Maxfind Glider G5 Pro Review: Get Ultimate Riding Experience 2023!


There are two versions of the Glider G5: the normal model, which has a single motor, and the Pro model, which has a dual motor and can travel at faster speeds. Since the latter is undoubtedly the more stunning of the two, I will concentrate on it.

The Glide G5’s motor is 750W, but if you choose the dual motor G5 Pro, you’ll get twice as much power. The motor has three riding modes and a maximum torque of 16 Nm, allowing you to go at a top speed of 25 mph or 40 kph. The ordinary version can only manage 25% hills whereas the Pro version can climb 35 percent slopes.

The Glider G5 Pro model from Maxfind costs $1,099, while the normal model costs $799. Although we don’t yet know the exact date, we’ll keep you updated. 

The dual motors of Glider G5 Pro provide a smoother and more stable ride than a single motor, and they also allow the scooter to climb hills and handle inclines with ease. This makes it a great choice for city dwellers who need to navigate steep streets or hilly terrain. An electric scooter with dual 750W motors is a versatile and practical mode of transportation that is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, efficient, and eco-friendly way to get around.

First of all, you can watch the video review of Maxfind Glider G5 Pro below, and then read the full and detailed review.

Motor PowerDual 750W
Speed25 Mph / 40 Kph
Hill Climbing35%
Motor Torque16 N.m
Vertical Rod Angle17°
BatterySAMSUNG 12S3P, 8.7Ah, 376Wh, 48V
Range19 Miles / 30 Km
Pedal Width7.7 Inch
Dimension44(L), 8.3(W), 44.5(H) Inch / 112, 21, 113 cm
Waterproof RatingIPX5
Weight44 Lbs / 20 Kg
Load265 Lbs / 120 Kg
Wheels255 mm / 10 Inch

Maxfind Glider G5 Pro: Design and Build Quality

The Maxfind Glider G5 Pro is delivered in its folded shape, as opposed to other scooters, which results in a shorter and easier-to-handle box. As someone who has frequently had to drag the large, long rectangular boxes that e-scooters generally come in into her flat, I absolutely appreciate that. The hardest part of testing and reviewing e-scooters, in my opinion, is that.

The initial unfolding does take longer, but that is the only drawback to this. It’s not particularly simple or intuitive to unfold the electric scooter unless you’ve done it a lot. Therefore, you must first watch the folding and unfolding video Maxfind Scooters has lovingly made for first-time users before continuing. 

Both scooters from Maxfind are foldable and, when fully extended, have dimensions of 44″ or 112 cm in length, 8.3″ or 21 cm in width, and 44.5″ or 113 cm in height. They have a triangular frame construction, which makes the wheelers both light and sturdy. The basic version weighs 40 lb or 18 kg, and the Pro weighs 44 lb or 20 kg. 

The Glider G5 series has 10″ or 255 mm wheels, three braking options, and uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy materials. A throttle, a touch screen, and LED lighting are also included. Additionally, there is a robust specialized app.

The Maxfind Glider G5 Pro may look unusual while it is folded, but when it is completely upright and unfolded, especially with its black-with-gray-trim color scheme, it resembles other mid-range e-scooters on the market quite a bit. Its foldable design, which allows it to collapse at five separate points to efficiently transform into its extremely tiny, easier-to-carry shape, is really what really distinguishes it from all others. 

Although its five folding mechanisms are highly good at reducing its size, they are not the most graceful or straightforward to use. You must support the stem and the majority of the e-scooter’s weight with your back in order to fold the base in half or put it back together, for example. This may be simple when the scooter is on a table, but it is not so simple when it is on the ground. Can you picture carrying out that task at the top of a crowded subway stairwell?

I discovered that practice makes perfect. And I do believe that it is lot easier to carry if you can fold it down to less than half of its original size, especially if you need to board a train or bus to go to your destination. For small cyclists like me, it’s much more practical. Regular e-scooters, even when folded, are so difficult for me to carry because there isn’t much ground clearance. Despite being quite heavy, the G5 Pro doesn’t have a problem with that component.

The Maxfind Glider G5 Pro seems really sturdy and well-made, which is wonderful news. Even when I’m traveling on uneven or pothole-filled ground, I haven’t heard any inside parts rattle. It is rather hefty, another indication that the manufacturer had to forgo some features in order to keep its price low, but that won’t matter when you’re riding it or when it’s folded because, as mentioned earlier, it’s lot simpler to handle when it’s in its compact shape.

The deck is somewhat small and has a surface texture that successfully keeps your feet in place. However, because it is lengthy, even people with larger feet won’t feel crowded. The dashboard is compact and uncomplicated, but it has a separate mode-switching button that makes it simpler to adjust your top riding speed while you’re on the road. In addition to a headlight and reflectors that brighten when you brake, it also includes an always-on back light to keep you safe at night.

Maxfind Glider G5 Pro: Motor and Battery

An Maxfind Glider G5 Pro electric scooter with dual 750W motors is a powerful and efficient mode of transportation. With two high-powered motors, it is capable of reaching high speeds quickly and easily, making it ideal for commuting, running errands, or just having fun.

Electric scooter of Glider G5 Pro with dual 750W motors typically have a sleek and modern appearance, with a sturdy frame, large wheels, and high-quality brakes. They also often feature advanced safety features like LED lights, horn, and a built-in alarm system.

It also accelerates quite rapidly, which could help make up for its 15-degree climbing rating. Depending on your weight, you can probably make it all the way up a short, 25-degree incline if you manage to get it to its top speed. I did during testing, even though I generally weigh approximately 85 kg. It would probably struggle more on an incline with a heavier rider, in my opinion.

The tires can also make it difficult for you to ascend the incline without assistance. Although the Maxfind Glider G5 Pro has a rear hub motor, which theoretically should improve its traction, the tires itself don’t offer much traction. Although the majority of the surface is pretty smooth, they do have indents. The front wheel has ever-so-slightly lifted up when traveling up an incline.

The brakes are most likely the major problem of most entry-level and mid-range electric scooters. I’ve tested a lot of e-scooters, and even some of the better ones struggle to use their braking mechanism as effectively as they could. With the G5 Pro, that is not the case.

An electric scooter of Maxfind Glider G5 Pro with a B6 12S3P 376Wh battery is a high-performance vehicle that is both efficient and reliable. The battery pack is capable of delivering a powerful and long-lasting performance, allowing you to travel long distances without worrying about running out of power.

The range of a fast-swap battery pack is 19 miles or 30 kilometers, but you may also choose the long-range model, which increases the range to 38 miles or 61 kilometers. This makes it an ideal choice for electric scooters, which require a lot of power to operate, but also need to be lightweight and easy to handle.

One of the key advantages of this battery is that it can be fully charged in just 3 hours. This means you can quickly recharge your electric scooter between rides, allowing you to spend more time on the road and less time waiting for your battery to charge.

So, an electric scooter of Glider G5 Pro with a 376Wh battery is an excellent choice for anyone who values performance, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you are commuting to work, running errands, or just cruising around town, this type of electric scooter will provide you with a smooth and enjoyable ride, while also helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Maxfind Glider G5 Pro: Conclusions

Other electric scooters’ promises of portability are debunked by the inventive folding design of the Maxfind Glider G5 Pro. Additionally, it has a quick and fluid performance, outstanding brakes, and a durable build. If not for the fact that the folding mechanisms aren’t the most elegant to use, I’d give it a five-star review.

The Maxfind Glider G5 Pro’s most notable attribute is its extremely collapsible construction. This is a fantastic option if you want an electric scooter that can be folded down to less than half its size. Just learn how to manipulate its folding mechanisms.

Its motor and brakes all contribute to a really astounding level of performance. And, especially for riders in the UK, it’s far more affordable than you might imagine.

Because of its excellent braking system’s responsiveness, effectiveness, and abundance of control, novice riders can feel secure even though they haven’t fully learned the art of braking safely.

The Maxfind Glider G5 Pro is reasonably priced and delivers excellent value. However, I wouldn’t classify it as a low-cost choice.

Due to its folding mechanism, evaluating the Maxfind Glider G5 Pro was a little different from testing other folding scooters. I spent a lot of time watching the instructional video multiple times, practicing, and attempting to come up with new ways to streamline the folding process in an effort to become familiar with it. I also put that procedure to the test in a public setting to evaluate how easy it was for users to use when they were uncomfortable.

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