ONEBOT S7 Review: Compact but Comfortable E-Bike!


Today, I am excited to share my experience of using the new electric bike model, the ONEBOT S7. Having previously tested its older brother, the ONEBOT S6L, I was eager to see how this new model would compare. The S7 boasts several notable features, including smaller 16-inch wheels, a 250W motor power, rear suspension, a foldable design, and a compact size.

Normally priced at $899.00, this bike is currently available at a discounted sale price of $699. This significant reduction in price presents an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to invest in an electric bike without breaking the bank.


One of the first things I noticed about the ONEBOT S7 was its compact size. With the smaller 16-inch wheels, the bike felt incredibly nimble and easy to maneuver. It was also surprisingly lightweight, making it convenient for both transportation and storage.

The 250W motor power provided ample assistance during my rides. While it may be lower in comparison to its predecessor, the S7 still delivered a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. One of the standout features of the S7 is its rear suspension. This addition significantly enhanced the bike’s comfort and overall ride quality.

The ONEBOT S7’s compact size was not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Additionally, the folding mechanism was intuitive and secure, allowing for quick and hassle-free folding and unfolding.

MaterialMagnesium Alloy
High-speed brushless Motor250W
Max Speed15.53 Miles
Speed Mode3 Modes(High/Mid/Low)
Suspension TypeRear
Special FeatureFoldable
Battery5.2Ah Power Lithium-ion
Pure electric mode16 Miles
Pedal-assist mode28 Miles
Charge Timeabout 5 Hours
Max Load265 lb
Item Weight44.09 lb
Item Dimensions L x W x H (Unfolded)44.48 x 22.83 x 40.94 Inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H (Folded)29.92 x 16.92 x 21.25 Inches

ONEBOT S7: Design and Build Quality

The design of the ONEBOT S7 electric bike is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, incorporating several key elements to enhance the riding experience. The bike’s construction features magnesium alloy, a lightweight and durable material that contributes to its overall sturdiness and portability.

One notable aspect of the design is the wheel size, with the S7 sporting smaller 16-inch wheels. This wheel size not only adds to the bike’s compactness but also enhances its maneuverability. The smaller wheels provide a nimble and agile ride, making it easier to navigate through crowded streets or tight spaces.

To ensure a comfortable and smooth ride, the S7 features rear suspension. While it lacks front suspension, the rear suspension effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, reducing the impact felt by the rider. This feature enhances overall comfort, particularly when riding on uneven or bumpy surfaces, and allows for a more enjoyable and stable experience.

When it comes to dimensions, the ONEBOT offers a balance between a compact size and comfortable ride position. When unfolded, the bike measures approximately 44.48 x 22.83 x 40.94 inches, providing ample space for riders of various heights. The unfolded dimensions ensure a comfortable riding posture without compromising on stability or maneuverability.

One of the standout design features of the S7 is its foldable design. When folded, the bike becomes incredibly compact, measuring approximately 29.92 x 16.92 x 21.25 inches. This foldable design is especially convenient for transportation and storage, as it allows the bike to easily fit into small spaces, car trunks, or public transportation compartments. The folding mechanism is intuitive and secure, ensuring a hassle-free folding and unfolding process.

The weight of the S7 electric bike is approximately 44.09 lb. Despite its sturdy construction and various features, the bike remains relatively lightweight. This weight makes it easier to handle and maneuver, particularly when folding and carrying the bike for transportation or storage purposes. The manageable weight of the S7 contributes to its overall portability, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through different environments and easily lift the bike when needed.

Considering its design options, the ONEBOT S7 offers a choice of two colors: Gray and White. These color options provide a sleek and modern look, allowing riders to select a style that suits their personal preferences.

The ONEBOT S7 electric bike incorporates IP54 Waterproof technology to protect its battery and motor from water and moisture. This feature ensures that the bike can withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for riding in light rain or on wet surfaces.

The IP54 Waterproof rating indicates that the S7 is resistant to water splashes from any direction and is also protected against dust ingress. This level of protection is particularly important for the battery and motor components, as they are crucial for the bike’s performance.

ONEBOT S7: Motor and Driving

The ONEBOT S7 electric bike comes equipped with an integrated 250W electric motor, offering efficient and reliable assistance during rides. This motor provides a boost of power to the rider, making it easier to tackle inclines, cover longer distances, or simply enjoy a more effortless cycling experience.

To cater to different riding preferences and scenarios, the ONEBOT S7 offers three speed modes: High, Mid, and Low. These modes allow riders to adjust the level of motor assistance based on their desired speed and energy expenditure. The High mode provides maximum assistance, perfect for accelerating quickly or tackling challenging terrains. The Mid mode offers a balanced level of assistance for everyday commuting or leisurely rides. The Low mode provides minimal assistance, allowing riders to primarily rely on their pedaling power while still benefiting from a slight electric boost.

The LCD display on the ONEBOT S7 serves as a comprehensive monitor, providing riders with important information at a glance. The display showcases various functions, including speed, battery power, mileage, and assist level. Speed monitoring allows riders to keep track of their current riding speed, ensuring they maintain a safe and comfortable pace. Battery power is displayed to keep riders informed about the remaining charge, allowing them to plan their rides accordingly. The mileage function shows the distance covered during a ride, providing valuable data for tracking fitness progress or setting goals. Lastly, the assist level display allows riders to quickly and easily switch between different assistance modes, customizing their riding experience to their preferences.

The LCD display on the ONEBOT S7 is user-friendly and conveniently positioned for easy readability while riding. It enhances the overall riding experience by providing essential information and control, allowing riders to stay informed and make informed decisions about their riding preferences and strategies.

The ONEBOT S7 electric bike offers a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH (miles per hour). This speed allows riders to comfortably cruise through city streets, bike paths, or other designated cycling areas.

With a top speed of 15.5 MPH, the S7 strikes a balance between providing a decent speed for efficient commuting and ensuring rider safety. This speed is suitable for urban environments, allowing riders to keep up with the flow of traffic while maintaining a controlled and stable riding experience.

The electric motor of the S7 assists riders in achieving this maximum speed. By engaging the motor, riders can experience a smooth and effortless boost, helping them reach and maintain the desired speed without excessive exertion.

ONEBOT S7: Breaks

The ONEBOT S7 electric bike incorporates dual disc brakes as part of its design, enhancing both durability and safety during cycling. The bike’s construction features a durable high carbon steel frame, which adds strength and robustness to the overall structure.

The inclusion of dual disc brakes provides riders with reliable and efficient stopping power. Disc brakes are known for their superior braking performance, especially in various weather conditions. By utilizing discs rather than traditional rim brakes, the ONEBOT S7 ensures consistent and responsive braking, even in wet or muddy environments.

The dual disc brake system offers several advantages. Firstly, it distributes the braking force evenly between the front and rear wheels, contributing to a balanced and controlled stopping experience. This helps to prevent skidding or loss of control, especially during emergency braking situations.

Additionally, the dual mechanical disc brakes offer increased durability. The disc brake components are designed to withstand the demands of regular use, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements. This durability adds to the overall reliability of the ONEBOT S7, giving riders peace of mind during their cycling adventures.

Safety is a crucial consideration for any cyclist, and the presence of dual disc brakes on the ONEBOT S7 enhances rider safety. The reliable and responsive braking system allows riders to confidently navigate through various terrains and conditions, knowing they have dependable stopping power at their fingertips. This feature is particularly valuable when encountering unexpected obstacles or when riding at higher speeds.

ONEBOT S7: Battery and Range

The ONEBOT S7 electric bike is powered by a 36V 5.2Ah Lithium-Ion battery, which provides reliable and efficient energy for the bike’s motor. This battery capacity ensures a sufficient power supply for extended rides, whether for commuting or leisurely trips.

With a fully charged battery, the S7 offers a maximum range of 20-35 miles. The range may vary depending on several factors, including rider weight, terrain, speed, and the level of motor assistance used. This range allows riders to comfortably travel longer distances without worrying about running out of battery power. It’s important to note that riders can extend the range by utilizing the different motor assistance modes and employing pedaling power when appropriate.

When it comes to recharging the battery, the S7 has a relatively quick charging time. It typically takes around 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery from empty to maximum capacity. This allows riders to recharge the battery conveniently during breaks or overnight, ensuring the bike is ready for the next adventure in a short amount of time.

ONEBOT S7: Conclusions

The new ONEBOT S7 electric bike offers a range of features and capabilities that enhance the overall riding experience. With its compact and foldable design, it provides convenience and portability, allowing riders to easily transport and store the bike when needed.

The bike’s construction, including the magnesium alloy frame and 16-inch wheels, ensures durability and maneuverability. The addition of rear suspension contributes to a smoother and more comfortable ride, even on uneven or bumpy surfaces.

The integration of a 250W electric motor with three speed modes provides efficient assistance and allows riders to adapt to different riding conditions.  Furthermore, the ONEOT S7 features dual disc brakes, providing reliable and responsive stopping power for enhanced safety. 

With a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH and a range of 20-35 miles on a single charge, the S7 offers a practical and enjoyable riding experience. The 36V 5.2Ah Lithium-Ion battery provides sufficient power. 

Overall, the ONEBOT S7 electric bike combines functionality, durability, and convenience to offer a reliable and versatile transportation option. Whether for daily commuting or leisurely rides, the S7 provides an enjoyable and efficient means of transportation while incorporating features that prioritize rider safety and comfort.


  1. Compact and foldable design for easy transportation and storage.
  2. Durable Magnesium Alloy frame and 16-inch wheels for enhanced durability and maneuverability.
  3. Rear suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain.
  4. Integrated 250W electric motor with three speed modes for efficient assistance and adaptability to different riding conditions.
  5. LCD display providing essential information such as speed, battery power, mileage, and assist level.
  6. Dual disc brakes for reliable and responsive stopping power, enhancing rider safety.
  7. IP54 Waterproof technology to protect the battery and motor from water and moisture damage.
  8. Decent maximum speed of 15.5 MPH, allowing for efficient urban commuting.


  1. Smaller 16-inch wheels may not provide as smooth of a ride on rough terrains compared to larger wheels.
  2. The rear suspension may not offer the same level of comfort as a full suspension system for more challenging off-road rides.
  3. The range of 20-35 miles may not be sufficient for riders with longer daily commutes or those planning extensive rides without access to charging points.

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