Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0: Lightest Full-Suspension E-MTB!


Giant, one of the leading names in the world of bicycles, has recently unveiled its latest offering for off-road enthusiasts – the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 electric mountain bike. Building upon the renowned Trance full-suspension mountain bike, this new addition to Giant’s lineup represents a significant advancement in the realm of electric mountain biking.

Giant has also paid careful attention to the ergonomics and user interface of the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0. The bike features a user-friendly control panel that allows riders to adjust the level of electric assistance according to their preferences and the demands of the terrain. This intuitive interface enhances the overall riding experience, making it easy for riders to focus on enjoying the trail.

Design and Appearance

One of the standout features of the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 is its impressive lightweight construction. Giant has succeeded in creating the lightest electric mountain bike in their catalog to date, making it a highly desirable option for riders who value agility and maneuverability on the trails. By utilizing advanced materials and engineering techniques, Giant has managed to strike an optimal balance between weight and performance.

In terms of suspension, the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 retains the brand’s renowned full-suspension system, which has been fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance on rugged off-road trails. The combination of front and rear suspension provides riders with enhanced control and comfort, absorbing impacts and maintaining traction even on uneven surfaces. This allows riders to push their limits and explore new trails with confidence.

In the size medium, the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 impressively weighs only 18.8 kilograms, thanks to the ingenious combination of proprietary technology and top-of-the-line components by Giant. The brand has pushed the boundaries to create an electric mountain bike that excels in both performance and weight reduction.

Despite its remarkable power output, the SyncDrive Pro 2 system itself weighs a mere 2.7 kilograms. This lightweight construction significantly contributes to the overall weight reduction of the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0, ensuring that riders can enjoy the benefits of electric assistance without compromising the bike’s agility and maneuverability.

Giant’s commitment to utilizing the best components in the industry is evident in the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0. By carefully selecting and integrating high-quality parts, Giant has optimized the bike’s performance and ensured its durability.

At the core of the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0’s outstanding performance lies the advanced SyncDrive Pro 2 system. Developed in collaboration with Yamaha, a respected name in the motor industry, this cutting-edge e-bike motor elevates the riding experience to new heights.

The SyncDrive Pro 2 system is designed to deliver exceptional power and torque, making it ideal for conquering even the most demanding off-road trails. With an impressive 85 Newton-meters of torque at its disposal, the motor provides robust and instantaneous power delivery. This ensures that riders can navigate steep ascents, technical sections, and challenging terrains with confidence and ease.

One of the standout features of the SyncDrive Pro 2 system is its ability to offer up to 400-percent assistance. This means that riders can customize the level of electric assistance they receive, tailoring it to their riding style, fitness level, and the specific demands of the trail. Whether you prefer a subtle boost or maximum assistance, the SyncDrive Pro 2 system adapts to your preferences, providing the perfect balance of power and control.

Motor and Battery

The Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 is equipped with a powerful electric motor, providing riders with an extra boost of assistance when tackling challenging terrains. The motor seamlessly integrates into the bike’s frame, offering a sleek and streamlined appearance. This integration ensures that the electric components do not compromise the bike’s overall performance or handling characteristics.

At the heart of the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0’s exceptional performance is the state-of-the-art SyncDrive Pro 2 system. This cutting-edge e-bike motor was developed in collaboration with Yamaha, a renowned name in the motor industry. The SyncDrive Pro 2 system delivers an impressive 85 Newton-meters of torque, ensuring robust power delivery to conquer the most challenging off-road terrains. Additionally, the motor provides riders with up to 400-percent assistance, allowing them to tackle steep climbs and rough trails with ease.

Powering the remarkable performance of the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 is the innovative EnergyPak Smart 400 battery. In collaboration with electronics giant Panasonic, Giant has designed this battery pack using cutting-edge 22700 cells, revolutionizing the capabilities of e-bike batteries.

Giant’s decision to employ 22700 cells in the EnergyPak Smart 400 battery brings multiple benefits to the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0. Firstly, these cells are lighter in weight compared to standard cells found in other e-bike battery packs. This weight reduction contributes to the overall lightweight design of the bike, enhancing its agility and maneuverability on the trails.

Furthermore, the 22700 cells boast superior energy density, meaning they can store more energy within a given volume. This increased energy density translates to an extended range and longer ride times, enabling riders to explore further without worrying about running out of power.

Price and Availability

When it comes to pricing and availability, the new Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite offers options for riders with different budgets and preferences. The entry-level model starts at £5,499 in the U.K., which is approximately $6,790 USD. This variant comes with basic components, including a Shimano Deore drivetrain, providing a reliable and functional riding experience.

For those seeking the pinnacle of performance and premium features, Giant offers the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 0. This top-of-the-line model comes with a range of high-end components to enhance the riding experience. It boasts a Fox Live Valve suspension system, providing advanced and dynamic suspension control. The drivetrain is a full SRAM Eagle X01 AXS, offering precise and smooth shifting across a wide gear range. The bike is also equipped with lightweight Zipp 3Zero wheels, further optimizing the bike’s overall weight and performance.

However, the enhanced specifications of the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 0 come with a higher price tag. This top-tier model is priced at £12,999, which is approximately $16,051 USD. While the price may seem significant, it reflects the advanced technology and premium components included in this variant.

Availability may vary depending on the region, and it’s recommended to check with local Giant retailers or the official Giant website for specific information on availability and pricing in your area.


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