Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: 500W Mid Drive Motor E-bike 2024!


Hello! Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike, the latest addition to Himiway’s lineup. This commuter e-bike is packed with a plethora of impressive features that enhance its functionality and performance.

First off, let’s talk about the powertrain. The A7 Pro is equipped with a robust 500W mid-drive motor, coupled with a 48V 15Ah battery using LG cells. This combination ensures efficient power delivery and a respectable range for your rides. The inclusion of a torque sensor and five levels of pedal assist allows for a customized riding experience, whether you prefer a leisurely cruise or a more intense workout. Additionally, the bike features a throttle for those moments when you want instant power without pedaling.

One standout feature of the A7 Pro is its full suspension system, featuring actual air springs in both the fork and rear shock. This setup provides a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and rough terrain effortlessly. The integration of a color LCD display into the stem adds a modern touch while providing clear visibility of important ride metrics.

Considering all these features, the Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike is a significant step up from previous Himiway commuter models. Priced at $2399 on the Himiway website, it offers excellent value for the functionality and performance it delivers. Whether you’re commuting daily or exploring dirt and gravel trails, the A7 Pro is a versatile and reliable companion for your adventures.

Frame6061 Aluminum frame
MotorAnanda M100
SensorsTorque sensor丨shifting sensor丨speed sensor丨brake sensor
ShockDNM AO-06 /165*38mm BK
HeadsetTOPYCWZ-5662-01 52*52*39.8
ForkSR-SUNTOUR X1-BOOST 120mm travel
CassetteShimano CS-HG201-9 11-34T
BrakesShimano MT200 hydraulic brake
BatterySamsung/LG 48V 15Ah
Top Range60 mi
Rider height5′3″ ~ 6′5″

Unboxing and Assembly

The Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike comes packed in several layers of solid foam, providing exceptional protection during shipping. While this level of packaging ensures the bike’s safety, it also generates a significant amount of foam waste, which can be a concern for environmentally conscious consumers.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: Unboxing and Assembly

During assembly, the bike took approximately an hour to put together, making it relatively easy to assemble overall. However, there were a few steps missing from the manual that the user noted.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: Unboxing and Assembly

One of these steps involved a small plastic cover found in the miscellaneous parts box, which was not mentioned in the manual. This cover is meant to go in the steering tube just below the stem, providing additional coverage for the wires.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Another aspect that wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the manual was the installation of the headlight. The user found that the headlight should be placed into the lower two bolts in the handlebar clamp on the stem. To fit the headlight properly, the user needed to loosen the bolt on the headlight to spread the two headlight brackets apart. It was easier to manage the wiring by removing the headlight after attaching the bracket and then reattaching it once the wires were positioned correctly.

Design and Build Quality

The Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike is available in one frame size with a step-through design. The user, who is just under 6 feet tall, found the bike to fit well with the seat positioned about 1 inch below its maximum extension. Their wife, who is about 5’6″, also fits the bike comfortably, although the dropper post limits how far the seat can be lowered. Without the dropper post, the bike’s usable range is estimated to be about 6’2″ to 5’6″. However, removing the dropper post allows the bike to accommodate riders down to 5’3″ or 5’2″ by using a regular seat fully lowered. This information provides valuable insight into the bike’s sizing and adjustability for different rider heights.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: on the road or driving test

The Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike is equipped with air suspension at both the front and rear, which is a notable feature as it lacks coil springs. This design choice contributes to a smoother ride, particularly when navigating cracks or potholes on the pavement. The user appreciated this aspect of the bike, noting its effectiveness in providing a comfortable and stable riding experience.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: Shimano CS-HG201-9 11-34T

Additionally, the dropper post on the bike adds to its suspension system, offering a bit of give that enhances comfort further, especially with the inclusion of air springs. Riders can adjust both the fork and rear shock to their preferred feel, allowing for customization based on personal preferences and riding conditions.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: SR-SUNTOUR X1-BOOST 120mm travel

The front shock, identified as the Sunor X132 shock designed for CrossCountry mountain bikes, is deemed more than adequate for a commuter bike, showcasing its versatility and performance capabilities. On the other hand, the rear shock is a generic P shocks A6, which, although not as well-known, functions effectively for pavement riding.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: controls

The Himiway A7 Pro Commuter also features a color LCD display integrated into the stem, providing a clean and modern look to the handlebar setup. The user found the display easy to read in various lighting conditions, highlighting its practicality and user-friendly design.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: hydraulic seat dropper post

Controlling the bike is straightforward with a four-button controller located on the left handlebar, allowing riders to manage various settings and reset trip meters easily. However, the user mentioned a preference for having the throttle on the left side of the handlebar, as it currently feels busy on the right side with multiple components.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: DNM AO-06 /165*38mm BK

Furthermore, the bike comes with a hydraulic seat dropper post operated by a bar under the seat, allowing for convenient seat height adjustments. While there’s no handlebar control for the dropper post, this is not a significant concern for the user, considering that adjustments are not frequently needed during typical rides.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: Abus lock built into the rear frame

For security, the Himiway A7 Pro Commuter includes an Abus lock built into the rear frame, although its specific security rating is not mentioned. The user noted that Abus is a well-known and reputable lock company, offering higher-rated locks for added security if needed.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: rear rack

Lastly, the bike features a new modular rear rack design with a bungee system attached, providing options for securing items during rides. Himiway also offers additional accessories like bags that can attach to the sides of the rack, enhancing the bike’s functionality and versatility for various commuting and recreational needs.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter: Motor and Driving Test

The Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike features a 500W mid-drive motor, which provides a smooth and responsive power delivery system. The user likened the experience of using the mid-drive system to driving a manual transmission car, where selecting the appropriate gear is crucial for efficiency and power output based on the terrain and speed.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: on the road or driving test

In pedal assist mode, the bike delivers power almost instantly, offering a silky smooth riding experience. The user noted that maintaining a slow pedal cadence on flat roads at a constant speed is optimal, while increasing the cadence on steep hills helps extract maximum torque from the motor.

Throttle mode operates with a binary on/off type throttle, meaning riders either get 100% power or none. To optimize performance in this mode, it’s essential to shift gears accordingly to keep the motor operating within its preferred RPM range. This approach is similar to driving a manual car, where gear shifting is necessary for controlling speed and motor efficiency.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: max speed

The Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike offers a super smooth and relaxed riding experience, thanks to its excellent suspension that cushions and smooths out the ride effectively. The upright and comfortable riding position adds to the overall comfort, while the bike’s balanced feel and nimble turning capability make cornering a breeze.

The bike’s steeper head tube angle contributes to its nimbleness and stability, even at speeds up to 28 mph. Riders can adjust the suspension to their liking, making the ride stiffer or softer based on personal preferences and terrain conditions. The street tires provided with the bike work well on pavement and are decent on dirt roads and gravel, but switching to gravel or cross-country mountain bike tires can significantly enhance its performance on rougher terrains.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: on the road or driving test

During testing, the user evaluated the bike’s top speed capabilities, noting that it reached close to its advertised speeds of 20 mph with throttle and 28 mph with pedal assist. However, they found that sustaining 28 mph required a high pedal cadence, especially on flat terrain. Uphill performance was better, allowing for easier achievement of higher speeds due to increased pedal force.

In a hill climb test, the Himiway A7 Pro performed admirably, showcasing its ability to tackle steep grades efficiently. The bike’s timing in both pedal assist and throttle mode was competitive compared to other similar e-bikes, with pedal assist offering better climbing performance.

So, the Himiway e-bike delivers a smooth, comfortable, and capable riding experience, making it a solid choice for commuting and recreational riding on various terrains.

Battery and Range

During the range test of the Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike, the user rode the bike in pedal assist mode (PH2) with a 250lb rider to evaluate its range on a single charge. They embarked on long rides that included steep climbs, flat ground, and maintained a speed as close to 15 mph as possible.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: range test

The results were impressive, with the bike covering a distance of 50.6 miles before it ceased providing any further assistance. This range is notably better than some other comparable e-bikes, such as the Aventon Level Two, which managed only 44 miles, and the Ride OneUp Prodigy, which achieved 33 miles in similar tests. The pedal assist range of the A7 Pro was deemed to be exceptionally good.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: range test

However, the story is slightly different when it comes to using throttle-only mode. The user found that the bike’s throttle operates in a binary on/off manner without partial throttle control, requiring frequent shifting and effort to maintain an efficient motor cadence. Consequently, the throttle-only range was measured at 32.4 miles. While this range is shorter than that achieved in pedal assist mode, the user acknowledged that with more practice and optimized usage, it might be possible to extend the range slightly. Nonetheless, the binary throttle control necessitates a pulsing motion of motor on and off, which can impact the overall range when compared to continuous assistance provided by pedal assist mode.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter: Conclusions

The Himiway A7 Pro Commuter e-bike has been one of the rider’s favorite e-bikes thus far since it has, all things considered, been a fun bike to ride. The bike is unique in its class and comes with a lot of built-in amenities, all for less than $2,500. It performs admirably as a road bike and shows to be an adaptable option for riding on gravel or dirt roads in addition to commuting.

Himiway A7 Pro Commuter Review: front light

For anyone in search of a reliable commuter e-bike or a versatile option for various terrains, the Himiway A7 Pro comes highly recommended. The user extends their gratitude to the viewers and encourages them to like if they found the information helpful.

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