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Today, we have an electric bike test featuring the Ahooga Modular, a cargo-type bike. This article is divided into three parts, starting with the design of the bike’s specs. Following that, a driving test will be conducted to explore its performance in real conditions, including braking and maximum speed. Lastly, the positives and negatives of the bike will be discussed.

As the review commences, the Ahooga Modular takes center stage, displaying its cargo design and features. The bike is built with versatility in mind, offering options for customization and configuration. Its modular nature allows for different setups, such as the addition of rear and front luggage racks, making it suitable for transporting cargo.


The bike’s performance will be evaluated under various conditions. This includes testing the braking system to assess its effectiveness and stopping power. Additionally, a maximum speed test will be conducted, ensuring that the bike performs within legal speed limits and comparing the speed displayed on the bike’s screen with the GPS speed on a connected phone. The overall behavior of the bike will be observed to understand its handling, stability, and responsiveness.

By reading the entire review, you will be able to gather detailed information about the Ahooga Modular, including its specifications, performance, and overall evaluation.

FrameAluminum 6061
MotorAikema 250W motor
Modes:5 mode assistance levels + Walk Assist
Assist speed25km/h
WheelsAluminum 26". 36 spokes, alloy hub
BrakesShimano BL-M396L hydraulic disc brakes (rotor 160 mm)
Chainring42 teeth. With chain guard
GearsSRAM X4. 8 Speed
LightsSpanning Arco lights. 80/30 lumens
HandlebarRiser 20mm
PedalsStrong anti theft
Battery typeLi-Ion. 400Wh
Battery rangeUp to 70+km of assisted ride
Charging time3h
Weight20kg without racks
Max Weight Limit145 kg

Design and Build Quality 

The Ahooga Modular is a versatile and well-designed bicycle that offers various configurations to suit different needs. The name “Modular” reflects its ability to adapt to different setups, making it a flexible choice for riders. Let’s explore its design and build quality, as well as its technical characteristics.

Ahooga Modular Review design and build quality

The Ahooga Modular features a thoughtfully designed frame that can be configured in different ways. It is available with a rack for rear luggage, a front rack, or both, allowing riders to customize the bike according to their specific requirements. This modular design enables users to easily switch between configurations and adapt the bike to different purposes, whether it’s commuting, touring, or carrying heavy loads.

The bike is built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. The frame is sturdy and robust, capable of withstanding the demands of daily use. The attention to detail in the construction and finish of the Ahooga Modular reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and long-lasting performance.

With a wheel size of 26 inches, the Ahooga Modular strikes a balance between agility and stability. The Schwalbe Big Apple tires further enhance the bike’s versatility. With a width of 2.15 inches, they offer a good balance between grip and rolling efficiency.

Ahooga Modular Review 160 mm brakes

In the full equipped version of the Ahooga Modular, known as the RAC version, you have access to a comprehensive set of features and accessories. This version includes both the rear and front luggage racks, providing ample space for carrying cargo during your rides. 

Additionally, a notable feature is the double crutch located in the center, which effectively prevents the bike from moving and adds stability when parked. The rear kit also includes a kickstand and footrests, making it convenient for accommodating children and allowing them to rest their feet comfortably.

The rear rack of the Ahooga Modular is spacious, emphasizing its cargo bike capabilities. To enhance comfort, a cushion is provided on the rear rack, offering a thicker and more comfortable seating option compared to a simple wooden board. While not as plush as a sofa, the cushion adds a level of comfort for passengers.

derailleur is a SRAM X4 Ahooga Modular Review

Now turning to the drivetrain, the Ahooga Modular features an eight-speed cassette at the rear, providing a range of gears for various riding conditions. The front chainring has 42 teeth, offering a good balance between speed and climbing capabilities. The derailleur is a SRAM X4, known for its reliable performance and smooth gear shifting.

Regarding braking, the Ahooga Modular is equipped with disc brakes, which provide reliable and consistent stopping power. Furthermore, these disc brakes are hydraulic, offering excellent modulation and enhanced control. The brake components are from Shimano, a reputable brand known for its high-quality cycling components.

The Ahooga Modular bike weighs around 20 kg in its standard configuration. However, in the version you have, with the additional features such as the luggage rack and double kickstand, the weight increases to approximately 25 kg. While these additions add a bit of extra weight, they enhance the bike’s functionality and versatility.

Moving on to the lighting system, it is worth mentioning that the lights on the Ahooga Modular are powered by a separate battery. Although it would have been preferable to have lights directly connected to the bike’s power source, the lights provided still offer good quality illumination. While you express a slight disappointment regarding the positioning of the lights, the advantage is that you have reliable and effective lights for visibility and safety during your rides.

It’s important to note that having lights powered by a separate battery can provide flexibility in terms of usage and battery life. The lights can be easily switched on and off independently, and you won’t have to worry about draining the main bike battery by using the lights extensively.

The Ahooga Modular’s design and build quality contribute to its overall performance and functionality. Whether you opt for the low-profile frame or the frame with the bar above, the bike provides a comfortable and efficient riding experience. The modular nature of the bike allows for easy customization, making it adaptable to different environments and tasks.

Ahooga Modular: Power and Driving

The Ahooga Modular electric bike is equipped with a rear motor powered by a 250-watt motor. The motor provides assistance to the rider, making pedaling easier and allowing for a more enjoyable and efficient ride. The motor is connected to a 36-volt battery, which is seamlessly integrated into the frame of the bike. 

Ahooga Modular Review handlebars

In terms of speed, the Ahooga Modular electric bike is limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This speed limitation is in accordance with regulations for electric bicycles in many regions. The 250-watt motor, coupled with the speed restriction, ensures that the bike complies with legal requirements. As a result, riders don’t need to worry about exceeding speed limits or using an accelerator. The bike provides a safe and compliant riding experience.

In the ride test of the Ahooga Modular, you will be shown the different assistance modes, which range from 1 to 5 and are color-coded for easy identification. The right side of the screen displays various information. The bike features an 8-speed rear derailleur, and it’s worth noting the quality of the silicone grips, which are comfortable and provide excellent grip. Even with wider hands, there is ample space, and the silicone material ensures a secure hold.

Ahooga Modular Review driving and ride

Now, moving on to driving, usually starting with a maximum speed test, it’s important to mention that the Ahooga Modular is restricted and limited to a top speed of 25 km/h to comply with regulations. Consequently, the maximum speed test will not reveal any surprises, as it will be capped at the allowed limit. However, it can be interesting to check if the speed displayed on the bike’s screen corresponds accurately with the speed recorded on the GPS of a connected phone.

During our test of the Ahooga Modular, you observed the performance of the different assistance modes. In mode 1, the bike maintained a speed of 11 km/h. Mode 2 provided a gentle acceleration, stabilizing at 15 km/h. Mode 3 increased the speed to around 18-19 km/h, while mode 4 pushed it further to approximately 23-24 km/h. Finally, mode 5, the highest assistance level, reached approximately 25-26 km/h.

Ahooga Modular Review design and build quality

The hydraulic disc brakes proved to be effective, providing reliable stopping power. The silicone grips on the handlebars offered excellent grip and comfort, enhancing the overall ergonomics of the bike.

In terms of maneuverability, the Ahooga Modular excelled as a city bike. With a nearly upright riding position, it offered a comfortable and relaxed posture. The bike’s handling was agile, allowing you to navigate through urban environments with ease. However, caution is advised when cornering, as the pedals are positioned relatively close to the ground.

Ahooga Modular Review driving and ride

During acceleration on a climb, the bike showcased its capabilities. While the 250-watt motor may not deliver exceptional power, it managed to maintain a speed of 25 km/h on a hill without significant effort. This demonstrated that the Modular can handle light inclines and provide assistance when needed.

The bike operated quietly, with minimal noise from the pedals, derailleur, and other components. The rolling noise of the tires was also relatively low, providing a pleasant and peaceful riding experience. Wind noise may have been present during the test due to external factors, but the overall bike noise was minimal.

Ahooga Modular Review driving and ride

You ventured onto a white road with minimal difficulty, considering the bike’s lack of suspension. While the absence of suspension meant you could feel the vibrations more, the tires provided some level of absorption. It’s important to note that the Ahooga Modular is not designed for off-road or extremely rough terrain, but for city and light trail use.

Battery and Range

The Ahooga Modular electric bike is equipped with a 400-watt-hour battery, which provides ample power for an extended range. While the specific capacity in ampere-hours (Ah) is not indicated on the manufacturer’s website, you have the option to disconnect the battery from the bike and recharge it independently.

Ahooga Modular Review battery and charging port

Speaking of the battery leads us to discuss the bike’s autonomy or range. The manufacturer states a range of 70 km on their website, which is a commendable transparency as many manufacturers tend to overstate the range. During testing, you achieved a range of approximately 65 km, with a very low battery percentage remaining at the end of the ride. It’s important to note that the range can vary depending on factors such as rider weight, pedaling effort, and terrain. However, the manufacturer’s claim of 70 km provides a reliable estimate for your ride planning.

The 400-watt-hour battery capacity offers a good balance between power and range, allowing for extended rides without frequent recharging. With the ability to recharge the battery independently, you can conveniently charge it at home or any other accessible power source.


To conclude this outing, the Ahooga Modular electric bike showcased several positive aspects. The overall quality of the bike, including the components, assembly, and finishes, stood out, highlighting its premium nature compared to many other bikes on the market. The bike’s versatility was also commendable, thanks to its modular design, allowing users to customize it according to their needs and preferences. Whether used for transporting children, shopping, or longer journeys, the Modular proved to be comfortable and suitable for various purposes.

Ahooga Modular Review

The bike’s handling and ergonomics received praise, with the silicone grips offering a secure and comfortable hold. The bike operated quietly, without any noticeable noise from the components, providing a pleasant riding experience. The hydraulic brakes performed well, delivering reliable and effective stopping power. For those who opt for the full option version, the additional accessories, such as the central stand and spacious rear luggage rack, were appreciated for their usefulness.

However, there were a few areas of improvement to note. One notable aspect was the absence of a torque sensor, which would have enhanced the riding experience by providing a more intuitive and responsive assistance system. Additionally, the battery-powered lights, while functional, were seen as a drawback, as it would have been preferable to have lights directly connected to the bike for convenience and integration.

Ahooga Modular Review design and build quality

In summary, the Modular electric bike proved to be a highly versatile and high-quality product. It excelled in terms of comfort, handling, and braking performance. While there were a few minor negatives, the overall positive attributes of the bike made it a recommended choice. Despite its relatively higher price compared to some other models, the Ahooga Modular offers a compelling package for those seeking a versatile and well-crafted electric bike.

Price and Where to Buy Cheaper

Having covered the bike’s characteristics, let’s now discuss the price. The basic version of the bike is priced at 2400 euros, while the version you have, with the additional features, costs 2700 euros. 


Although this may be slightly higher than what you might be accustomed to seeing on your channel, it’s important to note that the Ahooga Modular is not just any bike. It is a Belgian bike known for its high-quality finish, assembly, and materials. The attention to detail and overall craftsmanship contribute to its value.

Alternatives of Ahooga Modular


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