Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Urbun Commuter Style E-bike 2024!


Introducing the Magnum Cosmo 2, a vibrant and fun electric bike that stands out with its colorful design. As one of the latest additions to Magnum’s lineup of commuter-style ebikes, the Cosmo 2 catches the eye with its playful aesthetics.


The question arises: does its ride live up to its striking appearance? Join me, John from Electric Bike Report, as we take this fun and colorful ebike for a ride to uncover the answer.

Frame material Aluminum Alloy
Motor Peak Output750 Watts
Top SpeedUp to 25 mph with Pedal Assist, 20 mph with Throttle
Display TypeMagnum Branded VeloFox, 8 x 7 cm
Drive ModeCadence Sensor Peadal Assist, Thumb Throttle, Walk Mode
LightsIntegrated front and rear lights
Gearing detailsShimano 7 Speed 11-32T
Fork DetailsSuspension 80mm travel with Lock-Out
Wheel size26 x 2.35
FendersIncludes Front and Rear Fenders
Battery Ah13Ah
Minimum Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Maximum Range50 miles (80 Kilometers)
Total Weight65 lbs (29.5kg)
Max Load Capacity220 lbs (100kg)

Design and Build Quality

The Magnum Cosmo 2 boasts a distinctive design and build quality that sets it apart from the typical ebikes in the market. One of the most striking features is its vibrant paint job, available in colors like Coral, cobalt blue, Calypso green, midnight blue, and pearl white. This departure from the usual black, white, or gray options adds a refreshing touch to the ebike’s aesthetics.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Design and Build Quality

The overall contemporary design of the Cosmo 2 contributes to its unique character, creating an ebike that stands out in a crowd. This Class 2 ebike is designed with both throttle and pedal-assisted speeds limited to 20 mph, providing a relaxed and casual riding experience. It carries a beach cruiser vibe, enhanced by its comfortable features.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Vell gel Comfort saddle

The comfort factor is a standout feature of the Cosmo 2. The Vell gel Comfort saddle, ergonomic grips, adjustable stem, and a 10-inch range in saddle height offer a customizable and comfortable riding experience. The bike caters to riders of various heights, with Magnum stating that it can accommodate riders 5 feet and taller. The step-through design with a stand-over height of 16 inches ensures easy mounting and dismounting without the need to swing a leg over the saddle.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Design and Build Quality

The LED indicator lights displaying the battery charge without turning on the bike is a practical touch, adding to the user-friendly design. The bike’s battery is currently UL2271 certified, with the full bike in progress for UL 2849 certification, emphasizing safety standards.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Tekro E350 hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors

In terms of construction, the frame is well-designed with a step-through structure, providing both ease of use and visual appeal. The seven-speed Shimano drivetrain controlled by a Revo shift twist shifter on the right handlebar ensures smooth gear changes. The Tekro E350 hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors offer reliable stopping power.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: 26 x 2.35 inch tires

The Cosmo 2 is equipped with 26-inch wheels featuring 2.35-inch CST street tires, providing stability and grip on various surfaces. The SR Suntour front suspension with 80mm of travel adds to the overall comfort by absorbing shocks and bumps during the ride.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Shimano 7 Speed 11-32T

The cockpit layout is intuitive, placing essential controls within reach. The thumb-operated throttle lever, small button panel, electronic horn button, and the black-and-white Magnum-branded LCD screen in the middle offer a comprehensive display of information, including speed, battery charge, pedal-assist level, power meter for the motor, odometer, and clock.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: handlebar and controls

For commuters, the Cosmo 2 comes well-equipped with an integrated headlight, a tail light under the rear cargo rack, and a robust rack capable of holding up to 55 lbs. Additionally, fenders on both wheels ensure that riders can tackle various weather conditions without much concern.

So, the Magnum Cosmo 2 impresses with its vibrant design, comfort features, and thoughtful construction. Its combination of style, comfort, and functionality makes it a compelling choice for riders looking for a versatile and visually appealing ebike.

Magnum Cosmo 2: Motor and Driving Test

The Magnum Cosmo 2 is powered by a 500W rear hub motor, and its performance is enhanced by the integration of a Cadence Sensor. This sensor allows riders to blend their leg power with the electric assistance, creating a versatile riding experience. Whether you prefer to pedal with some effort or opt for a more leisurely ride, the Cosmo 2 caters to various riding styles.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Design and Build Quality

During the speed test, the bike showcased its versatility with different pedal-assist (Pas) settings. In Eco mode, the motor assists up to about 7.5 or 8 mph, providing a subtle boost for those who prefer a slower pace. Moving up to Tour mode, the motor becomes more pronounced, reaching speeds around 12 mph. Sport mode offers a more dynamic acceleration, hitting approximately 16 mph, while Turbo mode unleashes the full power, reaching the Class 2 speed limit of 20 mph. In each setting, the motor provides an initial boost before settling into a steady cruising speed.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: on the road or driving test

The throttle acceleration test revealed a gradual and controlled build-up of speed, avoiding any abrupt or punchy acceleration. The Cadence Sensor influences the bike’s programming, resulting in different speed limits for each Pas setting. For example, in Eco mode, the motor may not engage if the rider is already exceeding 7.5 or 8 mph. Similarly, the motor’s behavior in Tour, Sport, and Turbo modes varies, providing a temporary boost before settling into the cruising speed.

The Cosmo 2’s speed and power distribution across its Pas settings are well-balanced, catering to riders with different preferences. The bike’s configuration allows for a seamless transition as riders move up through the Pas settings, with each level offering the expected increase in power.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: on the road or driving test

For those seeking higher speeds, the bike can be unlocked to Class 3 mode through the settings menu. This adjustment can introduce one or two additional Pas settings, pushing the maximum speed to 25 mph. This feature provides an extra layer of customization for riders who want to explore faster commuting options.

The Magnum Cosmo 2 underwent a thorough hill test, evaluating both the throttle and pedal assist system in turbo mode. Justin, during the throttle test, shared his experience of climbing Hellhole Trail, providing insights into the bike’s performance on steep inclines.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: on the road or driving test

Starting the throttle test at around 9 mph, Justin observed the motor’s response as the bike encountered steeper sections. Despite dropping to speeds below 6 mph, the motor demonstrated lower-end torque, steadily propelling the bike uphill. The Cosmo 2 exhibited a comfortable and upright riding position, characteristic of a cruiser-style bike, which contributed to its ability to handle hills without excessive strain.

During the pedal test, Justin engaged in soft pedaling, not exerting significant effort. In fifth gear, the bike maintained a steady pace of around 10 mph, showcasing smooth shifting while climbing the hill. The Rebel shift down to just below 8 mph indicated the bike’s efficiency in handling the ascent. As the hill steepened, Justin shifted down to second gear, and even with minimal pedaling, the motor supported the climb, maintaining a speed of 7.8 mph.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: on the road or driving test

While the Cosmo 2 may not break speed records in hill climbing, the results of both tests were commendable. Justin reached the top using only throttle power in 2 minutes and 8 seconds, with an average speed of 8.5 mph. The pedal test took 1 minute and 33 seconds, achieving a speed of 11.7 mph. Although these results might appear slower compared to similar bikes with 500W rear hub motors, it’s important to note that the Cosmo 2 exhibited greater efficiency in a range test.

The motor’s tuning, optimized for energy efficiency, contributes to the bike’s slightly slower hill-climbing performance. However, this efficiency translates into a more extended range, providing riders with choices in dealing with hills. Whether riders prefer the motor to handle the ascent entirely or choose to contribute a bit of leg power, the Cosmo 2 accommodates both preferences.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: on the road or driving test

The review concludes with a showcase of the bike’s ride quality. Set to an upright riding position with ample adjustability, the Cosmo 2 offers a comfortable and customizable experience for riders of various heights. The suspension fork with 80mm of travel helps smooth out the ride, and the CST 26-inch tires with a width of 2.35 inches provide stability on paved surfaces.

The motor, a 500W rear hub motor with a Cadence Sensor, is praised for its responsiveness and power delivery. Even in turbo mode, the engagement speed is smooth and responsive, contributing to a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Speed Test

In terms of critiques, the review highlights the absence of integrated brake lights, a feature considered important for commuter bikes. Additionally, the black and white display is mentioned as potentially out of place with the overall vibrant design, suggesting that a full-color display could enhance the visual appeal. Nitpicking further, a personal preference for a chain guard is mentioned, though it is acknowledged as a less critical aspect.

Braking Test

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Magnum Cosmo 2’s brakes, a comprehensive testing approach was employed. The procedure involved pedaling the bike up to its maximum speed, engaging the brakes, and measuring the distance traveled as the bike came to a stop. This process was repeated three times to gather sufficient data for analysis.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Tekro E350 hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors

The average stopping distance for the Cosmo 2 was calculated to be 23 feet and 9 inches. To provide context, the review compared this result to the average stopping distance of all the commuter and cruiser-style ebikes previously tested, which stands at 22 feet and 1 inch. While the Cosmo 2 exhibited a slightly longer stopping distance in comparison, it fell within the expected range.

The review highlighted that the Tekro E350 braking system, used in the Cosmo 2, had been tested on numerous bikes before. The observed stopping distance for the Cosmo 2 aligned with the anticipated results based on this prior experience with the braking system. Despite being a bit slower compared to the average, the result remained within the acceptable range of expected outcomes.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Braking Test

Beyond the numerical data, the review also considered the subjective feel of the brakes. Overall, the Magnum received positive feedback in terms of brake performance. The rear tire tended to produce a fairly loud squeal during hard braking, but this was noted as a minor observation, and no other irregularities were reported.

Battery and Range

The Magnum Cosmo 2 is equipped with a 48V 624Wh battery, seamlessly integrated into the downtube of the frame and painted to match the overall aesthetics of the bike. The integration of the battery into the frame not only contributes to the bike’s sleek and cohesive design but also provides a secure and protected placement for the power source.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: 13Ah battery

In order to assess the longevity of the Cosmo 2’s battery, a comprehensive range test was conducted. The bike was ridden in both Eco mode and Turbo mode until the battery was depleted. Throughout the tests, mileage was carefully tracked, yielding results ranging from 37.9 to 49.5 miles. The duration of the tests varied between 2 hours and 3 minutes and 4 hours and 45 minutes.

In terms of time efficiency, the range test results provided a noteworthy insight. The review emphasized the importance of conserving battery power and riding at a more moderate pace to extend the overall duration of the ride. The Eco mode results were described as falling on the shorter end of the average when compared to similar models previously tested. However, the review noted that the Cosmo 2’s battery capacity was also on the lower end, making its performance quite impressive in reality.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Range Test

Notably, the Turbo mode results surpassed expectations, indicating that the bike was more efficient than anticipated. The estimated duration for the Turbo mode test was around 1 hour and 15 minutes, but the actual result was approximately 25 miles. This outcome demonstrated a remarkable 60% more time and 52% more distance covered than the initial motor and battery specifications suggested.

Magnum Cosmo 2: Conclusions

In closing, delving into the essence of the Magnum Cosmo 2 revealed a bike that seamlessly blends commuter practicality with the laid-back charm of a beach cruiser. Its design, specifications, and accessories clearly position it as a commuter bike, but beyond the surface, it exudes the relaxed vibe of a leisurely cruiser.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review

The Cosmo 2 proved itself in our testing, showcasing a well-rounded personality. Its solid range, adeptness in climbing hills, effective braking, and just the right amount of speed make it a versatile companion for daily commutes and spontaneous rides to unwind. It strikes a balance, not just in functionality but also in encouraging riders to appreciate the journey, taking in the sights and moments along the way.

While the bike excelled in many aspects, the review suggested potential improvements for future iterations. Brake lights, a color screen, and enhanced cable management were mentioned as features that could enhance the overall experience. Nevertheless, the Magnum Cosmo 2 stands as a great choice, particularly for those with a vibrant and colorful style.

Magnum Cosmo 2 Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the review expressed gratitude for the viewership, inviting potential buyers to explore the links provided. The final words reinforced the presenter’s identity, signing off as John with Electric Bike Report, and leaving viewers with the lasting image of the Magnum Cosmo 2 – a bike that effortlessly combines functionality with a laid-back and colorful spirit.


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