Magicycle Cruiser Pro Review: All Terrain E-Bike Step-Thru 2023!


The Magicycle Cruiser Pro is a unique combination of a step-through cycle and a fat bike. You may learn from this test how much we like this set-up and who the e-bike is best suited for.

Is that a bike or is it still an e-bike? When it observes me performing a first lap with the Magicycle Cruiser Pro, the neighbor questions me. The bike is obvious from the large tires. On the other hand, the frame makes an e-bike for urban use appear.

The e-bike is officially known as the “Magicycle Cruiser Pro All Terrain Electric Bike Step-Thru.” The sibling model, simply referred to as “Cruiser Pro,” has a slightly different frame shape with a higher top tube.

BikeFrame 6061 aluminum frame
BrakeTektro 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Hub Motor750W brushless gear motor
Frame size18"
Pedal AssistIntelligent 7 levels pedal assist
Tires26" x 4" Kenda fat tires
GearingShimano 7 speed gear shift system
Battery52V 20Ah lithium battery
Range60-80 miles

Magicycle Cruiser Pro: Design and Build Quality

The first thing you notice if you receive a Cruiser Pro Step-Thru from Magicycle through a forwarding agent is the excellent packing. Plastic reinforcements have been added to the box’s handles. The box is not in danger of tearing even when being moved from the curb into the interior courtyard or the flat.

All of the parts are very well wrapped inside the box. Everything is fastened with foam and cable ties, so nothing sways. Grab a pair of scissors and carefully remove each piece one at a time. 

To assemble the e-bike, all you need are some scissors from your home. due to the fact that a multipurpose tool is part of the delivery and, after installation, serves both the bike and the home well.

For assembly, only the handlebars and the front wheel are required. The front fender and front light must then be joined, and the pedals must be screwed on. The pre-built baggage rack simply requires two screws to be tightened to the frame because it is already assembled.

That’s the first thing that springs to mind: really sturdy and stable. The wheels are extremely broad. And the e-bike is distinctive. The next-door neighbor arrived and inquired as to what kind of unique electric bike it was.

And that’s precisely the query I pose to myself. Who is this e-bike genuinely appropriate for? I go over the benefits and some potential drawbacks with my neighbor: it enjoys broad tires, especially on sandy beaches and forest walks. I also like wide tires in cities since they prevent you from driving into tram lines.

Contrary to what the neighbor believed, I too find the built-in saddle to be really comfortable. Even after a prolonged excursion, the buttocks don’t hurt. The saddle issue is, however, usually highly personal. But I would have preferred a fat bike with a seat post that was spring-loaded. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro is inexpensive, making it simple to purchase later, but it can still be converted with ease if necessary.

As soon as I unpacked it, I was intrigued by the headlamp because it appears to have two lamps and is really bright. I left once more for the evening. I turn my car onto a dark remote road. It is something else that is bright, even though the light cone can be adjusted well so that enough road can be seen. So after a while, I went back.

On the other hand, the US manufacturer does a good job with the battery. The energy store is still almost half full after 90 kilometers of riding, and I didn’t ride the e-bike gently. Actually, I’m assuming a range of up to 120 km.  The 90 kilometers may always be traveled on a single battery charge. The USB charging port at the base of the display has more than enough power left over to be used. This may be used to charge your own phone as well as friends’ and family members’ phones, making a sizable power bank always available to you.

It does, however, favor athletic frames. I will admit that I enjoy a deep dive. due to the ease with which frequent getting on and off is accomplished. It claims that the saddle and weight of the e-bike would likely be too much for her. I disagree, saying that the seat appears to be pretty comfortable and that the manufacturer even added two pushing and starting aids to make moving the 34.4 kg of weight simple. At odds, we separate. Although the e-bike is heavy, it is safe and steady. Simply put, it depends on your needs.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro: Motor and Battery

But let’s get back to the testing: on the picturesque Lake Constance. We begin on asphalt with the least amount of support. Wow, look at how fast the drive goes! Acceleration from a standing start is almost too violent at level five. The motor on the fat bike has an output of 750 watts, highlighting its American heritage.

The battery’s 20Ah capacity is quite amazing. We were pleasantly impressed by the high range that was actually obtained. In order to keep his promise of a range of 90 to 120 kilometers, Magicycle appears to desire a few extra watt hours in this area.

Only 250 watts are legal in this nation. As a result, on the software side, the motor is throttled appropriately to this value. This suggests that the drive may have greater power, nevertheless. This potential is always present and elicits positive feelings. By contrast, we hardly hear the motor because of the loud rolling noise made by the large tires on the asphalt.

There are a total of 7 assistance settings on the e-bike. For the EU model, we discovered these traits. 

The Magicycle slightly goes over the line by having five active support levels. I would have been satisfied with three. Similar to a single push button On the Magicycle, however, you can utilize both the minus button on the control panel and the throttle grip. International sales at Magicycle rely on a common model, with regionally specific software. The hardware is unchanged.

The throttle grip is my favorite. The e-bike moves abruptly and with a short delay when using the minus button. However, the heavy fat bike requires greater sensitivity. As a result, the throttle grip is substantially improved. With the ability to accelerate up to 6 km/h, you can do so more smoothly.

Anyway, I really enjoy operating it. With a view of Lake Constance, the e-bike whizzes through city streets and down flat mountain trails. The disc brakes also perform admirably, decelerating simultaneously smoothly and safely.

I run a few errands when I get to town. That is to stop, dismount, board again, and then start the car. I still have to lock and unlock in between. This is where the Step-Thru concept’s strength shines: it makes it simple to get on and off.

Magicycle also offers a basket as an accessory, which can be mounted to the front of the frame in front of the handlebars, for anyone who plans to use the e-bike for shopping and for smaller transfers. The Cruiser Pro is now a tiny cargo bike as a result.

But in a sporty fashion, the purchases wind up in my backpack. It now continues over lawns, through forest pathways, and on gravelly surfaces. The suspension fork can be adjusted individually but is well-suited for a rider weighing 85 kg. I barely have to pay attention to the surface I drive over thanks to the tires and suspension fork, which effortlessly glide over the various surfaces.

I drive to the shore as my courage grows. I don’t think I can test actual deep sand conditions any longer because the bottom near the water is so hard, which is a shame. Until my eyes catch sight of a beach volleyball court. You can stroll across the sand with ease at the lowest support level. Here, both hands must be on the handlebars, but it still works. You can simply ride over extremely sandy ground without becoming stuck, in contrast to e-bikes with narrow tires.

Although Shimano’s 7-speed shifter is really simple, it consistently performs its function. Any further gears on this e-bike would be excessive. With my right hand’s thumb easily able to reach the shift lever, I always feel in charge of the bike.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro: Conclusions

The Magicycle Cruiser Pro is an incredibly effective low entry fat bike and city e-bike. It can be used for a variety of things, including driving over sand dunes, beaches, meadows, and even woodland trails. The e-bike also looks great riding on asphalt in the city, and the big tires add to the safety.

For typical nighttime driving, the built-in headlight is a little too dim. It is simpler to get on and off thanks to the very solid frame, which enables a deep step-through. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro weighs 34.4 kg, so using the throttle grip as a starting aid when maneuvering is advised. We appreciated the strong braking system and the extended range made possible by the sizable 20Ah battery.

The Magicycle Cruiser Pro is an excellent value recommendation for anyone looking for both a comfortable entry and the SUV experience on roads and in rough terrain at the present pricing.

The Magicycle online store offers the white Magicycle Cruiser Pro Electric Bike for purchase. It is frequently available there for $1699. The Cruiser also comes with a taller top tube in black, in addition to the Step-Thru. Other e-bike models are also available from Magicycle in the online store.

Alternatives of Magicycle Cruiser Pro



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