Gogobest GM26 Review: Mid-Drive Off-roading E-Bike!


If you’re on the hunt for an affordable pedal-assisted bicycle equipped with a central motor designed to conquer steep climbs, then the Gogobest GM26 is a bicycle that warrants your attention. I’m Issam, and I’m here to introduce you to this remarkable e-bike that boasts a range of features ideal for challenging terrains and a budget-friendly price point.

At the heart of the GM26 is the Ananda central motor, rated at 250 nominal watts, complemented by a torque sensor. This combination of a central motor and a torque sensor is a winning formula for tackling steep inclines with ease. Coupled with a 9-speed transmission, featuring seven rear sprockets and a front chainring, the bike provides you with versatile gearing options for various riding scenarios.

One notable aspect of this central motor is its impressive torque output, delivering a substantial 70 Newton-meters of torque. When paired with the ninth gear, you’ll find that you can confidently conquer climbs, even if not at breakneck speed. The beauty of the GM26 is that there won’t be any ascent that’s insurmountable, and you won’t have to exert excessive effort to reach the summit.

Let’s put this to the test and see how effortlessly the Gogobest GM26 handles steep climbs, making it a superb choice for riders seeking a reliable and budget-friendly e-bike capable of conquering challenging terrains.

FrameAluminum Alloy Frame
Motor36V 250W
Maximum Speed25km/H
Motor Torque70N.M
TransmissionSHIMANO RD-M370+SL-M2010-9R
Max Climb30°
Tire27.5 x 2.25 Inches
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
Front And Rear FendersYes
Battery Capacity36V 10Ah
Power Assisted Rangs60km
Rough Weight35kg
Product Size188 x 67 x 95cm

Design and Build Quality 

The Gogobest MG26 bicycle showcases an intriguing design and solid build quality, offering riders a versatile experience whether on or off-road. One of the notable aspects of this bike is its front suspension system. While it lacks a traditional shock absorber, the full suspension fork proves to be a standout feature. It provides a plush and comfortable ride, with the added bonus of adjustability. Riders can fine-tune the suspension by adjusting the preload to make it firmer or lock it entirely, effectively mimicking the function of a shock absorber.

Gogobest GM26 Review: front suspension system

The tire specifications of 27.5 inches by 2.25 inches contribute significantly to the bike’s performance. These high-quality tires deliver exceptional traction on various surfaces, making them suitable for both road and off-road cycling. Although not specifically designed for off-roading, the MG26 handles such terrain remarkably well. This is partly due to its central engine placement, which results in balanced weight distribution, enhancing stability and control when venturing off-road. This design element sets it apart from e-bikes with rear-mounted motors, making it a more balanced option for off-road adventures.

The hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels are another highlight of the MG26. They offer excellent stopping power and are among the best hydraulic disc brakes available. Despite having slightly shorter brake levers, they are designed for easy access with two fingers, ensuring responsive and efficient braking performance.

Gogobest GM26 Review: 27.5 inches by 2.25 inches tires

Convenience is a strong point of this bicycle. The inclusion of quick-release mechanisms on both the front and rear wheels makes it effortless to disassemble and load into a car, enhancing its portability and versatility. Although not foldable, this feature adds to its practicality for those who want to transport it easily.

In terms of weight, the MG26 weighs approximately 23.5 kg on your scale, which is significantly less than the manufacturer’s declared weight of 35 kg. This discrepancy may raise some questions but does not diminish the overall appeal of the bike.

Gogobest GM26 Review: hydraulic disc brakes

The design of the MG26 is aesthetically pleasing, and the included multifunction tool with various keys and accessories, as well as the adjustable rear light, enhance the overall package. The rear light’s ability to be adjusted to create a fixed flashing light with a Larsson effect adds a stylish touch. However, it’s worth noting that the light operates independently and is not connected to the brake system, so it doesn’t function as a brake light.

The comprehensive instruction manual, available in Italian, provides detailed guidance on various aspects of the bike, from usage instructions to the assembly of components like the handlebars and multifunction display. It’s a valuable resource for riders, although it could benefit from more information on the assembly of mudguards and the rear light.

Gogobest GM26 Review: front suspension system

The Gogobest MG26 bicycle offers an exceptionally comfortable riding experience, especially for taller individuals like myself, standing at 170 cm. Despite its name suggesting 26-inch wheels, it actually features 27.5-inch wheels. 

Navigating through the bike’s menu, you can customize various settings to suit your preferences. You can switch between miles and kilometers per hour for measuring speed, adjust the standby time to control when the bike automatically turns off (defaulting to 10 minutes), and modify the screen’s brightness. The large LCD screen, while easily visible under direct sunlight due to its reflective nature, allows for nighttime adjustments to prevent excessive glare.

Gogobest GM26 Review: Handlebars

To activate the white LED headlight, simply press and hold the plus button, ensuring visibility during low-light conditions. The headlight even features a reflector for added safety. Additionally, the multifunction display has an automatic brightness adjustment feature. When you require a little extra help moving the bicycle, such as up a ramp or while walking alongside it, press and hold the minus button. This engages a slow-speed mode, typically around 2-3 km/h, making it easier to maneuver without the need for manual pushing.

While some bikes may come equipped with a horn, the MG26 opts for the traditional bell, providing an audible signal to alert others. In terms of weather resistance, this bicycle boasts an IP54 rating, making it suitable for riding in light rain. However, it’s important to note that leaving the bike exposed to heavy rain or submerging it in water is not advisable.

Gogobest GM26 Review: rear light

This design choice results in a more compact frame, which can be an advantage for riders of average or shorter stature. The handlebars are positioned closer to the rider, reducing the reach and ensuring a comfortable riding posture. However, it’s worth noting that very tall riders might find the bike slightly shorter than they prefer, and they might benefit from a longer bicycle.

Display and Controls

The Gogobest MG26’s LCD display offers an array of valuable information and settings, making it an essential part of your riding experience. By simply pressing the on and off button, you can access various parameters that allow you to fine-tune your ride. One crucial parameter to focus on is the power flow between the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), which manages the electric assistance, and the motor. Interestingly, the power delivered to the motor doesn’t necessarily correspond directly to its nominal power rating. This is a key insight into how the e-bike operates.

Gogobest GM26 Review: display

Operating at assistance level 5, the bike provides its maximum assistance, giving you the most help it can offer. As you begin pedaling, the e-bike’s sensors detect your effort, ensuring that it complements your pedaling rather than overpowering it.

The LCD display’s technology excels in terms of visibility, even under direct sunlight. While it may lack color, its large size ensures that you can easily read all the displayed information. The screen provides an impressive amount of data, including trip distance, total kilometers, average speed for the current trip, maximum speed achieved, and the total time elapsed. Additionally, it calculates the hypothetical kilocalories you’ve burned during your ride, a useful metric for those focused on fitness.

Gogobest GM26 Review: display and controls

One of the most valuable aspects of the display is its ability to show how much assistance the e-bike is providing, effectively illustrating the effort it’s saving you. Navigating the multifunction display is straightforward, thanks to three buttons. The on/off button not only activates the display but also allows you to cycle through different screens. The plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the level of assistance, increasing or decreasing the electric motor’s support.

By holding down both the plus and minus buttons simultaneously, you access a secret menu, where you can adjust the speed limit. This feature allows you to limit the assistance provided up to a certain speed, which can be helpful for complying with local regulations. You’ve set it to 32 kilometers per hour, a reasonable speed limit. Beyond this speed, the bike’s assistance gradually diminishes, making it more challenging to maintain higher speeds without exerting additional effort.

Gogobest GM26: Motor

The Gogobest MG26’s versatility and adaptability shine through its multiple assistance levels, allowing you to tailor your ride to your desired level of effort and fatigue. At gear level 9, the lowest setting, you can really feel the impact of the electric assistance. When you increase the assistance level, the e-bike provides more power to the motor, typically in the range of 450 watts. This means the bike is doing more of the work, and your effort remains relatively constant, even as you pick up speed. The bicycle’s goal is to maintain a consistent level of rider fatigue, adjusting the power output as needed.

Gogobest GM26 Review: mid motor

For instance, at assistance level 4, you’ll feel the e-bike assisting you with a maximum of around 400 watts. This setting ensures that you’ll have to work harder than at level 5 but still offers a substantial amount of assistance. The assistance remains consistent, adapting to your pedaling effort. The same principle applies as you cycle through the lower levels, with the e-bike delivering less power as you decrease the assistance level.

At level 2, the assistance caps at about 350 watts, and at level 1, it limits itself to around 200-250 watts, depending on your effort. As you reduce the assistance level, you’ll need to exert more force when pedaling, effectively increasing your physical input to maintain speed.

Gogobest GM26 Review: gearing system

Finally, at level 0, the e-bike doesn’t provide any assistance, and you must rely solely on your own pedaling power. This setting allows you to experience traditional biking, with no electric assistance, and it can be quite a contrast to the higher assistance levels.

It’s worth noting that the Gogobest employs a central motor and a torque sensor, which means it responds to your pedaling force and adjusts the level of assistance accordingly. This technology ensures a more natural and intuitive riding experience, where the bike complements your effort rather than overpowering it.

Driving Test

Climbing steep gradients can be an arduous task for most bicycles, especially those with motors. However, the Gogobest MG26 takes on challenging ascents with surprising ease, even tackling slopes as steep as 40-45 degrees, and even 50 degrees in some cases. This remarkable ability is due to the clever design of the central motor and gear ratio, which allows the bike to maintain its grip on the terrain without tipping over.

Gogobest GM26 Review: Driving Test

The engine’s unique gearing system enables it to operate efficiently even on extremely steep inclines. As you demonstrated, you can easily pedal uphill with minimal effort, and the bicycle responds smoothly, making it feel like you’re riding on flat ground. With just one hand on the pedal, the bike manages the ascent effortlessly. If you choose to exert more effort, the bike can climb faster, granting you exceptional control over your ride.

This capability to conquer steep slopes makes the Gogobest MG26 a preferred choice among mountain bike enthusiasts. It offers remarkable stability, whether you’re navigating challenging off-road terrain or taking on steep inclines. This versatility makes it an ideal companion for mountain biking adventures.

Gogobest GM26 Review: Handlebars

Furthermore, you showcased the bike’s ability to start on steep uphill gradients with ease, demonstrating how it senses torque and propels itself forward. This feature adds to the overall convenience and user-friendliness of the bike, particularly when tackling challenging terrain.

The Gogobest MG26 truly shines in its niche, offering an exhilarating and enjoyable riding experience for those seeking pure fun rather than effortless speed. While it may require a bit more physical effort, it provides an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment that many riders cherish.

Gogobest GM26 Review: Driving Test

Unlike some e-bikes with fixed speed limits, the MG26’s central motor with a torque sensor doesn’t impose a strict speed cap. You’ve customized the maximum assistance speed to 32 km per hour, surpassing the default 25 km per hour. This freedom to adjust the speed limit allows riders to fine-tune their e-bike’s performance to their preferences.

Battery and Range

The Gogobest MG26 is equipped with a robust 36-volt motor, which is powered by a high-capacity battery rated at 42 volts and 10 ampere-hours. When we translate this into watts, we get an impressive 1860 watt-hours of energy storage. This substantial battery capacity is a significant contributor to the bicycle’s remarkable performance.

Gogobest GM26 Review: battery

In terms of declared autonomy, the manufacturer specifies an approximate range of 60 kilometers on a single charge. However, determining the real-world autonomy for a pedal-assisted bicycle with a torque sensor can be a challenging task. Measuring it accurately requires maintaining a consistent level of torque or effort, which can be difficult to regulate during real-world riding. Nonetheless, based on your tests, the Gogobest MG26 consistently delivers an impressive range, typically covering no less than 45 to 50 kilometers on a single charge.

When it’s time to recharge the battery, the supplied charger is rated at 42 volts and 2 amperes, providing a maximum charging time of around 5 hours to fully charge the battery from empty. The charger connects to the bike’s battery through a c5.52.1 connector, which is accessible via a hole in the frame. This design allows for convenient charging without removing the battery from the bike. However, it’s worth noting that the battery can also be disconnected using the double key supplied, offering the flexibility to charge it separately if desired.

To keep riders informed about the battery’s charge status, the battery itself is equipped with an RGB LED light and a button. When pressed, this button provides a visual indicator of the battery’s charge level. A red light indicates a low battery, green signifies a 50% charge, and blue indicates a fully charged battery, allowing you to quickly assess the battery’s status before embarking on a ride.


So the Gogobest MG26 is an impressive electric bike that combines a powerful motor, a high-capacity battery, and thoughtful design to offer an exhilarating and versatile riding experience. Its ability to effortlessly tackle steep gradients, both on and off-road, showcases its strength and adaptability. The central motor with a torque sensor provides a natural and responsive riding feel, allowing riders to fine-tune their effort and maintain a consistent level of fatigue.

Gogobest GM26 Review

The battery, with its 1860 watt-hours of capacity, ensures substantial range on a single charge, easily surpassing 45 to 50 kilometers in real-world riding conditions. Charging is convenient with the supplied charger, and the battery’s LED indicator makes it easy to check the charge level at a glance.

The Gogobest MG26’s LCD display offers comprehensive information and customization options, enhancing the overall riding experience. It provides clear visibility under various lighting conditions and allows riders to tailor their ride to their preferences.

Gogobest GM26 Review: front suspension system

For those interested in purchasing the Gogobest MG26, you can find a link and a super discount coupon in the review’s description. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to leave your inquiries in the comments section, and I’ll be happy to provide answers and assistance.

As we wrap up this review, I want to express my gratitude for your time and attention. Until next time, happy riding, and I look forward to seeing you in our next article. Goodbye!

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