Engwe X24 Review: Triple Suspension System E-bike 2023!


In a sea of e-bikes that often blend into a uniform landscape, the Engwe X24 emerges as a breath of fresh air, offering a distinctive and versatile riding experience that’s a departure from the ordinary. This review delves into the X24’s standout features, performance, design, and unique character that set it apart in the crowded e-bike market.

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey with the Engwe X24 electric bike? Experience the joy of riding a unique and versatile e-bike that’s designed to stand out from the crowd. With its exceptional features and standout performance, the X24 offers an unparalleled riding experience that’s tailored to your individuality.


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So let me start my full and detailed test of the new Engwe X24, but you can also read our review of the younger version of Engwe X20.

Frame:6061 Aluminum Alloy
Torque:70 N.m
Maximum Climbing Degree:30°
Transmission System:Shimano 8 Gears
Brakes:Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Battery 1:48v 19.2ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery 2:48v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Mileage:62 Miles(electric Mode)
Bike Weight:92.3 lbs (41.9 kg)
Gross Weight:108.7 lbs (49.32 kg)
Maximum Load:330lbs (150kg)

Unboxing and Assembly 

Unboxing and assembling the Engwe X24 electric bike is an exciting process that allows you to transform a well-packaged product into a fully functional and ready-to-ride electric bike. With attention to detail and the included tools, you can easily put together this bike for your adventures. 

Engwe X24 Review: Unboxing and Assembly 

Upon opening the package, you’ll find that the X24 is securely packed and protected with zip ties and foam. Carefully remove these materials to reveal the components of the bike. Take a moment to ensure that all the parts and accessories are present and undamaged.

Locate the handlebars, which are typically wrapped in protective styrofoam. Carefully unwrap the handlebars and identify the stem that attaches to the front fork. Align the handlebars with the stem and secure them using the provided tools, usually an Allen wrench. Make sure the handlebars are properly aligned and tightened for safe riding.

The next step involves attaching the front wheel. Place the wheel into the front fork dropouts and ensure that the axle is properly seated. Secure the wheel in place by tightening the quick-release lever or nuts, depending on the bike’s design. Confirm that the wheel spins freely and is centered within the fork.

Engwe X24 Review: Unboxing and Assembly 

The Engwe X24 electric bike comes with pedals that need to be attached to the crank arms. Identify the left and right pedals and thread them into the corresponding crank arms. Remember that the left pedal is threaded counter-clockwise, while the right pedal is threaded clockwise. Use the included wrenches to tighten the pedals securely.

Locate the rear cushion and position it over the designated mounting area on the frame. Ensure that the cushion is aligned properly and securely attached to the frame. Then, attach the rear seat by aligning the seat post with the seat tube and tightening the clamp securely. Adjust the seat height to your preference.

The kickstand is typically located on the non-drive side of the bike frame. Securely attach the kickstand using the provided hardware and tools. This feature allows you to easily park and stabilize your electric bike when not in use.

Engwe X24 Review: Unboxing and Assembly 

Take a moment to review the included manual, as it provides valuable information about the electric bike’s features, settings, and maintenance. Also, locate the charger, which you’ll need to charge the bike’s battery. Keep the included tools handy for any future adjustments or maintenance tasks.

Before taking your Engwe X24 electric bike for a ride, perform a final inspection. Double-check all the attachments, tighten any loose bolts or screws, and ensure that all components are securely in place. This step ensures your safety and the optimal performance of the bike.

Design and Build Quality

The Engwe X24 boasts a design and build quality that reflects a blend of innovation and refinement, offering a satisfying riding experience that stems from its thoughtful engineering and construction. Although I have had the opportunity to review the Engwe X24 and draw comparisons with the X26, it’s important to note that I cannot provide an assessment of the ride itself, as I lack personal experience with the latter. However, I can certainly elaborate on the design and build aspects of the Engwe X24.

Engwe X24 Review: Design and Build Quality

One of the key enhancements that the Engwe team has implemented in the X24, compared to its predecessor, the X26, lies in its modified frame design. Transitioning to a 24-inch tire size from the previously used 26-inch tire size, the X24’s frame has been specifically tailored to accommodate this adjustment. Constructed from 6061 aluminum, the frame not only reflects a commendable build quality but also features a design that showcases attention to detail.

The Engwe X24 is not lightweight when it comes to its overall build. Weighing around 92 pounds, this bike incorporates multiple batteries, components, shocks, and a sturdy frame. While this weight may present a challenge in terms of maneuverability, the powerful motor compensates by providing the necessary torque and assistance to make riding a bike of this heft a manageable and enjoyable experience.

Engwe X24 Review: Design and Build Quality

Aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed, the frame’s joints exhibit seamless integration with minimal visible welds. This meticulous craftsmanship contributes to an overall clean and streamlined appearance. The black matte powder-coated finish not only adds an element of sophistication but also enhances durability against daily wear and tear.

The X24 inherits the folding mechanism that was a defining feature of the X26, showcasing the bike’s versatility. This folding system facilitates convenient storage and transportation, making it a practical choice for urban commuting and explorations.

Suspension plays a pivotal role in enhancing the riding experience, and the Engwe X24 continues to impress in this regard. It retains a three-part suspension setup, akin to the X26, incorporating a combination of front fork hydraulic suspension, mid mechanical spring, and dual air shocks at the rear. This amalgamation of suspension elements contributes to a smoother and more comfortable ride across various terrains.

The rear suspension assembly, featuring air shocks on both sides, is accompanied by a cushioned area that could potentially serve as a seat for a passenger. While this configuration adds versatility to the bike’s utility, it’s important to note that the X24 lacks designated foot pegs on the sides, which are commonly found on some e-bikes. It’s worth considering aftermarket options if this feature is desired.


Let’s delve into the various components of the Engwe X24 electric bike’s handlebar setup. This configuration not only offers a user-friendly interface but also incorporates a range of features that enhance control, comfort, and convenience during your rides.

Engwe X24 Review: Handlebar 

The handlebar of the Engwe X24 showcases a design that balances familiarity and functionality. Equipped with standard grips, these leather-covered handlebar grips provide a comfortable and tactile grip that enhances your control over the bike.

Positioned conveniently on the handlebar, the thumb throttle serves as a pivotal control element that governs the bike’s electric assistance. By engaging the thumb throttle, you can smoothly and intuitively control the power output of the electric motor, allowing you to adjust your speed effortlessly.

Adjacent to the thumb throttle, you’ll find a cluster of essential bike controls. These buttons include functions such as powering the bike on, accessing important information, toggling the headlights on and off, and making incremental adjustments to the electric assistance level. 

The Engwe X24 features hydraulic brake levers that offer responsive and precise braking performance. With their smooth operation, these brake levers allow you to modulate your braking force with ease, enhancing both safety and riding confidence. 

Engwe X24 Review: Handlebar and display

The hydraulic front fork suspension is a standout feature of the Engwe X24’s handlebar setup. This suspension system is not only visually striking but also contributes significantly to the bike’s overall comfort and ride quality. A lockout feature allows you to switch between suspension and rigid modes, providing adaptability for different terrains and riding preferences.

The Shimano trigger shifter is an integral component that allows you to effortlessly shift between gears. Positioned on both the top and bottom portions of the handlebar, the Shimano trigger shifters provide seamless gear transitions. The Engwe X24 incorporates an eight-speed setup, enabling you to navigate various inclines and terrains efficiently.

The rear derailleur on the Engwe X24 is the Shimano Cherny, known for its reliable shifting performance. This derailleur is designed to handle the demands of urban commuting and leisurely rides alike, ensuring smooth gear changes and minimal maintenance requirements.

In comparison to the X26, which might have featured a Shimano Altus derailleur, the Engwe X24 maintains a level of quality and performance in its drivetrain components, offering a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.


The Engwe X24 electric bike features thoughtful design elements that extend beyond the handlebar, enhancing safety and visibility while adding to the overall riding experience. Let’s explore these features and then embark on a ride to assess its performance.

Engwe X24 Review: front light

One notable safety feature on the Engwe X24 is the rear brake light. Positioned at the rear of the bike, this light activates when you engage the brake levers, effectively alerting pedestrians and motorists behind you that you are slowing down. This additional layer of visibility contributes to safer riding, especially in low-light conditions or areas with heavy traffic.

The Engwe X24 is equipped with a front headlight that provides ample illumination during nighttime or low-light rides. This front light not only enhances your visibility but also ensures that you can navigate your path with confidence. The brightness of the headlight contributes to your safety while also allowing you to explore and enjoy your rides even when the sun has set.

Engwe X24 Review: rear light

Having discussed these features, let’s move beyond the specifications and theories to the real-world experience of riding the X24 electric bike.

Motor and Driving Test

The heart of the Engwe X24’s propulsion is its robust motor. With a peak output of 1200 watts and a nominal output of 1000 watts, this motor is engineered to deliver substantial power to the bike’s drivetrain. This level of power is crucial, given the bike’s weight, including two batteries, shocks, sizable tires, and other components. The motor’s capacity ensures that you have ample power on tap for acceleration, hill climbing, and navigating a variety of terrains.

Engwe X24 Review: Motor and Driving Test

The significance of having hydraulic disc brakes on the Engwe X24 cannot be overstated. The bike’s weight, coupled with its substantial power output, demands a reliable braking system. Hydraulic disc brakes excel in this area by offering precise modulation and dependable stopping power, even when dealing with a heavy load or rapidly changing conditions.

To complement the robust braking system, the Engwe X24 employs 160mm rotors on both the front and rear wheels. These rotors, with their substantial size, enhance heat dissipation and braking efficiency. 

During speed testing with different pedal assist levels, several noteworthy observations emerged. When using the throttle alone, the bike achieves its maximum speed, irrespective of the chosen pedal assist level. This consistency underscores the motor’s power and efficiency in delivering swift acceleration.

Engwe X24 Review: Motor and Driving Test

Riding the Engwe X24 on streets and sidewalks with relatively smooth surfaces provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The suspension system, including the front fork and rear shocks, excels at minimizing the impact of bumps and irregularities on the road. This design choice contributes to a smooth and cushioned ride, making urban commutes and leisurely rides a pleasurable endeavor.

The Engwe X24’s versatility extends beyond city streets. The bike exhibits a capable performance when taken off-road, particularly on rough terrains. Its robust motor provides ample power to navigate challenging landscapes, ensuring that you can traverse gravel paths, trails, and uneven ground with confidence. The suspension system, although bumps are more noticeable off-road, continues to offer a high level of comfort and support.

Engwe X24 Review: Motor and Driving Test

While the Engwe X24’s suspension system functions well in absorbing shocks and vibrations, it’s important to note that the extent of its durability under extreme off-road conditions remains uncertain. Although the bike’s performance on rough trails is commendable, pushing the bike to its limits in an exceedingly demanding environment might necessitate upgrading to specialized high-end suspension components for prolonged durability.

Navigating steep inclines exceeding 10 degrees presents a unique challenge. To optimize power delivery during such ascents, it’s recommended to tackle them with batteries that are nearing full charge. Striking a balance in battery levels is crucial, with the smaller battery needing to maintain a charge at or above the main seat post battery. This strategic approach ensures optimal power output, as the smaller battery’s capacity influences the bike’s overall power capabilities.

Battery and Range

The Engwe X24 distinguishes itself with a dual-battery system, a feature that significantly contributes to its range and adaptability. The two-battery setup, consisting of a 10 amp hour battery housed in the frame and a larger 19.2 amp hour battery integrated into the seat post, offers extended riding capabilities and enhances the overall functionality of the bike. This system ensures that riders can tackle longer distances with confidence and ease.

Engwe X24 Review: Design and Build Quality

The Engwe X24’s choice of battery sizes mirrors that of its predecessor, the X26. This consistency maintains a level of familiarity for those familiar with the brand while retaining the benefits of ample power and endurance provided by these batteries. The combination of the frame battery and the seat post battery harmoniously complements the bike’s design, providing a balanced distribution of weight and power sources.

An improvement over previous models, the Engwe X24 features enhanced charging convenience. The need to remove the frame battery for charging has been eliminated through the integration of a charge port. This port is accessible without removing the battery from the frame. 

The flexibility of the dual-battery setup is further evident in the bike’s ability to operate on either battery individually or both batteries simultaneously. By default, the frame battery is engaged. To activate or deactivate the seat post battery, a straightforward button on the bike’s interface provides this control. 

Engwe X24 Review: Unboxing and Assembly 

Security measures are thoughtfully incorporated into the battery system. A key-operated lock secures the seat post battery, preventing unauthorized removal. This measure safeguards your investment and ensures that your battery remains intact even when you’re away from the bike.

When unfolding the frame and accessing the battery compartment, an additional key mechanism serves to unlock the battery from its secured position. This security measure not only prevents theft but also adds an extra layer of protection to the bike’s key components.


My experience with the Engwe X24 electric bike has been a delightful journey filled with exploration, discovery, and a profound appreciation for its unique qualities. In an era where many e-bikes tend to blend together, the X24 stands out as a distinctive and versatile ride, offering a refreshing departure from the ordinary.

Engwe X24 Review: Design and Build Quality

Riding the X24 has revealed a remarkable blend of versatility and character. Its dual-battery system, powerful motor, and robust suspension make it a true all-rounder, ready to tackle urban streets, off-road trails, and everything in between. The bike’s ability to seamlessly adapt to different riding conditions speaks to its well-thought-out design and engineering.

The X24’s design is refreshingly unique, providing a welcome departure from the homogeneity that’s often seen in the e-bike market. Its combination of thoughtful aesthetics, high-quality components, and attention to detail not only contributes to its distinctive appearance but also enhances the overall riding experience.

Engwe X24 Review: Motor and Driving Test

For those considering making the Engwe X24 their riding companion, the early bird promotion offers an enticing opportunity. The discounted pricing during this period makes the bike an even more attractive proposition. Furthermore, the special giveaway presents a chance to win a range of exciting prizes, from Envy e-bikes to branded gear and rear rack bags.

If you’re seeking an e-bike that stands out from the crowd, encapsulates versatility, and exudes character, the Engwe X24 deserves serious consideration. It’s a vehicle that defies conformity and invites you to embark on adventures that match your unique style and preferences. To take advantage of the early bird promotion and participate in the giveaway, be sure to explore the product page linked in the description. The X24 isn’t just a bike; it’s an embodiment of individuality and limitless possibilities.


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