Cyrusher Ranger Review: What You Need To Know About Fat Tire eMTB?


Fat Tire eMTB, also known as a fat tire electric mountain bike, is an electric bicycle designed for off-road use with oversized tires that provide excellent traction and stability on various terrains, including snow, sand, and mud. The eMTB aspect of the bike refers to its electric motor, which helps to provide additional power to the pedals, making it easier to ride up steep hills and rough terrain.

The Cyrusher Ranger is a full-featured, high-end electric bike with characteristics similar to those of a mountain bike and a dual-purpose motorcycle. Although it is not a cheap e-bike, you will get a lot for your money.

Some people might find the Cyrusher Ranger to be a bit extravagant. You would be paying a lot for technology you can’t use if you reside somewhere that forbids Class 2 or Class 3 ebikes. The Ranger suspension and big tires will be less useful if you just want a casual commuter and will mostly be riding on smooth pavement, even though they have a significant impact on price. 

Cyrusher Ranger Fat Tire eMTBs have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many riders enjoying the added convenience and versatility that comes with having an electric motor. They allow riders to explore more challenging and remote trails, and can also provide a great workout with less strain on the body than traditional mountain bikes.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Cyrusher Ranger Fat Tire eMTB, it’s important to research and compare different models to find one that meets your specific needs and preferences. Factors to consider may include the bike’s motor power, battery life, tire size, and suspension system, as well as its overall weight and handling.

However, the Cyrusher Ranger makes a capable and respectable option if you want an e-bike that can happily cruise along city streets, hop up and down curbs, and then hit trails while enjoying plenty of motor assistance and range. 

Frame6061 Aluminum full suspension frame
Motor750 watt (1500 watt peak)
Rider Height5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)
Display3.7" LCD display, Smart Computer
TiresKenda 26" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires
Seat postAdjustable height
Rear DerailleurShimano 9 speed
BrakeTLogan hydraulic 180mm disc brakes front + rear
Rear SuspensionAir suspension 165x750 lbs 3 mags
Battery52 volt 20 amp-hour Samsung
Range50~56 miles (80~90 km)
Battery Charge Time5~7 hours
Bike Weight66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery
Total Payload Capacity330 lbs (150 kg)

Cyrusher Ranger: Design and Build Quality

The Cyrusher Ranger is a large electric bike, though they come in all different sizes and shapes. Everything about this bike is huge, from its enormous wheels and dual-crown fork that resembles a motorcycle to its enormous battery compartment and enlarged bottom bracket. 

Cyrusher Ranger Fat Tire eMTBs typically feature a sturdy frame and a powerful motor, with many models offering pedal assist modes that vary in intensity, allowing riders to tailor the level of assistance to their desired level of exertion. They also often come equipped with high-end suspension systems to provide a smoother ride over bumpy trails and rocky terrain.

That especially applies to weight. We measured the weight of our test unit at 78.2 pounds before reaching a final weight of 90.4 pounds with the battery installed and all included accessories taken into account, which is inconsistent with Cyrusher’s rating of the bike’s weight as 66 pounds before increasing to 74 pounds with its battery installed.

A 26″ x 4″ offroading wheel e-bike is an electric bicycle designed for off-road adventures with wide tires that provide excellent traction on rough terrain. The 4-inch tire width is considered “fat” compared to traditional bike tires, providing greater stability and control on loose surfaces such as gravel, sand, and snow. The Cyrusher Ranger makes sense given its size given the equipment it is wearing. It can fit 26″ x 4″ off-roading wheels that are flexible and grippy. These wheels are attached by a curious axle that joins with a bolt threaded onto each side — not a typical thru-axle or skewer. 

The electric motor on the e-bike provides additional power to the pedals, making it easier to climb hills and navigate challenging terrain. The motor is usually powered by a rechargeable battery that can provide assistance for several hours of riding. One of the advantages of using a 26″ x 4″ offroading wheel e-bike is that it can handle a wide variety of terrain. Riders can explore challenging trails, rocky terrain, and even ride on the beach without worrying about losing traction or control.

Although it bears the Cyrusher brand, the rear suspension is said to be very similar to this DNM shock system. One of the benefits of rear suspension on an e-bike is that it can improve handling and control. The suspension system can help keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground, providing better traction and stability in corners, over bumps, and on technical terrain. It can also help reduce rider fatigue by reducing the impact of rough terrain on the body.

Rear suspension on an e-bike is a system that allows the rear wheel to move independently from the frame, absorbing bumps and shocks on the road or trail. This suspension system can be important for providing a smoother, more comfortable ride, especially on rough terrain or at higher speeds.

The new e-bike from Cyrusher has motor cut-off circuitry built into the brake levers and uses Logan dual-caliper hydraulic disc brakes. Even a 9-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain has been added. On the handlebars, a large LCD display with a USB port is fitted, but regrettably, the majority of the screen is occupied by a large green and gray arc that doesn’t actually indicate anything. 

There are several colors available for the Ranger, and each one uses a different color for the rear triangle. Cyrusher overdoes it with the accents on the bike, giving it a somewhat garish appearance for a bike that already commands attention due to its size.

We shouldn’t ignore the fact that the bike’s size can make it difficult to lock up securely. Since both wheels must be wrapped with a long tether, a U-lock can only really be wrapped around the top tube. Although less secure, locking through the fork is possible. For this bike, you’ll probably need a lengthy, strong chain lock, which will add significantly to the weight you’re already carrying.

Cyrusher Ranger: Motor and Battery

It’s a blast using the 750W Bafang hub drive. It doesn’t take long to cruise up to the bike’s top speed of 20 mph on just the throttle. Even at that speed, the motor hums along quietly, with the bike’s large wheels making the majority of the noise. Pedaling allows for even more speed. The bike can easily reach a top speed of 28 mph. The system uses a torque sensor to ramp up the motor in response to the force we apply to the pedals. 

The Cyrusher Ranger is a bike designed for off-road riding, but it rides incredibly well on pavement as well. The various components of the bike combine to create a significant amount of comfort. Significant amounts of shock are absorbed by the front and rear air suspensions working together. On top of that, the bike’s enormous tires provide exceptional absorption. 

When choosing an e-bike with rear suspension, it is important to consider the type and quality of the suspension system. Some suspension systems may be designed for lighter use or for smoother roads, while others may be optimized for off-road or extreme use. It’s also important to consider the size and weight of the bike, as a heavier bike may require a more robust suspension system to perform optimally.

The saddle and handlebars appear to be weak points in comparison. The riding positions that are available contribute to this in part. Taller riders will be forced to sit very low on the Ranger, which will put more weight into the saddle, and will have to stand to comfortably pedal even though the bike is advertised as fitting riders up to 6’6″.

The riding experience on a Cyrusher, or a fat tire electric mountain bike, can be exhilarating and thrilling. The combination of the oversized tires and the electric motor can provide riders with a feeling of control and power that is unmatched by traditional mountain bikes.

The wide tires of the Cyrusher Ranger provide greater traction and stability on various terrains, such as sand, snow, and mud. This allows riders to explore more challenging and remote trails with greater ease and confidence. The electric motor also makes it easier to climb steep hills and navigate rough terrain, providing additional power to the pedals.

The pedal assist modes on the Cyrusher can be adjusted to match the rider’s desired level of exertion. This allows riders to choose how much assistance they want from the motor, making it possible to go further and explore more challenging terrain without becoming fatigued. The suspension system on the Cyrusher Ranger can also provide a smoother ride over bumpy trails and rocky terrain, reducing the impact on the rider’s body and allowing for longer rides.

So, the riding experience on a Cyrusher Ranger can be a lot of fun and provide a unique way to explore the great outdoors. With the added convenience and power of the electric motor, riders can push their limits and experience new adventures that may not have been possible with traditional mountain bikes.

Compared to a cadence sensor, which only measures how quickly the pedals are spinning, the outcome is much more natural. Though we frequently notice the sensor activating when we’re making small maneuvers at stoplights, it may be a little too sensitive.  This can be problematic because there is a lot of motor power to manage when it suddenly turns on. 

Fortunately, the brake levers on the bike have motor cut-offs. The 180mm hydraulic disc brakes function as expected. Even with a payload of about 330 pounds between our weight and the bike’s, our ability to stop quickly has never been an issue.

The roughly 1kWh battery has more than enough power for those who want to cruise around on a motorcycle. We are able to travel more than 35 miles on the Cyrusher Ranger while largely using the throttle and the highest assist setting before the battery runs out of juice and provides insufficient power to maintain an enjoyable, electrified ride. When the power runs out, e-bikes are almost equally as unpleasant to ride as when it’s on because of all the extra weight they’ve added.

When the battery dies, the Ranger’s gearing allows you to continue traveling at low speeds and casually reach 15 mph. It’s important to note that we tested the Cyrusher Ranger during the winter, including on a few icy days, which had a negative impact on the battery life. The fact that the 34-mile range we obtained is essentially a worst-case range makes it all the more impressive. Better weather, lighter riders, and less stop-and-go city traffic should all contribute to an even longer range.

Cyrusher Ranger: Conclusions

There are several advantages of a Cyrusher Ranger, also known as a Fat Tire eMTB

Firstly, the oversized tires of a Cyrusher Ranger provide greater traction and stability on various terrains, such as sand, snow, and mud. This allows riders to explore more challenging and remote trails with greater ease and confidence. 

Secondly, the electric motor on a Ranger provides additional power to the pedals, making it easier to climb hills and navigate challenging terrain. This can reduce fatigue and allow riders to go further and explore more challenging terrain than they might be able to on a traditional mountain bike.

Finally, a Cyrusher Ranger can be a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional off-road vehicles, such as ATVs and dirt bikes. The electric motor produces zero emissions, and the bike itself can be recharged using renewable energy sources.

One of the main disadvantages of a Cyrusher Ranger is its weight. The oversized tires, frame, battery, and motor can make a Fat Tire eMTB much heavier than a traditional mountain bike, which can make it more difficult to handle, especially when maneuvering tight turns or navigating technical terrain.

Overall, while the advantages of a Cyrusher Ranger eMTB can be significant, it’s important to consider the potential disadvantages as well, such as its weight and cost, before making a purchasing decision.

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