Hiboy DK1 Review: 300W Kids Electric Dirt Bike 2024!


Today, we’re going to be looking more closely at the Hiboy DK1, an electric dirt bike made especially for children between the ages of three and ten. We’ll go over the motorcycle’s features and specifications in this review, along with our preliminary thoughts on it.

Why would you get your youngster an electric dirt bike instead of a gas-powered one is probably one of your first queries. This decision was made for a few reasons. To begin with, electric dirt bikes are significantly quieter than their gas-powered counterparts. If your kid wishes to ride about the neighborhood without bothering the other residents, you may be concerned about the excessive noise that gas bikes can produce.

Second, compared to gas bikes, electric dirt bikes demand a great deal less expense and upkeep. Regular oil changes and motor rebuilds are necessary for gas bikes, which can be expensive if you’re not good with mechanics. Furthermore, gas bike fuel costs can mount up rapidly, particularly if you reside in a place where premium gas prices are high.


However, charging an electric dirt bike is far more economical, it usually just costs a few pennies each time. For young riders, this means that electric dirt motorcycles are a more cost-effective and environmentally responsible option.

The Hiboy DK1 is a convincing choice for parents searching for an enjoyable and low-maintenance ride for their children because of these features.

Frame MaterialAluminum
TOP SPEED15.5 mph
ASSEMBLY80% Assembled
BATTERY36V 4Ah Lithium-ion
RANGE13.7 miles
MAX LOAD140 Lbs; Minimum age 3yo

Unboxing and Assembly

Your description of the Hiboy DK1’s unboxing and assembly process sounds really practical and easy to use.

Hiboy DK1 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

When you received the Hiboy DK1, you discovered that the box was quite heavy – about fifty pounds and that there was sufficient packaging to prevent damage during transportation.

Hiboy DK1 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

It was an easy assembly, including just four bolts to secure the handlebars and one bolt to secure the bottom of the rear shock. Regardless of mechanical ability, the assembly was simple and quick to complete with the tools provided, requiring around ten to fifteen minutes.

Hiboy DK1 Review: Unboxing and Assembly

One aspect you particularly liked was how simple it was to assemble, making it possible for children to participate and learn basic mechanical skills. This hands-on experience not only facilitates assembly but also encourages involvement and learning for young ones, allowing them to get familiar with working on such tasks at a basic level.

Design and Build Quality

As you have made clear, the Hiboy DK1 electric dirt bike is made with a specific purpose in mind: it’s not meant to compete with luxury brands like Honda or KTM, but rather to introduce kids to motorcycling and provide them an enjoyable riding experience. 

Hiboy DK1 Review: Design and Build Quality

The DK1 weighs approximately 38 pounds, making it easy to handle and pick up, even for children. Its light weight allows young riders to lift it off the ground if needed.

Hiboy DK1 Review: 12.5 by 2.75 inches wheels

It is chain-driven, delivering power to 12.5-inch tires with a width of 2.75 inches. This configuration provides excellent grip on various road surfaces, ensuring stability and control during rides.

Hiboy DK1 Review: DIMENSIONS

The total length of the DK1 is about 46 inches, with a seat height of approximately 21 inches and a bar clamp height of around 25 inches. These dimensions make it suitable for riders of varying heights, including children.

The handlebars are 22 inches wide with a 5-inch rise, offering a comfortable riding position. For perspective, you’ve mentioned that your daughter, who is about 44 inches tall, finds the bike’s size appropriate.

Hiboy DK1 Review: Design and Build Quality

The DK1 is equipped with rear brakes that work effectively and do not require much effort from the rider to slow down. It also features front and rear suspension, with initial feedback suggesting that the rear suspension performs well for its price, although the front fork may feel slightly stiff initially.

The DK1 is rated for a maximum rider weight of about 140 pounds, suitable for young riders exploring the world of motorcycles.

Hiboy DK1 Review: throttle

It is IPX4 rated, indicating a level of water resistance that can handle light splashes and rain, adding durability to outdoor rides.

The DK1 is available in blue or black colors and has a retail price of $550, but it can be purchased for $480, offering affordability along with its features and performance.

Hiboy DK1 Review: Design and Build Quality

The Hiboy DK1 is an appealing option for acquainting kids with the excitement of bicycling due to its user-friendly design, appropriate size for younger riders, efficient braking and suspension systems, and affordable price. 

Hiboy DK1: Motor and Driving Test

The Hiboy DK1 boasts a 300-watt motor that produces steady power, making riding enjoyable for younger riders. The DK1 differs from some of its competitors at a comparable price point thanks to its twist throttle, which only occupies about a third of the grip. The Hiboy is unique because of its progressive throttle design.

Hiboy DK1 Review: on the road or driving test

Because of the progressive throttle, the power delivery varies in direct proportion to the throttle’s twist. For example, the motor will deliver about 20% of its power if the throttle is cranked only 20%. This feature is advantageous since it facilitates more efficient throttle control learning for riders, particularly novices. It gives users more control over the power and speed of the bike and permits gradual acceleration.

Hiboy DK1 Review: on the road or driving test

Additionally, the DK1 offers three different speed settings to cater to riders of varying skill levels:

Hiboy DK1 Review: three different speed

  • Low Speed: This setting limits the speed to 5 miles per hour, making it an excellent starting point for kids who are new to riding electric dirt bikes. It provides a safe and manageable speed for beginners to get accustomed to the bike’s handling and controls.
  • Medium Speed: The medium speed setting limits the speed to about 9.5 miles per hour. This setting strikes a balance between being not too fast and not too slow, making it a favorite among riders like your daughter who find it comfortable and enjoyable.
  • High Speed: The high-speed setting unleashes the DK1’s maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour. It is recommended to use this setting only when the rider has become comfortable and confident with the bike’s handling and power.

Hiboy DK1 Review: on the road or driving test

You used a speedometer app to test each mode to ensure the correctness of these speed settings, and the results confirmed the DK1’s dependability and performance consistency. The modes worked as promised. All things considered, the progressive throttle and various speed settings of the Hiboy make it a great option for novice riders, letting them advance and learn at their own speed while having a safe and regulated riding experience. 

Battery and Range

The Hiboy DK1 comes equipped with a 36-volt lithium battery, offering a good balance of power and endurance for young riders. This battery is designed to provide approximately 13 miles of range or around 90 minutes of ride time, giving riders a decent amount of time to enjoy their adventures.

Hiboy DK1 Review: charging

While you haven’t been able to verify the exact range yet, you did go on a two and a half mile ride with your daughter using the second power level consistently. During this ride, you used up roughly 25% of the battery. This experience indicates that the estimated range of 13 miles is feasible under the right conditions, such as using the bike on moderate terrain and maintaining a consistent speed.

In terms of charging, the DK1’s battery typically takes about four to five hours to fully recharge. This charging time allows riders to plan their rides accordingly, ensuring that the bike is ready for the next adventure after a few hours of charging.

Hiboy DK1: Conclusions

In summary, I am really pleased with the Hiboy DK1 electric dirt bike’s performance and build quality. In my opinion, it provides an excellent means of introducing children to riding for the price. With its many speed settings, the bike’s capacity to help your youngster develop into a better rider is one of its advantages. It’s a terrific idea to have training wheels that fit onto the motorcycle even if your child is still learning how to balance on a bicycle.

Hiboy DK1 Review

Although I give a brief summary of the dirt bike in this article, I will release a more in-depth analysis in a later review. I’ll test its off-road capabilities and evaluate it against the competitors in that evaluation. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the Hiboy DK1 in the comments section, and I will try my best to respond.

I’ve included links to the DK1 on Amazon and the Hiboy website for anybody who are interested. I really appreciate you viewing, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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