HIDOES B10 Review: Chopper Style E-bike 2024!


The HIDOES B10 can be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for an e-bike that is totally unique and fashionable in the vein of a moped. This bike stands out from the crowd thanks to its timeless yet contemporary chopper look, sometimes referred to as a cowboy-style bike. Before getting into greater detail, let’s quickly review some of its most notable specs.

The sleek design aspects of the B10 give it an air of a vintage chopper. Its seat, which is made of leather with an alligator skin imitation, gives it a luxurious and distinctive look. It’s useful for daily commuting or leisure rides because it comes with a handy backpack that makes carrying your needs easy.

One of the standout design features is the chopper-style gas tank, which cleverly houses the battery. This design not only adds to the bike’s visual appeal but also provides a functional and integrated storage solution.


In upcoming sections, we’ll delve deeper into the specific details and performance aspects of the HIDOES B10, exploring its capabilities, comfort, and overall riding experience. Stay tuned for a comprehensive review that will help you decide if this stylish and distinctive e-bike is the right choice for your riding needs.

MOTOR1000W rear hub
TOP SPEED15.5 mph
RANGE40 miles

Unboxing and Assembly

The HIDOES B10 is shipped in a carefully crafted box that guarantees the product’s protection. When you open the box, everything is well-sealed and arranged. Even if unboxing films are sometimes boring, let’s explore what you’ll find out when disassembling and assembling this e-bike.

HIDOES B10 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

First off, it’s a simple and quick assembling method. All that’s left to do is attach the front wheel and mount the handlebars. All the tools needed for assembly are included in the package, making the process simple. These are useful tools to have on hand for any future maintenance or repairs, so I’m glad they were included.

HIDOES B10 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

In addition to the bike components, the package includes a user manual for easy reference. Safety is paramount, and the inclusion of a UL-listed charger ensures that you can charge the battery safely. It’s worth noting that the battery is not removable; it’s fixed onto the bike.

HIDOES B10 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

One notable accessory is the light that can be attached to the back of the bike. It’s powered by AAA batteries and comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation. The light’s clip design allows you to attach it to your belt when not in use, adding convenience and visibility during night rides.

Another handy inclusion is the tire pump, ensuring you can keep your tires properly inflated for a smooth riding experience. Additionally, the bike comes with a bell for signaling and alerting others while on the road.

HIDOES B10: Design and Build Quality

The HIDOES B10 is an e-bike that resembles a moped and has a sturdy structure. Let’s examine its components and features in more detail.

HIDOES B10 Review: Design and Build Quality

Its moped type design, which gives it a robust and appealing appearance, starts with the frame. The bike’s 20×4 tires offer plenty of traction and stability, particularly over uneven surfaces. Your rides are safer because of the front mechanical disc brakes, which provide consistent stopping power.

HIDOES B10 Review: 20×4 tires

The suspension fork with double preload, which lets you change the spring tension on both sides, is one notable feature. This feature that allows for customisation is useful for riders with varying heights or tastes. You can also alter the handlebar height using the adjustable stem, making it comfortable for both short and tall riders.

HIDOES B10 Review: mechanical disc brakes

The inclusion of a detachable bag adds practicality to the bike. It’s convenient for carrying essentials like tools or a lock and features a snap closure for easy access. The bike also incorporates a chain guard to prevent clothing from getting caught in the gears, enhancing safety and comfort during rides.

HIDOES B10 Review: Design and Build Quality

The HIDOES B10 impresses with its cable management, either routing cables through the frame or concealing them within the red gas tank. This design choice gives the bike a clean and streamlined look, free from dangling wires.

HIDOES B10 Review: front light

The seat deserves mention, featuring simulated leather and a shock absorber for added comfort on rough roads. However, some users may find it thin, so personal preference may vary.

HIDOES B10 Review: seat deserves mention, featuring simulated leather and a shock absorber

The rear wheel’s single-piece Mag wheel design is a standout feature, offering durability and eliminating concerns about loose spokes. This design choice contributes to the bike’s overall reliability and maintenance ease.

HIDOES B10 Review: seat deserves mention, featuring simulated leather and a shock absorber

Powering the bike is a robust 1000-watt motor paired with a 48V 12Ah battery housed in the red tank. The tank’s profile ensures sufficient knee room while pedaling, enhancing the riding experience.

HIDOES B10 Review: Design and Build Quality

Another notable feature is the inclusion of metal fenders, providing excellent coverage and protection against mud and debris, especially useful for beach riding. The quick disconnect for the rear wheel simplifies flat tire repairs, a practical addition for riders.

HIDOES B10 Review: seat deserves mention, featuring simulated leather and a shock absorber

Moving to the cockpit, you’ll find premium bolt-on grips, a Twist throttle, and an intuitive e-bike controller with various modes and functions. The mechanical disc brakes and Aiesun K rubber tires further contribute to the bike’s overall performance and reliability.

While the bike lacks a tail light by default, you can easily attach one for enhanced visibility and safety during nighttime rides. The bright headlight ensures clear visibility ahead, complementing the overall safety features of the bike.

Motor and Driving test

For cruising, the B10 is a great option, particularly for riders who are six feet tall. Comfort and control can be significantly improved by raising the handlebars. I rode this bike around the neighborhood and found it to be very well handled. I could keep up just fine with my 750W 48V e-bike, demonstrating the power and performance of the B10.

HIDOES B10 Review: on the road or driving test

We achieved speeds of about 29 mph throughout the tests, proving the bike’s steadiness at faster speeds. Smooth traveling is made possible by the pedal assistance and full throttle capabilities, whether navigating gentle inclines or flat terrain. The B10’s ability to maintain decent speeds on steeper climbs demonstrated its versatility as an e-bike.

Descending hills at full throttle, the bike reached a top speed of 30 mph, handling the speed and terrain with ease. The range of the battery is commendable, offering around 24 miles of riding before needing a recharge.

HIDOES B10 Review: on the road or driving test

In terms of handling and braking, the B10 delivers a smooth and responsive experience. Cornering and braking tests showed its stability and control, making it perfect for navigating urban environments or beachside pathways.

HIDOES B10 Review: controls and display

Speaking of the beach, the B10 handled sand surprisingly well. While deep sand may require some adjustments, like lowering tire pressure, the bike cruises through regular sand without issues. It’s a great option for beach cruising, offering a convenient and enjoyable way to explore coastal areas without parking hassles.

HIDOES B10 Review: on the road or driving test

Even though the suspension system is sufficient, it would be more comfortable to add an air shock or a gel seat cover for extended rides. These changes can greatly improve the riding experience by making the ride more pleasant and smooth.

HIDOES B10 Review: charging port

Thus, the HIDOES B10 is a competent and adaptable e-bike that can be used on a variety of surfaces and riding situations. An unbeatable combination of performance, comfort, and convenience is provided by this bike, whether you’re riding it for commuting, exploring the town, or having adventures at the beach.

HIDOES B10: Conclusions

In summary, the HIDOES B10, which retails for $999 on the website, provides an amazing combination of design, functionality, and adaptability. Even though the price can change later, the question still stands: is this bike good for you?

HIDOES B10 Review: Design and Build Quality

The B10 is a great option if you love chopper-style motorcycles and value the distinctive features and looks they provide. Its distinctive moped-style look, sturdy construction, and remarkable performance set it apart from other chopper e-bikes. The bike is a versatile choice for riders seeking an exciting and useful ride because of its handling, speed, and ability to traverse a variety of terrains, including sand.

If the chopper style isn’t to your taste, HIDOES also has a selection of other e-bikes with unique features and styles. It’s worthwhile perusing their inventory to identify the bike that most closely matches your needs and riding style.

We appreciate you seeing, and if you would like more information or want to buy the HIDOES B10 or other bikes, there is a link in the description. Enjoy your ride!


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