Xiaomi Himo C20 Review: Is This Ideal Electric Bike in 2022?


I never cease to be surprised at the new and modern electric bikes, and today I wanted to share my opinion and impressions about the Xiaomi Himo C20 model.

In this article, I will analyze the appearance, design features and what the new generation of Himo bikes is capable of.

You can currently buy the Himo C20 electric bike at a good price of $550.


For this price, you get a pretty design that blends well in an urban setting. On the technical side, the bike received 250W electric motors, 10Ah battery capacity, which can combine up to 80 km in combined mode.

Well interested, let’s get down to a detailed and full review of the Himo C20.

Brand:Xiaomi HIMO
Type:Electric Moped Bicycle
Color:Black / White
Front and Rear Wheel Center Distance:965mm
Maximum Design Speed:25km / h
Electric Moped Continuous Sailing Mileage:≥80km
Only Electric Continuous Sailing Mileage:≈50km
100 km Power Consumption:0.72kw·h / 100km
Load Capacity:≈100kg
Battery Type:Lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity:10Ah
Battery Voltage:36V
Motor Power:250W
Tire Size:20-inch inflatable tires
Undervoltage Protection:31V
Overcurrent Protection:15A
Product Weight:21.1kg
Package Weight:28.6kg
Product Size(L x W x H):1470 × 610 × 1060mm
Package Size(L x W x H):1540 x 320 x 780mm

Xiaomi Himo C20: Unboxing

I want to note right away that the box is not small and picking it up on your own will be problematic. Even if you have a car, you will have to sweat a little to fit it into the salon.

The box is standard for most electric vehicles and on the front you can see a picture of a bicycle and the name of the model Himo C20.

Inside the box, everything was well-packed and came to me without any damage. Together with the bike itself, another set of delivery came – these are plastic wings with mounts.

I also found a massive power supply with a Chinese plug, two sets of keys for removing the battery and documents for an electric bike with a guarantee.

Xiaomi Himo C20: Design and Performance

The appearance of the bike is unremarkable and very similar to a regular standard city bike.

Compared to the previous Xiaomi Himo V1 model, which had very small dimensions, the new generation Himo C20 is already more adult and does not look like a kid.

The first thing you can notice is the size of the wheels, it has grown and become 20 inches, like the BMX. And the dimensions themselves are very similar to BMX bicycles – 1470 x 610 x 106 mm and weighing 21.1 kg, taking into account the battery itself.

The frame itself is made of durable and reliable aluminum alloy. Due to this, the maximum load of the rider will be up to 100 kg.

The central fork of the bike has a more elongated oblate shape so that the built-in battery blends well in the design.

Due to the wide steering wheel and seat height adjustment – the landing is quite pleasant and ideal. Despite its compact appearance – even an adult with a height of up to 190 cm will be comfortable to sit.

Like the previous Himo V1 model, the new Xiaomi Himo C20 has a similar design for folding the steering wheel and pedals. This will facilitate transportation in the trunk of your car.

On the central main frame there is a battery compartment and there is a keyhole to get the battery out. A convenient solution, since you do not need to take the whole bike home to charge only the battery.

On the battery itself there is a button for determining the charge level and four indicators. There is also a connector for charging the battery itself. The battery weight is 2.5 kg.

The bike’s electric motor is located on the rear wheel with a power of 250 watts – this is a brushless motor. There are also six Shimano sprockets on the rear wheel, which allows you to ride your bike manually using the pedals.

The latter is a convenient solution, since now you can quickly move both in a straight line and uphill. If you recall the previous generation of Himo V1 with one gear – it was a significant minus, since the maximum speed could be reached no higher than 12 km per hour.

Well, I found a steering wheel – a relay for shifting gears, a classic bell, brake handles. In addition, the bike received disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels and the brakes work quite efficiently.

There is also a small screen on which you can see the current speed, what distance is traveled, the battery level and operating modes.

There are three modes – eco, medium and high. In the latter mode, the speed of the bike can reach up to 25 km per hour. As for a city bike, more speed is not required, but if you need more speed, you can help to twist your own legs.

In the first eco mode, the maximum speed is 12-14 km per hour, but in this mode, the bike can travel up to 80 km. With heavy loads or climbs, the distance of the path will decrease to 50 or even 40 km.

The average energy consumption is 0.72 kWh per 100 km. The battery capacity is 10 Ah and a full charge will be about 5-6 hours.

The handle on the steering wheel works on the principle of a moped, it is responsive and not tight with a small stroke.

To illuminate the road in the dark, the LED flashlight on the front of the Xiaomi Himo C20 bike will help. A red flashlight is installed on the back side under the seat and does not perform the stop signal function, it is turned on by a regular button on the case. Both flashlights are not frame elements and at any time you can replace it with something more powerful.

The seat is not wide, but quite comfortable for moving around city streets. The seat adjustment is large and even with a height of 190 cm you can fit on a bicycle. If you get the seat out of the groove, you can see a small bonus – a bicycle pump. It will always be with you and you can pump the wheel at any time.

It is worth noting that the bike received waterproof IPX5 standard – this means that all elements are protected from water or rain.

I have no questions regarding driving characteristics, even despite the small size of the wheels – landing on Himo C20 is convenient and comfortable. From the side you don’t look strange, as it was on the Himo V1 model, where the wheels were half as much.

To start moving on a bike you need to start off like on a regular bike. From the spot, the electric motor is not lucky and it is activated when you reach a speed of 5 km per hour.

Xiaomi Himo C20: Conclusions and Reviews

The new generation of Xiaomi Himo C20 electric bike has received a number of advantages compared to the previous generation. The first is the size of the wheels – it has become twice as large and at the same time, the ride on an uneven surface has become softer and more enjoyable in driving.

Also added six speeds from the company SHIMANO, which will allow you to quickly move uphill or in a straight section.

In general, the Xiaomi Himo C20 electric bike is ideal for small city streets and due to its small size it will be easy to combine in a small city apartment.

All elements are made with high quality, pressing buttons or shifting gears are perfectly fitted.

Driving and cycling will bring you delight in emotions. If you need a reliable and modern electric vehicle for short distances, then Himo C20 would be the perfect choice.

Xiaomi Himo C20: Price and Where to buy cheaper?

Now you can buy the Xiaomi Himo C20 bike at an attractive price for just $550.

Given its technical capabilities and how the bike is driven on city streets, I definitely recommend Himo C20 for purchase.


Video Review of Xiaomi Himo C20



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