sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike Review: This E-Bike Is Good For Any Farmer!


Еhe sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike is a remarkable electric tricycle that redefines the concept of comfort, versatility, and fun in the world of cycling. With its innovative design, powerful motor, and thoughtful features, the EVRYjourney is ready to take you on an extraordinary ride.

For a limited time, the sixthreezero EVRYjourney is available at a special sale price of $1540.00, offering an incredible discount from its regular price of $2199.99. This discounted offer allows riders to enjoy substantial savings while acquiring a high-quality electric tricycle that is built to impress.

Whether you’re cruising around town, running errands, or simply seeking leisurely adventures, this trike offers a delightful experience that combines practicality and enjoyment. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other with the sixthreezero EVRYjourney.

Frame17" Aluminum Alloy Frame
Motor250W Front Wheel Drive
Shift LeversShimano Index Revo Shifter 7 Speed
Crankset44T Steel Crank With 170mm Arm Length
Tires26"x1.95" Semi-Slick Cruiser Tires
WheelsAluminum Alloy 26" 36-Spoke 13G Rims, 3/8" Threading
DisplayLCD Performance Display with Speedometer, Battery Meter, and Power Meter
ControlsThumb Throttle on Left Handlebar
Headset25.4mm Steel
ForkStandard Steel Fork
Battery250 Watt Hour Battery
Range15 miles using full electric (Throttle Only) and 20 - 50 miles on pedal assist mode
Weight RangeUp to 300lbs
Weight76.2 Lbs. Assembled With Battery
Height Range4'10" - 6'

Design and Build Quality

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike is a remarkable electric tricycle designed to provide a comfortable and versatile riding experience for a wide range of users. With its 17″ aluminum alloy frame, it offers a sturdy and lightweight construction that ensures durability and easy maneuverability.

For those who require storage space, the EVRYjourney Trike comes with a spacious rear basket measuring 59 x 48.5cm. This large basket allows riders to conveniently carry various items, whether it’s groceries, personal belongings, or recreational gear. The added convenience of this feature makes the trike suitable for running errands or embarking on leisurely outings.

One notable feature of the EVRYjourney Trike is its smooth 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain. This drivetrain enables riders to effortlessly shift gears, allowing for efficient pedaling and a customized riding experience. Whether you’re cruising along city streets or conquering hilly terrains, this trike’s drivetrain ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey.

While the EVRYjourney Trike does not include suspension, its design compensates for this with a combination of features that prioritize stability and comfort. The 26-inch wheels equipped with 1.95-inch semi-slick tires offer excellent roll and grip, providing a cushioned ride even on uneven surfaces. The absence of suspension is further compensated by the trike’s ergonomic frame, which keeps riders in an upright position, reducing strain on the back and promoting a more comfortable riding experience.

Also, the built-in LCD display of the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike offers a range of useful features that enhance the riding experience. From the speedometer for monitoring velocity to the battery meter for tracking remaining battery life, and the power meter for adjusting electric assistance levels, this display provides riders with valuable information and control. With these features, riders can enjoy a more engaging and efficient ride, making the EVRYjourney a practical and user-friendly choice for electric tricycle enthusiasts.

Mechanical disc brakes are known for their consistent and powerful braking performance. They utilize calipers that clamp onto a rotor attached to the wheel hub, creating friction and slowing down the trike. This design allows for reliable stopping power, even in wet or muddy conditions, making it a great choice for riders who frequently encounter challenging terrains or variable weather conditions. Mechanical disc brakes also tend to require less finger effort to engage the brakes, providing a more comfortable braking experience.

One of the standout aspects of this electric tricycle is its emphasis on rider comfort. The EVRYjourney Trike’s saddle is exceptionally plush, thanks to the foam engineered for serious softness. With its extra-wide design, the saddle provides ample support and cushioning, ensuring that sitting on the trike feels like being cradled in a cloud made of pillows. This exceptional level of comfort enhances the overall riding experience, particularly during long rides.

Motor and Driving

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike is powered by a 250W front-wheel-drive motor, offering riders an exciting and efficient mode of transportation. With the motor seamlessly integrated into the front wheel, the trike provides a balanced and stable ride.

The EVRYjourney Trike offers two modes of operation: full-electric mode and pedal-assist mode. In full-electric mode, riders can experience a top speed of 15 mph, effortlessly cruising along with the motor providing all the power. This mode is perfect for those moments when you want to relax and let the trike do the work.

For a more interactive riding experience, the pedal-assist mode combines human effort with electric power. In this mode, the motor provides an extra boost as you pedal, amplifying your own pedaling power and increasing the trike’s top speed to 28 mph. This mode is not only fun and exhilarating but also helps riders cover more ground efficiently, especially when facing inclines or longer distances.

The EVRYjourney Trike is designed with comfort in mind, and the handlebars and grips play a crucial role in providing a relaxing and easy-going ride. The handlebars are positioned in a comfortable upright position, promoting an ergonomic riding posture that reduces strain on the back and shoulders. The grips themselves are designed to be soft and cushioned, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold throughout the ride. With these features, riders can enjoy extended periods of riding without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

Adding to the enjoyment and convenience of the EVRYjourney Trike is a simple thumb throttle. With just a push down of the thumb, riders can instantly activate the motor and experience the excitement of a motorized ride. This feature allows for effortless acceleration and enhances the overall riding experience.

To keep riders informed, the trike is equipped with a sleek display that provides essential information. The display not only shows the current speed, allowing riders to keep track of their pace, but it also indicates the level of pedal-assist power engaged. This feature allows riders to customize their riding experience and choose the level of electric assistance that suits their preferences or the riding conditions.

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike is an ideal companion for a variety of activities, making it perfect for cruising around town. Its versatile design and features cater to the needs of riders looking for convenience, comfort, and a reliable mode of transportation.

Its versatility, practicality, comfort, and attractive design make it the ideal mode of transportation for a wide range of activities. With this trike, riders can experience the joy of cycling while effortlessly fulfilling their daily tasks or leisurely exploring their surroundings.

Battery and Range

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike is equipped with a reliable and efficient 250Wh battery, providing ample power to support various riding modes and distances. This battery is specially designed to offer a balance between performance and range, ensuring a satisfying riding experience for a range of riders and purposes.

In full electric mode, where the throttle provides all the power, the EVRYjourney Trike can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. This mode is perfect for those times when you want a leisurely ride without the need for pedaling. Whether you’re exploring your neighborhood, running quick errands, or simply enjoying the thrill of electric-powered transportation, the 250Wh battery offers sufficient capacity to cover short to medium distances on electric power alone.

The pedal assist mode, on the other hand, allows riders to utilize both their pedaling power and the assistance of the electric motor. In this mode, the EVRYjourney Trike can achieve even greater distances on a single charge. Depending on various factors such as rider weight, terrain, and level of pedal assistance selected, the trike can travel between 20 to 50 miles. This extended range allows for longer excursions, making the EVRYjourney Trike a reliable companion for leisurely rides, extended commutes, or exploring scenic routes.

Charging the EVRYjourney Trike’s battery is convenient and straightforward. Simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet using the provided charger, and the battery will recharge over time. The charging time may vary but typically ranges from a few hours to several hours, depending on the battery level and the specific charger used.


The sixthreezero EVRYjourney trike is a well-designed and versatile electric tricycle that offers a range of features to enhance the riding experience. Whether you’re cruising around town, running errands, or embarking on leisurely rides, this trike is designed to meet your needs. With its stylish design, reliable performance, and range of features, the EVRYjourney Trike is a versatile and enjoyable choice for riders of all levels.

The reliable brakes on the EVRYjourney Trike deliver consistent stopping power, ensuring rider safety and control. The comfortable handlebars and grips further enhance the overall riding experience, providing a relaxing and easy-going ride.

The undeniable charm of the EVRYjourney Trike is hard to resist. Its stylish design, coupled with its practicality, makes it a standout option in the world of two-wheelers. The trike’s 250-watt electric motor adds a delightful touch of excitement to your ride. With a simple thumb throttle, you can effortlessly engage the motor and feel the rush of a motorized experience. It’s a wonderful way to add a new level of enjoyment to your cycling adventures.

Whether in full-electric mode or pedal-assist mode, riders can enjoy speeds of up to 15 mph and 28 mph, respectively. The presence of a built-in LCD display that includes a speedometer, battery meter, and power meter allows riders to monitor their ride effectively and make informed decisions about their speed and power usage.

During our ride, we found the EVRYjourney Trike to be a perfect companion for leisurely cruises and exploring your surroundings. The ultra-comfortable ergonomic frame and the extra-wide saddle, designed for serious softness, ensure a relaxing and pleasurable ride. You’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud made of pillows, as the trike’s comfort features envelop you.

So, the EVRYjourney Trike is a delightful breath of fresh air in the world of cycling. Its stability, ease of use, and undeniable charm make it a fun and functional addition to your cycling life. So hop on, let the good times roll, and experience the joy and excitement of riding the EVRYjourney Trike.

Pros of the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike:

  1. Versatile Design 
  2. Stability and Balance
  3. Comfortable Ride
  4. Powerful Motor
  5. Ample Storage Space
  6. Convenient LCD Display

Cons of the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike:

  1. No Suspension
  2. Range Limitations

Alternatives of sixthreezero EVRYjourney Trike


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