GOGOBest GF750 Review: What is E-Bike with 2000W Motor Capable of?


Electric bikes in the scrambler style are currently popular. They defy the existing trend of lightweight, understated looks and are inspired by the on- and off-road vintage motorcycles of the 1960s. Instead, they make a big deal out of the fact that they’re not like those slick city e-bikes and beach cruisers that pretend to be typical, non-electric bikes. Scramblers seek attention.

Riding the GOGOBest GF750 makes me feel as though I’m driving my old Jeep Wrangler. Like my Jeep, it can change directions quickly and darts around, but it is jittery and uneasy when making sharp, fast corners. It doesn’t carve corners. It travels like a fun truck.


However, I found myself feeling a little too tense on a few rides due to frequent throttle issues as well as a few other issues to confidently recommend this ebike.

MaterialAluminum Alloy
Product Size168 x 125 x 72CM
Package Size138 x 30 x 80CM
Wheel20 x 4.0 Inches
Rough Weight43KG
Net Weight36.2KG
Applicable Height1.65-2.1m
Max Speed25km/H
Max Grade45°
Waterproof DegreeIP54
The Charger48V 2A
Battery Capacity17.5AH
Battery Rate Voltage48V
Control SystemZhengxuan Wave
Motor Rated Voltage48V
Motor Rated Power2000W
Charging Time5~8H
TransmissionShimano 7 Speed
ColorBlackblue / Black Green

GOGOBest GF750: Design and Build Quality

On a clear day with wet roads from snowmelt, I went for a spin in the GF750 for my final test ride. I’ve never rode a bike that sprayed that much road water across my face and torso, not even one without fenders. It resembled being in a malicious shower that poured mud. I had to end the test ride early and hurry home since the visibility was so low that I was having problems seeing the road. Muddy road water was on my helmet, in my hair, all over my face, and all the way down my pants when I subsequently glanced in the mirror.

The small, inadequate front fender was undoubtedly a problem, although it’s possible that the problem is related to the size of the wheels. This might be difficult to fix. There isn’t a manufacturer of aftermarket replacement fenders for the GF750 that I’m aware of. The GOGOBest GF750 is such a peculiar form with short, extremely wide tires that there are a lot of aftermarket fenders that are intended to fit bikes with typically sized wheels, but they definitely wouldn’t fit.

The throttle issue is another problem. I was coasting behind traffic on that same, damp drive back home when the bike abruptly accelerated to full power. On a 2000W, 28-mph ebike, when that occurs, it sounds like someone pushing a nitrous-oxide button. As a fail-safe, ebikes include brake levers that, when pulled, turn off the motor power. However, unexpected acceleration can be risky. I attributed it to a glitch after almost colliding with the back of the van in front of me.

The bike would repeatedly go to full power, or if I stopped pedaling, the bike would continue to accelerate. Other times, when pedaling, there would suddenly be no power until I lightly depressed the throttle, turning on the electric help once more. It was acting glitchy everywhere, which made the drive home tense.

I was at a red light at a busy crossroads when the bike suddenly threw me into a line of people crossing the street. Thankfully, I was able to stop it before I knocked anyone over with the brakes. I looked online to see whether other GF750 users were experiencing the same problem. Indeed, the identical throttling issues were being reported by users across other boards. I owned the bike for a few weeks before this issue started, but all those rides were on dry roads. The failures started within 15 minutes of the first time I drove it on a wet road.

When I sent back my test bike, GOGOBest GF750’s engineers claimed they were unable to reproduce the issue, but they believed it required a firmware upgrade. Similar problems have been reported, but according to the business, a firmware update should fix them.

I’m still pessimistic. Why would it only occur when roads are wet if there was a firmware problem? I have a sneaking suspicion that the controller isn’t fully waterproof, but I can’t say for sure. I questioned the company about whether it tested the bike in wet weather, but neither answer was given.

GOGOBest GF750: Motor and Driving

A Class 3 ebike is the GOGOBest GF750. With the hand throttle, you may accelerate it to 20 miles per hour while standing still and 28 miles per hour when pedaling with the help of the electric motor. This is due to the rear and front hub motor’s 1000-watt continuous. That is three times as powerful as many less expensive ebikes.

The motor, however, unlocks 2000W peak power when the parameters are changed to Unlimited mode. You’ll be moving faster than 28 mph with it, which might be problematic. Riding an ebike at those speeds in public locations is prohibited in several states.

The electric motor aid can be turned on and off using a cadence sensor that is located at the pedals, however it is not particularly accurate. Slightly pedal, and the bike takes off. In the top two of the GF750’s four electric assist settings, which are comparable to my colleague’s experience with the Lectric XP, I feel like I’m not actually pedaling the bike. I did not get hot.

Because it is a heavy, single-speed bike without any further mechanical gears to choose from, the electric motor is heavily utilized. In other words, if you’re not frugal and don’t use the throttle constantly, it can quickly deplete your battery life. On an early test trip, I ran out of battery, and cycling this hefty contraption home was as exhausting and time-consuming as the rowing scene in Ben Hur. I went away after giving up. You won’t ever want to pedal this bike without the electronic assistance. (GOGOBest GF750 does sell a $235 10-speed kit, but it wasn’t on my test bike.)

My improper charging of the battery contributed to my battery dying. My fault not! The charger flashes a green light when you plug it in. That implies that it isn’t charging. The battery must be turned on by pressing the power button, at which point the LED turns red to indicate that it is charging. Strange. So that you don’t have to carry the entire bike to an outlet, at least the battery is removable.

GOGOBest GF750: Battery and Range 

According to the manufacturer, the large 17.5 Ah battery has a range of 70 miles, or 40 miles if you drive at 20 mph while only using the throttle. Because of the fenders and a broken throttle, I frequently had problems finishing long trips, thus it’s difficult to say if these range estimates are realistic.

GOGOBest GF750: Conclusions

The remainder of the bike feels well-built, but it’s challenging to get past those potentially deadly flaws. GOGOBest GF750 didn’t cut corners with the details. The bike has a neat, clean appearance since all of the cables and wires from the handlebars are routed into the frame. The 630 lumen LED headlight is enormous and fantastic for illuminating the road at night, and the prominent LED taillight makes it difficult to miss. You can also purchase it in stainless steel or black, but the shiny white paint is a really great addition.

The comfortable motorcycle-style seat is 31 inches tall, non-adjustable, and rather low. According to GOGOBest GF750, the bike is suitable for riders who are 5’1″ to 6’8″. Being seated at a school desk made me feel like a bear, although I’m only 5’10”. The bike links with a smartphone app, but unlike VanMoof, you are not required to use it in order to ride the bike. That’s great. Most of the time, I only want to focus on the LCD panel on the handlebars.

The GF750 is a powerful and entertaining bike. And until I didn’t, I enjoyed riding it. If GOGOBest GF750 could fix the throttle problems and provide a front fender that actually works, they would have a bike that deserves to be recommended.


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  1. The biggest problem so far is the seat stitching is crooked! Right there in front of my crotch. I’m asshamed to show the bike to my friends. It looks BAD. Obviously, the builders don’t care. The package BOX was too weak. The bike was damaged. Bent spokes. But, I fixed the spokes. Bought from Listarcy on ebay. NO GOOD. DON’T buy from Listarcy.


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