Freebeat MorphRover Review: Recharging Battery E-bike 2023!


The Freebeat MorphRover introduces an innovative concept – the ability to recharge the electric bike using the power of your own legs during an indoor exercise class at home. Unlike traditional electric bikes that require a wall outlet for recharging, the MorphRover promises the potential to harness energy through pedaling, offering a unique and eco-friendly twist to the charging process.

The manufacturer claims that a 30-minute indoor exercise session with a resistance level of 70 can provide enough energy to sustain a 10-mile outdoor ride on the MorphRover. This proposition not only emphasizes the bike’s dual functionality for both indoor and outdoor use but also positions it as a sustainable and energy-efficient transportation solution.

In the review, I express curiosity about the practicality of this concept and set out to determine whether it lives up to its claims. As the ride progresses, the battery level is monitored closely, and the effectiveness of recharging through leg power is put to the test. I’m skeptical, as indicated by the consistent 66% battery level, sets the stage for a hands-on exploration of the bike’s capabilities.

The goal is to ascertain whether this unique recharging feature is more than just a compelling idea on paper. The real-world test results will provide valuable insights into the feasibility and effectiveness of the MorphRover’s innovative charging mechanism.

By addressing the question of whether the bike can truly derive enough energy from an indoor workout to power an extended outdoor ride, the review delves into the practical implications of this novel concept. This exploration adds a layer of real-world testing to the initial claims, allowing potential buyers to gauge the functionality of the MorphRover’s recharging capabilities and its impact on the overall user experience.

FRAMEAluminum Alloy
MOTOR48V, 750W Brushless Hub Motor, Max Torque 85Nm
THROTTLERemovable Thumb-Control
DISPLAY3.5" Backlit LCD Display
SENSORCadence Sensor
FORKHydraulic Suspension with 80mm Travel
BRAKE LEVERHydraulic Disc Brake
REAR DERAILLEUR8-Speed Direct Attachment
TIRE26 x 4", Puncture-Resistant Liner
LIGHTINGHigh Output Integrated LED, Adjustable Angle
BATTERYRemovable Internal Lithium-ion Battery, 48V, 15Ah (720Wh)
RANGEUp to 60 Miles
WEIGHT77lbs ( 35kg )
WEIGHT LIMITMax Load 400lbs ( 181kg )

Unboxing and Assembly

As we delve into the contents of the boxes, the unique feature of this eBike becomes apparent – it seamlessly transitions from an outdoor ride to an indoor workout.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Unboxing and Assembly

The bike itself boasts impressive components, with large rotors for enhanced stopping power and notably flat tires that beckon for a dose of air. The hub motor situated on the rear wheel serves as the heart of the entire system, featuring a regenerative braking system. This regen brake not only aids in stopping the bike but also doubles as a means to charge the battery during indoor workouts, a clever integration that enhances the overall versatility of the MorphRover.

Whether riding indoors or outdoors, the gears come into play to provide adjustable resistance. This feature allows users to tailor their workout intensity, adding an extra layer of customization to their riding experience.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: charger

Upon cracking open the boxes labeled A, B, and C, the assembly process begins, revealing a bike trainer designed to elevate the MorphRover into an indoor exercise machine. The installation is described as “easy peasy,” with the bike effortlessly attaching to the trainer, suspending the rear wheel off the ground. The immediate resistance felt from the motor further accentuates the robustness of the system.

Testing the indoor setup, a 6’5″ individual demonstrates how effortlessly the MorphRover accommodates riders of varying sizes. The motor’s audible presence adds an authentic touch to the experience, providing feedback as the rider engages in the indoor workout.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Recharging Battery E-bike home training

As the rider explores different modes such as pedal assist and full throttle, the MorphRover reaches a maximum speed of 20, showcasing the eBike’s capability to deliver a dynamic and immersive riding experience. The integration of indoor workout functionality with the regenerative braking system sets the Freebeat apart, creating a hybrid system that caters to both fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Whether navigating urban terrain or engaging in indoor workouts, the MorphRover promises a versatile and thrilling ride.

Design and Build Quality

The Freebeat MorphRover, available in Sahara Sand, Sage Green, and another color option, is a striking e-bike that exhibits a thoughtful design and robust build quality. The color-matched battery pack seamlessly integrates into the frame, adding to the bike’s aesthetic appeal.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Design and Build Quality

The chainring on the MorphRover suggests a gearing system optimized for slower speed pedaling, enhancing control and efficiency during various terrains. While front suspension might seem unnecessary for indoor riding, its adjustability becomes crucial for a smoother outdoor ride. The inclusion of fat tires further contributes to a comfortable and smooth riding experience, particularly on uneven surfaces.

Examining the toolkit, it’s evident that assembly is straightforward, with the addition of the kickstand and pedals. The option to swap out the pedals for more specialized ones caters to riders with specific preferences. The instructional guide aids in the assembly process, ensuring users can set up their MorphRover with ease.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Hydraulic Suspension with 80mm Travel

The bike comes with a Freebeat-branded 2-amp charger, reflecting the brand’s commitment to a unified design. The charger’s specifications reveal a charging time of 7 hours for a completely depleted 14.4-amp battery, emphasizing the practicality of this e-bike for daily use.

Considering the rider’s comfort, the wide seat with a groove down the middle offers a supportive and ergonomic design. The quick-release lever facilitates easy height adjustments, accommodating riders of different sizes. The flat handlebars, with Freebeat branding extending to the grips and hub, contribute to a cohesive and branded appearance.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: 26 x 4", Puncture-Resistant Liner

The display unit, also adorned with Freebeat branding, provides essential information such as battery percentage, speed, distance, and pedal assist modes. The pedal assist modes, ranging from 0 to 5, allow riders to tailor the level of assistance according to their preferences. The inclusion of a front fender adds a practical touch, although a minor issue with a loose screw is noted.

The MorphRover’s flat handlebars and seating position suggest a slightly forward-leaning stance, optimizing power transfer to the pedals. The thumb throttle on the right offers an alternative to pedaling, providing riders with flexibility in their riding style.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Recharging Battery E-bike home training

One distinctive feature is the wire running from the display to the seat, presumably for detecting whether the rider is in the saddle. This feature is likely designed to enhance the experience during indoor exercise classes, adding a unique element to the MorphRover’s versatility.

So, the Freebeat MorphRover’s design and build quality showcase a meticulous attention to detail, from color-matched components to branding consistency. With features catering to both outdoor adventures and indoor workouts, this e-bike promises a well-rounded and enjoyable riding experience.


Alright, dudes, let’s dive into the Freebeat Fit app and explore the seamless transition from indoor to outdoor mode on the Freebeat MorphRover e-bike. The first step is downloading the Freebeat Fit app, and then you connect your device via Bluetooth. The app quickly finds the bike, allowing you to switch between indoor and outdoor modes effortlessly.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Application

Once connected, the app guides you through the setup process, ensuring the bike is secure. You can place your phone on the dash or mirror it to your television for an immersive experience. The app introduces two ways to adjust resistance, adding a dynamic element to your workout routine.

The Freebeat Journey feature encourages riders to synchronize their movements with the music, maintaining a cadence that aligns with the beat. As you embark on your journey, the app provides real-time guidance, prompting you to adjust resistance levels to match the rhythm.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Application

The resistance adjustment is a standout feature, allowing you to fine-tune the intensity of your workout. With the ability to go up to 100 on the resistance scale, riders can experience a range of challenges, from a gentle cruise to an intense, muscle-engaging workout.

The app also includes battery health monitoring, showing the percentage of battery remaining. It offers a subscription-based model for classes, but you can also simply use the bike for your workouts without the classes.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Recharging Battery E-bike home training

During the indoor mode demonstration, I explored different resistance levels, showcasing the bike’s capability to provide a serious and customizable workout experience. The integration of gears and resistance settings adds versatility to the training routine.

Transitioning to outdoor mode, I effortlessly disengaged the bike from the indoor setup, highlighting the bike’s adaptability for both environments. The outdoor ride is about to begin, and I plan to track the range using the Strava app.

Freebeat MorphRover: Driving Test

The Freebeat MorphRover undergoes a series of rigorous tests, starting with a demonstration of its climbing capabilities on a challenging 20% grade. Weighing in at 200 lbs, I initiated the climb using the throttle only, showcasing the bike’s decent torque and ability to ascend the steep incline without pedaling. The demonstration highlights the MorphRover’s power and climbing capacity.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: on the road or driving test

Switching to pedal assist mode, I explored different levels of assistance, indicating that even at the lowest setting, the bike can reach speeds of 12 mph without much effort. The demonstration continues with a progression through pedal assist levels, with the bike reaching its maximum speed of 20 mph in pedal assist 3.

The bike’s Cadence Sensor is mentioned, allowing effortless ghost pedaling to maintain speed. The suspension, initially locked for indoor riding, is now unlocked for outdoor use to absorb bumps on the road.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: on the road or driving test

I address the speed limitation of 20 mph, suggesting that the bike is geared for hill climbing and slower speeds. The throttle-only acceleration test from 0 to 20 mph showcases typical performance for a 750W fat tire hub drive electric bike, reaching the expected speeds.

The question of recharging the bike while riding is explored, acknowledging the theoretical possibility of adding a small charge by pedaling on a low setting. However, the practicality of this approach is questioned, emphasizing the efficiency of riding a traditional bicycle for weight savings.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Recharging Battery E-bike home training

The MorphRover is taken off-road to test its capabilities in sand, demonstrating the bike’s strong motor and ability to navigate through challenging terrain. I expressed surprise at the motor’s strength and the bike’s performance in sand, reinforcing its versatility.

A hill climb on a 12% grade is undertaken, showcasing the bike’s power as it ascends effortlessly. The descent is handled with hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors, demonstrating effective stopping power for a bike of this weight.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: on the road or driving test

So, the Freebeat MorphRover undergoes a thorough examination of its climbing ability, speed, off-road capabilities, and braking performance, providing potential buyers with valuable insights into the bike’s overall performance and versatility in various terrains.

Battery and Range

The Freebeat MorphRover features a robust and reliable power system, operating on a 48-volt battery with a capacity of 14.4 amp-hours, totaling 690 watt-hours of energy. This substantial battery capacity contributes to the bike’s impressive range and performance.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Recharging Battery E-bike home training

Notably, the MorphRover is proudly listed as UL certified on the website, emphasizing its commitment to safety standards. This certification places the bike among the more secure options available in the market, providing users with an added layer of confidence in its build quality and electrical components.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, the MorphRover is purported to achieve an impressive 60 miles on a single charge. This assertion speaks to the efficiency and longevity of the battery, offering riders the potential for extensive journeys without the need for frequent recharging.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: charger

The on-road test aligns with the manufacturer’s claims, showcasing the bike’s capability to cover significant distances on a single charge. After approximately 10 miles, the battery stands at a remarkable 76%, suggesting that the bike can maintain a substantial portion of its charge even after covering a considerable distance.

Throughout the ride, I primarily utilized the thumb throttle, ranging from pedal assist 3 to pedal assist 5. This approach emphasizes the bike’s electric power delivery, allowing for a more relaxed and effortless riding experience.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Design and Build Quality

The comment that riders could potentially achieve even greater range by actively pedaling and avoiding challenging terrains, such as sand, reinforces the versatility of the MorphRover. The bike’s performance is described as typical, indicating that it aligns well with the expected capabilities of a high-quality electric bike.

Freebeat MorphRover: Conclusions

In summary, the Freebeat MorphRover presents an intriguing concept of an electric bike that doubles as an indoor exercise machine, offering users the flexibility to work out at home while still enjoying the benefits of outdoor cycling. While the idea of recharging the bike through pedaling might be more of a novelty than a practicality, it adds a unique twist to the overall design.

Freebeat MorphRover Review

The bike’s dual functionality is a standout feature, eliminating the need for a separate indoor exercise bike and providing a space-saving solution for those in smaller living spaces. I acknowledge that the likelihood of consistently recharging the bike through indoor workouts may be low, but the convenience of having a versatile bike for both indoor and outdoor use is commendable.

The Freebeat MorphRover’s design and build quality, highlighted during the unboxing and assembly process, showcase attention to detail and thoughtful integration of features. From color-matched components to the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor modes, the bike presents itself as a well-crafted and versatile electric bike.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: Recharging Battery E-bike home training

The performance tests, including climbing capabilities, speed tests, and off-road excursions, provide a comprehensive overview of the bike’s capabilities. The 48-volt, 14.4-amp battery, along with its UL certification, contributes to the bike’s reliability and safety standards. The claimed range of 60 miles on a single charge aligns well with the real-world test results, affirming the bike’s efficiency and endurance.

In terms of practicality, I note that while the indoor recharging concept may not be a game-changer, the MorphRover excels as a multifunctional electric bike suitable for various riding scenarios. The option to support the channel by purchasing through the provided link is mentioned, emphasizing Matt’s appreciation for viewer support.

Freebeat MorphRover Review: on the road or driving test

So, the Freebeat MorphRover offers a distinctive blend of indoor and outdoor cycling experiences, making it an intriguing option for those seeking a versatile and space-conscious electric bike. I express gratitude for viewer support and invite those interested in the bike to explore further through the provided link or check out other electric bike options.

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