Mankeel Silver Wings Review: What Are Its Advantages Over Competitors?


The electric scooter is great for short trips or quick, inexpensive city travel. More and more people choose this mode of transportation over others due to its effectiveness and numerous benefits. The new Mankeel Silver Wings model has high expectations and aims to please even the pickiest customers.

Mankeel Silver Wings stands out above other electric scooters thanks to its outstanding design. It was developed in collaboration with the group in charge of developing Porsche’s high-end vehicles. It dazzles with its slender lines, aerodynamic forms, beautifully defined curves, and distinctive details that are impossible to miss. You might not even be aware that it’s an electric scooter because of the unique frame idea.

The volcanic gray tone gives off a quality appearance when paired with vibrant accessories. The LED lighting on the footboard is a fashionable yet functional feature. Of course, there is also a powerful front floodlight with an illumination range of up to 8 meters, and a rear light. This makes even nighttime drives possible.

Max speed:Max 25km/h
Weight capacity:120Kg
Motor rated power:350W
Mobile smart link:YES
Peak Power:500W
Material:Aluminum alloy
Color:Volcano grey metallic
Travel range:30-35KM
Gradeability:About 18°
Waterproof grade:IP54
Brake:Tire:10 inch pneumatic rubber tire
Unfolded size1130 x 580 x 1135mm
Folded size1130 x 580 x 500mm
Package size:119 x 23 x 55cm
Net weight:14 KG
Gross weight:16 KG

Mankeel Silver Wings: Design and Build Quality

First-class aircraft aluminum, which has a high load capacity and low weight (it can carry up to 120 kg but weighs only 14 kg), is used in the production of the Mankeel Silver Wings scooter. It is easily transportable in a car, bus, metro, or tram and can be carried up stairs without any issues. Quick and simple folding, which literally takes only a few seconds, makes for great versatility. Only 50 cm is the scooter’s height.

The knobs on this type are not foldable either, but the quick folding mechanism eliminates the oscillations of the stem while driving and is highly sturdy and easy to operate. In summary, people from Mankeel did a great job from a structural standpoint.

The platform’s size is fantastic; it is quite wide and provides for comfortable foot positions. It also has excellent overall dimensions, measuring 1130 x 580 x 500 mm when closed, making it easy to fit into the trunk of a city car.

Electric scooters like the Mankeel Silver Wings are made to be as safe as possible on any surface. It performs admirably on easy city streets as well as on softer terrain. The 10-inch tires are designed with a unique anti-slip pattern that is particularly effective even on wet pavement. They are inflatable as well. You may easily alter the level of comfort and driving qualities by inflating them.

The stepping surface has an anti-slip coating as well. Your shoes won’t be in any danger of coming off of it. The EABS system, which lowers the possibility of sliding when braking, is a special safety element. And in fact, the potent disc brake on the rear wheel is what makes the incredibly short stopping distance possible.

The on-board computer, a standard feature of the manufacturer, is located in the middle of the handlebar. It is still difficult to see in bright light, but it is very information-rich, allowing users to manage the speed current, battery level, and speed mode.

In summary, Mankeel maintains its position as the industry leader from a structural perspective, even though it continues to include a flaw in its models that some may find objectionable.

The electric scooter from Mankeel Silver Wings is unaffected by rain or dust. You may use it to your fullest extent in practically any weather thanks to IP54 protection. Even if you park it anywhere, you need not worry. You may couple it with an app on your phone using Bluetooth, and then lock it with only a few clicks using that app. You may also change additional settings, turn on the lights, check the mileage, and track the current speed.

Mankeel Silver Wings: Motor and Driving

You must push them side by side because most electric scooters quickly give out on steeper inclines. You won’t experience that if you use Mankeel Silver Wings. A 350W small electric motor that is integrated into the rear wheel provides a 500W maximum output. Therefore, even at the peak speed of 25 km/h, it will carry you to the summit of steeper climbs (up to 18 degrees) without any issues. By doing this, you can frequently get where you’re going faster than by using the bus or another type of transportation.

In terms of pure performance, I would say that the Mankeel Silver Wings is on par with the KQi2 Pro: the engine is very well balanced, the acceleration is strong yet delicate, and the manufacturer claims that slopes up to 15% can be managed optimally.

In practice, things are a little different: a driver weighing roughly 80 kg may easily negotiate a 10% grade, but if the load on him or the inclination increases, the engine may experience some slight strain.

With the Mankeel Silver Wings, as with all the brand’s most recent models, you may choose to set an even lower maximum speed using the application. This way, if you want to have a youngster carry it, you can avoid letting it get up to 25 km/h, making it safer.

The braking system is really effective, which I thought was wonderful, and it is helped by regenerative braking, which is sensed but never becomes overly intrusive. The single knob located on the left side of the handlebar can be used to control both the disc brake at the front and the electronic brake solely at the back. The double disc braking mechanism is the primary distinction between the Pro and Max versions of this scooter, which also varies in size of battery and top speed.

Although it prevents the scooter from accelerating to its maximum speed right away, especially at first, the torque distribution is good and it is still able to ensure a solid thrust that unmistakably conveys the engine’s strength.

Technicalities aside, there is just one best feature of the Mankeel Silver Wings: driving it. Make the curves, for sure. Although the positioning of the engine in this model, which is also rear-wheel drive, does require a little more attention at first, the brand’s decision significantly improves grip and stability on wet surfaces, and even when regenerative braking is engaged, the rear position makes it less intrusive.

But the Mankeel Silver Wings’s superb cornering stability is what really impressed me, especially while driving it on “war courses” like those in my city. Physics permitting, the Mankeel Silver Wings always maintains excellent stability when navigating even tight turns even at top speed. The Mankeel Silver Wings is one of the very few electric scooters that have actually given me an amazing feeling of stability. This may be due to the tilt of the handlebar, the larger wheels, or the wider footboard that lowers the center of gravity.

Mankeel Silver Wings: Battery and Range

The scooter has a range of 40 km because of the superior lithium-ion battery, which has a 9 Ah capacity. Three different driving modes are available, each of which has a maximum speed cap of 15, 20, or 25 km/h. A fully depleted battery can be recharged in just 3 – 5 hours, so you can easily charge it while attending class or working, for example. Another advantage is easy and comfortable speed control on the handlebars. On the clear LCD display, which displays the speed, driving mode, and other relevant information, you can keep an eye on the scooter’s condition.

I was able to travel slightly more than 30 km on a single charge, and even though these results might seem much less than what Mankeel claimed, when you take into account Avellino’s ups and downs and yours truly, who is undoubtedly not among the lightest people, the battery performance of the Mankeel Silver Wings is actually, in my opinion, a little better than the majority of electric scooters in its price range.

Mankeel Silver Wings: Conclusions

What is the best, then? The Mankeel Silver Wings scooter features a straightforward and durable build that will function reliably for many years despite the variety of technology and components. Simply visit the or stores if you’re also interested in it to learn more and to make a simple purchase.

The Mankeel Silver Wings has a $699 official retail price and comes in six colors. And I’ll tell you right away that this model is one of my favorites despite the fact that I am largely “terrified” by the risks associated with electric scooters. This is due not only to the model’s high build quality and dependability, but also, and perhaps most importantly, to its safe cornering and effective braking system. It is durable and delicate but enjoyable to drive thanks to the wide footrest and handlebars, position light, and bright headlight.

Unfortunately, there is no cushioning system and a display that is difficult to see in direct sunlight; otherwise, the Mankeel Silver Wings would have been almost ideal for my purposes.

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