Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max Review: Biggest Battery I’ve Ever Seen!


The Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max is a high-performance electric bike designed for riders seeking a powerful and long-range cycling experience. With its robust features and impressive capabilities, this e-bike stands out in its class.

One of the standout features of the Aniioki is its extended range. Powered by a 48V 60Ah lithium battery, it offers a throttle mode range of over 100 miles and a pedal-assist (PAS) mode range of over 200 miles. This exceptional range makes it suitable for long-distance commuting, adventurous rides, or even extended exploration.

AQ177 Pro Max offers exceptional value for its price of $1699. It presents a cost-effective option for riders who want to experience the benefits of an electric bike without compromising on performance, range, or quality.

So, the new Aniioki is a premium electric bike that offers impressive power, exceptional range, and reliable performance. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a daily commuter, or an adventure enthusiast, this e-bike delivers an exhilarating and enjoyable ride, allowing you to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

FrameAluminum Alloy
Hub Motor:750W
Max Speed:Approx 28+MPH
Gear Shifting System:Shimano 7 Speed Gear
Throttle:Full twist throttle
Brakes:Hydraulic Disc Brakes System
Front Fork:Hydraulic Suspension Front Fork
Seat:Hydraulic Seat
Pedal Assist level:1~5 Level
E-bike Class:Class 3
Tires:20"x4.0" Fat Tires
Battery:48V 60Ah
Charging Time:7-8 Hours
Throttle Mode Range:100+ Miles
PAS Mode Range:200+ Miles
Bike Weight:112 lbs, 33 lbs battery
Product Dimensions:‎68 x 27 x 44 inches

Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max: Unboxing

Today, we have an exciting unboxing experience ahead as we delve into the world of the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max e-bike. It’s always thrilling when bike manufacturers push the boundaries, and this particular e-bike boasts some incredible features. One of the standout qualities is its super long-range capability, making it an ideal option for deliveries or as an extreme range commuter.

As we approach the box, the first thing that strikes us is its considerable weight. This is undeniably the heaviest e-bike we’ve encountered thus far, estimated to be around 112 pounds. It’s quite impressive, but it does raise concerns about how a smaller person might handle the weight of this e-bike.

Upon opening the box, we’re greeted with the sight of the multifunctional e-bike, which we had ordered in the White Version. Interestingly, the manufacturer’s website only advertised a 48-volt version in black and white, but the box proudly displays the YouTube logo, indicating that they may have expanded their offerings. It would be exciting to see if they have introduced a 52-volt version as well.

Inspecting the e-bike, we’re immediately struck by the massive frame it possesses. The rear end showcases a splash of design flair, while the front section exudes a robust and sturdy appearance reminiscent of a motorcycle. The overall build is impressive, and it seems like this e-bike has been designed to handle demanding tasks with ease.

The main attraction of this Aniioki e-bike is undoubtedly its power range. With its super long-range capability, it promises to provide a substantial distance on a single charge. We’re eager to test it out and see just how far it can take us.

Design and Build Quality

Introducing the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max electric monster, a true powerhouse that surpasses its predecessors in terms of size, strength, and durability. Having previously tested the Aniioki Pro electric bike version, I was amazed at how this new model takes things to a whole new level. It makes the previous e-bike look like a mere toy in comparison.

The first thing that catches the eye is the battery, which prominently sticks out, emphasizing the immense power this electric monster possesses. The protruding battery gives it a distinctive appearance and adds to its overall robustness. And let’s not forget the stylish white collar that adorns this bike, making it visually striking and adding an extra touch of flair.

The Pro Max is undeniably the flagship product in the Aniioki brand line. Available in both white and black colors, this e-bike demands attention with its wide body frame, exuding strength and solidity. The front and rear suspension further enhance its capability to handle rough terrains with ease, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride even on the most challenging surfaces.

The Motorcycle front type light not only provides excellent visibility but also adds to the bike’s distinctive design. It gives the impression that this e-bike is meant for the most daring riders, those hungry for thrilling adventures and the need to conquer extensive distances.

Measuring at 68 x 27 x 44 inches in size, the Pro Max commands attention with its imposing presence. Its dimensions convey a sense of strength and durability, allowing for a stable and comfortable riding experience. Despite its substantial build, the bike itself weighs 112 lbs, which is a testament to its solid construction and heavy-duty components.

One of the standout features of the Pro Max is its Advanced Dual Suspension System. This innovative system ensures that the bike can absorb shocks and bumps effectively, providing a smooth and controlled ride even on rough surfaces. Whether you’re tackling off-road trails or cruising through city streets, the dual suspension system enhances both comfort and handling.

The Pro Max is equipped with a hydraulic seat, adding an extra layer of comfort and adjustability for riders. This feature allows users to fine-tune their riding position, ensuring a personalized fit that caters to individual preferences and riding styles.

The bike features 20″x4.0″ fat tires, which are wider than traditional bike tires. These tires offer enhanced stability, grip, and traction, making them ideal for challenging terrains such as sand, snow, or gravel. They provide a smooth ride while also allowing for improved control and maneuverability.

Safety is paramount, and the Pro Max incorporates a Hydraulic Disc Brakes System. This braking system offers reliable stopping power and precise control, even in adverse conditions. Whether you’re riding at high speeds or navigating steep descents, the hydraulic disc brakes ensure efficient and responsive braking performance.

The Pro Max boasts an IP level of IPX6, indicating its resistance to water and dust. This rating signifies that the bike is protected against powerful water jets from any direction, ensuring that it can withstand various weather conditions and environments.

The design of the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max is a testament to its exceptional performance and rugged nature. With an emphasis on both functionality and aesthetics, this electric monster is built to tackle any terrain with ease.

Motor and Driving

The Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max is equipped with a powerful 750W brushless motor, capable of reaching a peak output of 1200W. This motor provides ample torque, with a rating of 80N.M, ensuring exceptional acceleration and climbing ability. Whether you’re conquering steep hills or accelerating swiftly from a standstill, the motor delivers a responsive and dynamic riding experience.

The e-bike features a Shimano 7-speed gear system, allowing riders to easily switch between gears and adapt to various terrains and riding conditions. Whether you need to tackle uphill climbs or cruise along flat surfaces, the gear system offers versatility and enables riders to find their optimal pedaling cadence.

With a maximum speed of approximately 28+ MPH, the Pro Max offers exhilarating speed and performance. The combination of its powerful motor and efficient design enables riders to reach higher speeds effortlessly, making it suitable for commuting or enjoying thrilling rides on open roads.

The throttle functionality of the Pro Max is provided by a full twist throttle. This feature allows riders to engage the motor without pedaling, providing a convenient and effortless mode of transportation. Whether you want to conserve energy or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, the full twist throttle offers a convenient option for electric-powered travel.

The Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max offers a Pedal Assist feature with adjustable levels, providing riders with a range of options to customize their riding experience. The Pedal Assist system operates on a scale of 1 to 5 levels, allowing users to choose the amount of assistance they desire while pedaling. This feature adds versatility to the e-bike, catering to different preferences and riding conditions.

It’s worth noting that the Aniioki falls into the Class 3 e-bike category. Class 3 e-bikes, as defined by industry standards, have a maximum motor-assisted speed of 28 mph. This classification ensures compliance with regulations and safety standards while still offering riders the advantage of increased speed and efficiency compared to traditional bicycles.

Let’s embark on a 20 hill grade test with the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max and unleash its full potential. I’ll crank up the pedal assist to level five and put it to the test. Keep in mind that this bike is equipped with a 25 amp controller, delivering an impressive 1200 watts of output.

Given that the Pro Max weighs 112 pounds and I weigh 200 pounds, the real question is, can it conquer a steep hill from a complete stop with full throttle? Let’s find out. Ready to go, full throttle engaged, and here we go! With 200 pounds of weight, we’re tackling this hill without pedaling at all. The torque on this bike seems pretty decent, as we’re making progress up the hill. A Range Rover is following behind, struggling a bit to ascend the same incline. Impressive performance so far!

Let’s try the hill climb again, this time with a bit of a rollout. We’ll observe the current to gauge the power. As we accelerate, the current readings show 25 amps, 22 amps, 20 amps, and finally 19 amps. As the bike slows down, the current reduces slightly. There’s a bit of a lag on the throttle response, but overall, it performs well. Going downhill, you can definitely feel the weight of the bike, adding to its stability.

Now, let’s add some pedaling to the mix. We’ll switch to gear one, although I noticed the gears were slightly misaligned out of the box. Nevertheless, the Pro Max effortlessly tackles this 20% grade hill, showcasing its impressive climbing abilities. Welcome to a beautiful day in sunny Southern California!

In the bright sunshine, one thing I notice is that the bike’s screen is difficult to read. I assume it might be the same for you watching this. First, let’s try pedal assist zero with no throttle. The bike doesn’t move. Moving on to pedal assist one, it brings us up to a comfortable cruising speed of five miles per hour. I personally appreciate this feature as it essentially provides five levels of cruise control.

Another noteworthy observation is that if you hold the throttle for about three seconds, cruise control kicks in. Well, it didn’t happen just now, but let’s try pedal assist two. Set at 12 miles per hour, I release the throttle, and the bike maintains the speed on cruise control. Holding the throttle for a few more seconds, I engage pedal assist three. Still nothing. Let’s see what pedal assist four has in store. With 25 amps on the controller, we’re now cruising at 24.5 miles per hour. Finally, pedal assist five, with throttle only, should take us to the maximum speed. Although I’m a bit cautious going into the first turn, the bike carries its weight well.

Acceleration may not feel super zippy due to the bike’s mass, but it’s still impressive considering the weight it carries. I have to mention that the front end seems to bounce around a bit, possibly due to the headwind we’re facing. As we reach a top speed of 28 miles per hour on the cruise control display, we’ll double-check the accuracy using GPS. It’s showing 29 miles per hour. Oh, and we mustn’t forget about bedding in these brakes. They need some attention.

Battery and Range

The Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max is equipped with a powerful 48V 60Ah or 60,000 mAh lithium battery, offering substantial energy capacity for extended rides. This high-capacity battery provides the e-bike with an impressive range, allowing riders to travel long distances without worrying about running out of power.

In throttle mode, where the rider relies primarily on the twist throttle without pedaling, the Pro Max delivers a range of 100+ miles. This range is ideal for those seeking a thrilling and effortless ride, as the electric motor propels the bike forward without requiring much physical exertion from the rider. 

For riders who prefer a more interactive experience, the Pro Max offers the Pedal Assist System (PAS) mode. In this mode, the electric motor provides assistance while the rider pedals, amplifying their pedaling efforts and reducing the strain on their legs. The PAS mode range of the Pro Max is an astounding 200+ miles, making it an exceptional choice for riders who prioritize long-distance journeys and extended adventures. 

The charger included with the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max has an 8 Amp-hour capacity. While it may not be the best in terms of quality, it still performs its primary function of charging the battery. From empty to full, it takes approximately 7.5 to 8 hours to complete the charging process.

Upon examining the charger, one immediately notices its lightweight construction. In comparison, other chargers with higher Amp-hour capacities often feature solid aluminum bodies and substantial heat sinks, conveying a sense of sturdiness and durability. In contrast, the Pro Max charger feels a bit too light and somewhat flimsy.

While the lightweight design may be advantageous for portability and travel purposes, it’s important to keep an eye on the charger and ensure that no issues arise during the charging process. Typically, chargers, especially those with an Amp-hour capacity over 5, are expected to exhibit higher quality and greater sturdiness.

Considering this, it is advisable for the manufacturer to upgrade or offer a more solid and robust charger option. While the current charger gets the job done and charges the battery effectively, it would be beneficial to have a charger that instills more confidence in its durability and build quality.

Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max: Conclusions

During my testing, I was able to cover a distance of 33.5 miles on a single charge, while the total range of the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max is stated to be 431.6 miles. By dividing the total range into five segments, each line represents approximately 86.32 miles, giving a total estimated range of about 150 miles with my weight at 230 pounds.

Throughout my testing, I primarily relied on the throttle mode without much pedaling effort. This demonstrates the exceptional performance and efficiency of the battery, providing reliable power for extended rides. In fact, during the second loop in Central Park, I was able to cover a significant distance without needing to pedal, further highlighting the impressive performance of the battery.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that once you reach speeds over 25 miles per hour, it’s advisable to pedal to provide additional assistance to the motor and optimize the range. This can be achieved by using a larger chainring on the crankset, which can be easily obtained from bicycle stores or online retailers. By doing so, you can achieve a higher top speed, gain more range, and engage in a more challenging and rewarding riding experience.

When you reach speeds of 25 miles per hour or higher, it is recommended to engage in pedaling to maintain and increase your speed. To achieve this, you may consider installing a larger chainring on the crankset. By doing so, you can exert more effort and receive the appropriate level of assistance from the motor, resulting in a higher top speed and extended range. This is particularly beneficial for riders who prefer a more intense workout or those who enjoy pushing themselves to go faster.

However, if you are a slower or more average rider, going under 23 miles per hour, you may not require a larger chainring. The e-bike is designed to provide comfortable performance even at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. In such cases, the assistance provided by the motor is sufficient, and there is no need for additional resistance or a faster setup.

If you do decide to upgrade to a larger chainring, it is a straightforward process. You can easily find suitable cranksets at any bicycle store, as well as online platforms such as Amazon. This allows you to customize the bike according to your preferences and optimize its performance for your desired riding style.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the brakes on the Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max are designed to be robust and provide exceptional braking power. This ensures your safety during rides, allowing you to have greater control and confidence in various riding conditions.

Alternatives of Aniioki AQ177 Pro Max


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