehicles; otherwise, what’s the point? These would be a very helpful addition in congested traffic if they could be enhanced on a future model.

I performed the latest UK standard brake test on the Tenways CGO800S, which entails an average of five full stops starting at 20 mph.

It stopped at an average distance of 15 feet 10 inches. Although I don’t have any prior data for this precise setup under UK conditions, the result is unquestionably strong when compared to the US test, which strives to utilize criteria that are similar.

Overall, this would be a fantastic e-bike for someone looking to venture outside for the first time or possibly a long-distance biker returning. It can also handle light off-road terrain, including canal towpaths, thanks to the suspension and high volume tires.

Tenways CGO800S: Battery and Range

The larger and now-removable 374Wh battery is the key improvement to the electric drive system; in non-electric terms, there are also all the city biking “extras” described above. Even though they weren’t quite convincing in the testing, it’s reassuring to see brake lights and rear indication lights on a city bike intended to handle congested traffic.

Using the maximum power setting of five out of five (Boost) all the time, the CGO800S was able to travel 28.4 miles on a single charge. This was done on our city bike/single speed test route, which is entirely on pavement and has only modest hills, as opposed to our hiking test route, which has some off-road sections and much higher slopes. There were 2398 feet of ascent on the city bike test route.

The range was 43.2 miles over the same route while switching between power modes, with the majority of the distance traveled at lower power levels. This required climbing 3217 feet.

Only on the two tougher stretches, with a 10% slope, did the bike decelerate from its maximum assisted speed of 16 mph to about 10 mph. The bike performed admirably on the majority of the climb.

Tenways CGO800S: Conclusions

The Tenways CGO800 is the e-bike I’ve ridden that most closely resembles the more expensive Cowboy ST4 due to its small, moderately powered rear hub motor, step-through frame, and single speed belt transmission.

As this article was being written, Tenways had just started to roll out their dealer network program, which will give customers the certainty of “local” backup. The CGO600 was initially exclusively available direct to consumer. Given these facts and the fact that the cost of e-bikes is rising along with most other prices, the current price of £1,899 for such an advanced machine is considered to be a fair deal.

In the era of Apple-inspired minimalist design, the e-bike also has a startlingly clean and straightforward appearance, which will undoubtedly win over many buyers.

You might still choose to get a lot less expensive city e-bike from a retailer like Decathlon or Halfords, but you won’t have the nice smooth, efficient power delivery, and the CGO800S’s components are likely to be inferior. Additionally, the bikes will probably be a little heavier.

There are several positive aspects to the CGO800S, including the fact that Tenways is launching a dealer network. I can already picture myself riding my bike down London’s and Amsterdam’s big, smooth bike lanes, where it would feel completely at home.

In summary, the Tenways CGO800S, like the CGO600 before it, has carved out a unique niche among the many city e-bikes on the market, one that is cozy, useful, and reasonably priced.


Video Review of Tenways CGO800S



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