Fafrees F26 Pro Review: This is Great City E-Bike!


A recently released inexpensive city e-bike that is readily available in the EU is the Fafrees F26 Pro. I’m going to examine the main characteristics of this electric bike in this essay to determine if there is anything novel or creative about it.

Affordable electric bikes are produced by Fafrees, a Chinese company, primarily for consumers in the EU market. Their selection consists of foldable e-bikes, e-bikes with fat tires, and inexpensive e-MTBs. The brand focuses on selling e-bikes of reasonable quality for under $1000.


We now have other options for emission-free travel besides EVs. Choose from bicycles, skateboards, and electric kick scooters. The latter is currently experiencing a phenomenal increase in demand. Pedal-powered two-wheelers were already a common way of getting around without noise and pollution before electric powertrains took hold. Thus, Fafrees offers the F26 Pro as an eye-catching pedelec that skillfully blends conventional riding with cutting-edge technology.

ModelF26 Pro
Tire Size26 x 1.75 Inch
Tire TypeAir Tire
Maximum Speed25KM/H
Motor Power36V 250W
Maximum Torque42N.m
Drive TypeRear Drive
Maximum RangePure Electric: 30-45km
Power Assistant: 70-90km
Battery Capacity (AH)10AH 18650 Lithium-ion
Rated Voltage (V)36V
Input Voltage (V)42V
Charging Time6-8Hours
Max Climbing Gradability30°
Adjustable Height of Seat85-103CM
Adjustable Height of Handle Stem100-112CM
Unfolded Size173 x 109 x 67CM
Package Size143 x 25 x 78CM
Material FrameAluminum Alloy
TransmissionSHIMAN0 7S
DampingFront Fork Suspension
(Travel Distance: 80MM)
Display3.5 inch Large LCD Display
Mobile APPYes
BrakeFront and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes
Controller5 Shift Intelligent Control System
Riding ModeHuman/Assisted/Pure Power
Operating Temperature(-10~45)℃
Waterproof and
Dustproof Level
Net Weight23.2KG
Package Weight29.4KG
Battery Weight2.7KG
Load Capacity120KG
ColorGunmetal Grey , Dark Green,
Titanium Gold

Fafrees F26 Pro: Design and Build Quality

This electric bike is a part of the company’s “City Commuter Series,” according to the product page. Its form factor was therefore meticulously designed with your convenience in mind in practically every aspect. The F26 Pro comes in just one size and has a step-through frame.

Do not worry, Fafrees claims that it can accommodate individuals ranging in height from 5’1″ to 6’3″. The chassis is designed to handle everything that comes your way, despite the top tube’s lack. Additionally, the seat and handlebars’ location suggest a comfortable posture.

The Fafrees F26 Pro is prepared for long distance travel. Waterproof wiring, mudguards to keep out water and debris, and a spring-loaded fork to dampen shocks are all included. Those who choose to bring their luggage on bike rides can quickly and simply strap it to the luggage rack. However, it’s best not to go beyond the 120 kilogram maximum load capacity.

The Fafrees F26 has a single frame size (18′′) and the manufacturer states that it should fit riders with heights ranging from 160cm to 198cm. In terms of bike sizing, an 18′′ frame is typically a medium, so extremely short or extremely tall riders may not be the ideal fit. To determine the ideal bike sizing for your build, I always suggest visiting your local bike shop for a bike fit.

The front fork of the SR SUNTOUR suspension, meanwhile, is constantly prepared to withstand the road’s bumps and uneven surfaces. The Selle Royal saddle on the F26 Pro keeps you comfortable because riding often requires prolonged sitting.

With an ergonomic design that doesn’t interfere with your legs during cycling, it is wide enough to provide enough support. The experience is effortless and natural because there is hardly any assistance delay. It’s “exactly like riding a bike,” but with some fantastic bonuses, you could say.

Fafrees undoubtedly created a striking city commuter from an aesthetic perspective. This model sports a streamlined frame made of 6061 aluminum, which offers superb corrosion resistance and a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio. Weighing only 50.7 lbs, the F26 Pro is lightweight. This facilitates transportation.

You have a Gates crankset and carbon belt combination, making your purchase virtually worry-free. The polymer and composite materials currently being used are more dependable, long-lasting, and secure than roller chains, which are typically constructed of metal. In fact, according to Fafrees, it typically provides 18,600 miles of travel without the need for maintenance.

Fafrees F26 Pro: Motor and Driving

The cheap e-bikes from China are approaching us in a true deluge. The Fafrees F26 Pro E-Bike is a contender that is marketed as a “City E-Bike.” We are dealing with a full 18 inch aluminum frame with 26 inch CST tires, unlike the numerous other bikes from China. The rear wheel’s hub motor, which has a 250 watt output, powers the electric drive.

Speed, range, and battery are all constantly monitored by the bike computer. An app that connects the e-bike to the smartphone allows you to view a history of your most recent excursions.

Overlapping the handlebar stem is the sizable LCD display. The display is described as being in color on the manufacturer’s website, yet the images show a black and white display. I can’t guarantee it’s a color display until I get my hands on one of them to review.

There is a partner app for the Fafrees F26. Although there isn’t much information available on the app’s features, it is safe to assume that it will include things like GPS trip logging and battery information.

It differs from similarly priced e-bikes in a few ways, including the smartphone app’s ability to track rides and provide additional features like battery life and range information. The rear light also features a motion sensor, which makes it brighter as the bike slows down.

The Fafrees F26 will have wide appeal as a standard hybrid e-bike with basic front suspension and a step-through frame; it should be especially useful for commuting and general leisure riding.

Even if you’ve never ridden a pedelec bike before, Fafrees makes sure the adjustment is as simple as possible. It functions essentially the same as a standard pedal-powered platform. There is never any shifting need while riding thanks to the single-speed drivetrain. Additionally, the features are ideal for casual urban bikers who only want to ride slowly.

Large tactile control buttons that may be used with your thumbs sit on either side of a smart LCD display that is centered in the handlebar stem. The menu and assist level are toggled with the left. The headlight, taillight, and turn indication controls are to your right. Launch the Fafrees companion app after Bluetooth pairing to activate navigation and other features.

Fafrees F26 Pro: Battery and Range

The advertised range of up to 90km per charge for the integrated 36V 10Ah battery is very optimistic for a battery of this size and wouldn’t reflect real-world battery range. I would argue that 40-50 kilometers is a more reasonable estimate.

The battery life could last up to 62 miles, depending on the amount of pedal assistance, until it converts to a standard bicycle. Be aware that it typically requires 4.5 hours to fully recharge, therefore we advise getting a spare. The battery’s ability to charge either with or without your F26 Pro is a neat feature.

Fafrees F26 Pro: Conclusions

Fafrees appears to be a respectable brand, however I haven’t yet reviewed one of their e-bikes in person. The F26 Pro e-bike contains all the functionality you’d anticipate for a bike of this budget and has a beautiful appearance.

The F26 is unquestionably worth considering if you’re shopping for a cheap commuter e-bike or you’re just searching for a fun and inexpensive way to go around. This electric bicycle is currently on the market in the EU, and purchasers in the UK should have it shortly as well.

We’ve essentially covered everything there is to know about this powerful pedelec from Fafrees. This is the environmentally friendly alternative to EVs that also gives you a light workout. Even while the pedal assist may not be as powerful as what other brands can offer, it still does the job. Although we think the F26 Pro is a great option, additional trims or improvements would have improved it even further.


Alternatives of Fafrees F26 Pro

Video Review of Fafrees F26 Pro


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