Mokwheel Scoria Review: Comfortable and 750W Powerful E-Bike!


The revised Mokwheel Scoria is a compact, cozy, highly adaptable electric utility bike designed to transport both people and things. It is also affordable, enjoyable, and practical.

The Mokwheel Scoria resembles a standard step-through fat tire e-bike in appearance. Yet in many respects, that is exactly how it is.

The combination of an optional inverter and solar panel, which transforms this device into a mobile battery that can be charged by the sun, is what really distinguishes this item.

The Mokwheel Scoria’s 750W motor and 940Wh battery give it plenty of power to tow weights up to 400 pounds for up to 96 kilometers while providing you with both pedal assistance and a twist throttle. Although it may appear little with its 20-inch wheels and small moped- or minibike-style frame, it is more than capable of carrying groceries up a hill, transporting you to work, and performing any other task you ask of it while on vacation or in the city.

See what I mean in the video review I’ve included below. For the rest of my review, scroll down.

Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Motor48V 750W Brushless
GearingShimano 7-Speed
DisplayLED Integrated
ChainKMC Stainless Chain
Front Fork110mm Adjustable Suspension
BrakesTEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
BatterySamsung 48V 19.6Ah (925Wh)
Charger48V 3.0A 100-240V
Weight79 lbs
Payload Capacity400 lbs

Mokwheel Scoria: Design and Build Quality

It is an electric bike in the moped style, which means that it has fatter tires with a smaller diameter that make it ride lower and handle more like a motorcycle. The front suspension, the thick tires, and the rear rack all contribute to a smoother ride over obstacles like potholes and nature paths.

This 79 lb (36 kg) electric bicycle has hydraulic disc brakes, which are crucial components for a bike that can purportedly handle a payload of up to 400 kg (181 kg).

Being a city dweller, the Mokwheel Scoria makes a ton of sense as a versatile utility bike that allows me to quickly transport anything from groceries to parcels to bags. Also, because to its short standover height of just 16.5 inches and 18-inch frame size, which is roughly similar to a small or medium traditional bike, practically anyone can ride it. Also, the small overall size and handlebar height of only 45 inches made it simple to store in my Brooklyn apartment and functional for the entire family.

Just on the power station, you’ll discover a pair of 120VAC outlets as well as multiple USB-A and USB-C outlets. There is even a 100W USB-C outlet with full power.

Since you could use the AC outlet to power appliances and keep your USB devices charged at the same time, this would be the ideal solution for bikepacking or camping. When you stop to rest, you may use the bike’s folding solar panel to recharge it, or you can use it on multi-day camping trips as you gradually deplete the battery. You have a large amount of capacity to draw from thanks to the 960Wh battery on the bike.

It may not be lightweight, but at 79 pounds, it is on the lighter end of the e-bike scale. This let me throw it in our SUV’s cargo area and transport it upstate to visit family, which was a great advantage.

The enlarged back deck was ideal for shopping because it allowed me to carry at least two large bags of goods, and occasionally more if I correctly placed them. It accepts a variety of pannier bags and baskets if you want to carry even more, and I was also able to carry around and drop off larger things at UPS or FedEx.

We traveled around four miles while she pulled her bike behind us, however it wasn’t the most comfortable ride due to the lack of additional padding. While we were climbing a very steep hill, she did occasionally have to step off, but that didn’t stop us very much.

Mokwheel Scoria: Motor and Battery

Keep in mind that the 750W motor uses a lot of battery power if you intend to use the inverter for a time before going for a ride. You should ensure that you leave yourself with enough battery.

The 940 Wh capacity of the 48V and 19.6Ah battery is crucial if you intend to use the inverter in addition to the wheels to deplete the battery. Unless you’re using the lowest power pedal assist level, the firm claims a maximum range of 60 miles or 96 km with the huge battery, but that sounds a bit optimistic to me.

The Mokwheel Scoria was shockingly powerful and easy to operate while I was riding around the streets of the US and cruising on- and off-road in upstate New York. I was at ease with the four pedal assist power levels available, which allowed me plenty of range from light assist to full-on moped-style cruising, despite the fact that many cheaper e-bikes had five pedal assist speeds. In fact, no matter what kind of terrain I was riding through, I could always find the right level.

The bike felt enjoyable to ride on the road and on the trails when traveling at 22 mph (35 km/h), but it is clear that this speed will not allow the bike to travel 60 miles.

Strong stoppers are a wonderful addition, and the bike exceeds Class 2 speeds to reach its highest speed of about 22 mph (35 km/h).

Small wheels and a low center of gravity allowed for swift and smooth acceleration from a complete stop, and the bike handled turns with agility. Even at higher assist speeds, there was never a moment when I felt unsteady, which as a beginner, I particularly appreciated.

I had to get acclimated to the Mokwheel Scoria’s frame design because I was used to riding higher commuter bikes throughout the city, but at 5 feet, 7 inches tall, I quickly got used to the reach to the handlebars. Mokwheel states that this will fit riders up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall, but it’s something to keep in mind because when some bigger people took turns, they felt more confined and less comfortable with the size. Shorter riders should be okay, and the website gives a sliding scale sizing chart that allows you to measure your bike’s inseam height in inches if you’re concerned.

There are no gear changes in the single-speed drivetrain that comes with the Mokwheel Scoria. When I took the bike out into the country and tried to spin up steep hills, it became more of a problem because the given gearing is suitable for flat land and does not make much of a difference when using the pedal assist. Power assistance was more than enough to accelerate uphill, but pedaling quickly became slow-speed pounding.

I believe that my many months of Peltoton spinning while on lockdown prepared me for this type of cycling, however I did miss the thought of being able to change gears to more effectively climb those difficult sections of road. On a single-speed bike, the trade-off is simplicity and ease of maintenance, which you probably won’t notice if you use it about town. Also, the throttle enables you to ascend when faced with a steep stretch without using any pedal power at all.

Mokwheel Scoria: Conclusions

The Mokwheel Scoria is a great entry-level option if you’re prepared to join the e-bike revolution. There aren’t many electronics, power, or maintenance concerns with only four pedal assist speeds and a single-speed drivetrain, and using the twist throttle to add some extra power is enjoyable.

In comparison to other e-bikes in this class with comparable designs, the bike’s $1,999 price tag looks a little excessive. Perhaps the manufacturer is betting that not many other e-bikes, or even any other e-bikes, can be used in this kind of rolling powerstation capacity.

If you’re used to riding commuter or cruiser cycles, the utility bike design might seem strange, but if you prefer to move quickly while transporting passengers or cargo, the low-slung moped style serves the job admirably. With the built-in safety features, I never felt threatened and was even at ease riding at night.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a fantastic bike with smooth riding, lots of power, and plush comfort. Another awesome feature is the inverter add-on. Although there are some wonderful features, such as mag wheels in place of spoked wheels, does the price reflect these benefits? I’m not sure if the price is reasonable given the benefits.

However, the cheaper price comes with trade-offs, and I was disappointed to lose the full LED digital display and multi-speed drivetrain. But, you do receive the fundamental functions, such as battery and help levels. Although the seat and handlebars are adjustable, people over 6 feet tall could have trouble riding the Mokwheel Scoria comfortably.

Yet, the Mokwheel Scoria is a terrific place to start if all you’re looking for is a reasonably priced electric bike that can easily transition from recreation to utility, from city to country, from pavement to off-road.

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