Himiway E-Bikes: Three E-Bikes You Should Know About!


The Himiway Pony, Himiway Rambler, and Himiway Rhino are three new electric bicycle models that Himiway e-bikes, a well-known producer of electric bicycles, has recently announced for 2023. In comparison to its previous models, the company asserts that these new models have longer battery lives and greater range.

Himiway, a manufacturer of electric bicycles, recently unveiled three new e-bike models with a flashy product launch akin to that of Apple. The Himiway Pony electric micro-bike, Himiway Rambler hybrid/city e-bike, and the Himiway Rhino & Rhino Pro dual battery fat tire e-bikes are the new additions to the family.

Himiway Pony

The Himiway Pony is arguably the most striking of all the launches, but not because of a huge frame or enormous tires; in fact, quite the opposite is true.

The Himiway Pony is a member of the micro-bike class and is downright miniature rather than adopting the “bigger is better” philosophy that many e-bike companies appear to be exploring at the moment.

A transportable mini-bike with a payload capacity of 240 lbs, the Himiway Pony weighs only 33 lbs. The bike has a 300 W motor that provides assistance to riders at up to 16 mph for a 20-mile range. As a result, those looking for an electric bike for quick commutes or leisurely rides should strongly consider the Himiway Pony.

If we’re being completely honest, it’s also a rip-off. Designers at Himiway evidently took a look at the Jackrabbit micro e-bike and decided to build it in white.

I’d say they also plagiarized the name of the small animal, but at least on that point, it’s true that Himiway has been giving its e-bikes animal names for a while. However, the design is a direct Jackrabbit knockoff.

It has a very small wheelbase, two 20-inch wheels, a tiny hub motor in the back wheel, and a very small battery. The wheelbase is further shortened and the weight is decreased by using folding foot pegs in place of the original pedals.

Actually, because it lacks a manual drivetrain, the Himiway Pony cannot technically be referred to as a “bike” in the traditional sense. It might be better described as a seated scooter instead.

The Himiway Pony rides more like a bicycle than a scooter, though, thanks to the bicycle-specific components like the saddle, handlebars, and wheels, just like the Jackrabbit to which it owes its design.

Himiway Rambler

The Himiway Rambler fills a void in the Himiways lineup that has long existed: an e-bike with straightforward, regular tires. The Rambler, in contrast to all the fatties we’ve seen from Himiway, finally gives us a typical-appearing city e-bike with Himiway branding.

On the other hand, the Himiway Rambler is a city e-bike that combines comfort and speed. It has a 500 W motor and a maximum torque of 62 Nm, making it a fantastic choice for people who need to travel farther distances. Riders can travel up to 55 miles on a single charge thanks to the larger, 720 Wh battery on the bike.

Himiway Rhino

The new Himiway Rhino and Rhino Pro are what the company describes as dual battery electric mountain bikes, though I would classify them as fat tire trail bikes. Whatever category you put them in, the bikes have a decent amount of equipment for going off-road.

These bikes have front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. Also the Rhino Pro’s 10-speed transmission has one more gear than the Rhino’s.

A dual-battery electric mountain bike with a strong 85 Nm 1,000W motor that can assist at 28 mph is called the Himiway Rhino. Two 48 V 15Ah batteries totaling 1,4050 Wh power the e-range MTB’s of up to 100 miles on a single charge. This makes the Himiway Rhino the ideal option for daring riders who enjoy exploring difficult terrain.

Himiway E-Bikes: Price and Availability

According to Himiway e-bikes, the Rhino has the greatest range of any electric bike currently on the market in the US. It is simple to recharge the e-bike while on the go because it can be fully charged in only five hours. 

Even though it’s a strange little micro mobility device, $499 is not a bad price. And at $599 for the model with a 22-mile range and a larger battery, it would be an inexpensive way to ride a small, light, and agile vehicle.

Starting at $1,299 is the base model with mechanical disc brakes and a hub motor. For an additional $200, riders can upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes. But you’ll have to pay $2,199 to get the mid-drive motor version with hydraulic brakes.

The Rhino costs $2,999, while the Rhino Pro is slightly more expensive at $3,999. These electric bicycles can be purchased for a regular price of $3,199, $1,399, and $549, respectively.



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