Evolve GTR Carbon Review: Dual 3000W All Terrain E-Skateboard 2023!


Evolve’s second all-terrain board is the Evolve GTR Carbon. Their initial attempt was a complete failure, but their second attempt has completely surpassed the first. This machine can do it all, from the intelligent turn on to the absurd number of wheel and gearing sets you can experiment with to fine-tune the perfect ride.


When switching from reverse kingpin trucks with street wheels, the riding sensation might really be very strange at first. Jumping onto the board with the 7″ pneumatics was strangely awesome. When you first start moving, it feels as though you are riding on a cloud, but as soon as you start to spin and carve, double kingpin trucks come into their own.

DECK MATERIAL:Highest grade Carbon Fibre
DECK LENGTH:101cm / 39inch
WHEEL BASE (AXLE TO AXLE):94cm / 37inch
WHEELS:Evolve 7" pneumatic all terrain wheels
MOTOR:Dual 3000w
RANGE:19 miles
MAX LOAD:100kg / 220lb
SUITABLE TERRAIN:Short grass, dirt, gravel, roads and footpaths

Evolve GTR Carbon: Design and Build Quality

Most of the time, the GTR Carbon’s build quality is fantastic. The construction quality is good overall, though I did have some problems with the inserts, which I will discuss in more detail later. I never once felt it looked cheap when I initially saw it; in actuality, it appears quite polished and pristine.

This 39-inch-long deck has a slight descent and is built of maple, fiberglass, and bamboo. With this drop-down, you can accelerate quickly and halt quickly without worrying. As a light rider, I can barely feel the flex, but most people should feel about the proper amount of flex.

This enclosure resembles other wood AT boards in appearance. It is quite tidy and allows for the flex of the deck. The enclosure inserts have caused me problems because they appear to be quite flimsy and aren’t entirely installed into the deck. Evolve GTR Carbon ought to try to fill them in with epoxy to prevent them from falling out and to strengthen them so they won’t break as readily. Speaking of clearance, I’ve scraped it fairly badly on speed bumps while I’m on the Abec 107s, and anything smaller would likely contact too. However, for more moderate speed bumps, the clearance should be acceptable, and 7″ AT tires are fine for any speed bumps.

Either 7″ pneumatic tires or 120mm Cloud Wheels are standard on the Evolve GTR Carbon. It has taken far too long, in my opinion, for the first Chinese AT board to go from airless to pneumatic tires. Since this board employs double kingpin trucks, you need grippy wheels if you want to carve. The difference between Cloud Wheels and the 7″ pneumatics is that Cloud Wheels will have better torque, peak speed, and handling. However, Cloud Wheels have a relatively limited contact patch, making carving difficult.

I would advise purchasing the 7-inch tires, and if you want large, comfortable street wheels, purchase some torque board 110’s with Evolve kegel-style gears. In this case, I would advise obtaining the 38t rather than the 32t due to the wheel size and motor kv. The usage of a metal hub and a 66t pulley makes the 7″ tires exceptionally hefty. On this board, I’ve utilized Abec 107s, purple Orangutans Caguamas, and Evolve 6″ tires but not Cloud Wheels. Although the Abec 107s have a larger contact patch and are my favorite, I am unable to carve as hard or at greater speeds on these.

However, due to the reduced wheel size, these vehicles are quite carvy around 24 mph. Although the comfort is obviously inferior to pneumatics, these wheels are nevertheless quite comfortable at 74 a, and if you choose the torque board 110 wheels at 72 a, the comfort would be even greater. The Evolve 6″ offer excellent torque, infinite grip, and are quite carvy. I tested them on 47t and 66t, and I intend to test them at some point on Board Bumpers 58t. The last configuration I tested used purple Orangatang Caguamas. I bought this set-up to try sliding, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. These will probably be mounted on a typical longboard.

I mentioned using wheels like Abec 107s and Evolve 6s in the earlier section about wheels. I wanted to mention that the GTR Carbon trucks can accommodate the Evolve AT wheels, hubs, and gears. The Evolve gears do not fit into the stock 7″ hubs, but they do fit into the trucks, so there are many different wheel setups available for you to choose from.

Even when riding in severe rain and across large puddles, despite this board’s claim to be ip55-rated, I have not encountered any problems. You have very little traction when riding in the rain, therefore if you do, make sure to never use urethane wheels, always use pneumatics, and to always go extremely cautiously.

The board should be fine if you are caught in the rain while out riding, however I wouldn’t advise doing so on purpose. In order to prevent rust from occurring, always disassemble your board after riding in the rain and dry everything as soon as you arrive home.

This item is not lightweight. She weighs in at a whopping 30 pounds with the stock 7″ hubs. The hubs being made of metal is presumably one factor in this board’s thickness. Although you can drag it if you hold the front trucks, doing so is painful and the object is still heavy. I believe I have discovered a workable approach, which I will discuss later.

Well, to start, I wish the remote resembled the VX2 more, but that is a minor quibble. Additionally, I can only change the setting on the remote using the button when choosing gears and wheel size, which is quite unpleasant and takes a very long time. If I want to switch from a 100mm wheel to a 175mm wheel, for instance, I must push the button 75 times, and if I do, I must restart from 80mm. Instead of Cloud Wheels, they could have supplied Torque Board’s 110 wheels together with a knobby 7″ and an urban 6″.

Additionally, I encountered some issues with the deck inserts that support the enclosure. When I emailed them, I assumed they would just send new small inserts, but instead, they provided a brand-new deck for no additional cost (also per warranty). Another issue is that you frequently need to adjust the motor tension when changing wheels and gears. To accomplish this, you often need to remove the motor bolts, attach the wheel and belt, and then move the motor into the proper position. On the GTR Carbon, you must completely remove the bolts before estimating the location of the motors.

Evolve GTR Carbon: Motor and Battery

These dual 3000w, 6368-volt motors. The motor’s size are represented by the first number I mentioned, 6368. Larger motors typically have greater torque and less heating. I then said 3000w, which basically refers to how it is wrapped. With lower kv, there is greater torque but less top speed, and with higher kv, there is less torque but better top speed. The Ownboard all-terrain model appears to use the same motors. Most people who purchase pre-built boards perceive these as enormous motors, but DIYers view them as medium. They have a 3000 W output. They have never overheated for me. One of them had previously opted not to work with me.

Although not a major problem, it is something to be aware of because I have seen other people with Evolve GTR Carbon boards, including the GTR Carbon and other models, experience this problem. However, Evolve GTR Carbon has always been able to rapidly resolve these issues.

Sanyo GA (NCR18650GA) cells are used in the battery that Evolve GTR Carbon utilizes, which is a 10s4p battery. This battery, as I previously mentioned, is used by Ownboard. 504 watt-hours are contained in the battery.

The electronic speed controller, or ESC for short, is akin to the skateboard’s brain. The hobbywing ESC is used by the Evolve GTR Carbon. The brakes on this ESC are renowned for being gentle and reliable. Because this board weights about 30 pounds and turning it over or bending over to switch it on can be cumbersome, this ESC has a smart turn-on feature that is incredibly useful. It’s incredibly interesting to notice that this ESC also lets you choose your own gearing from 1:18 and a wheel size from 80mm to 175mm (7″) because it lets you discover a decent wheel/gear combo that works for you.

Evolve GTR Carbon: Conclusions

Many people believe that the Evolve style boards which have double king ping trucks, longboard decks, under-mounted enclosures, and 7″ pneumatics are designed for off-road use. While they can definitely handle it, in my opinion, these boards are better suited for all terrains rather than just off-roading. Due to the street wear on the tires and the double kingpin trucks, I also believe that they are better suited for highways than off-roading. You’ll need channel trucks, a mountain board deck, 8″ or 9″ tires, bindings, and an enclosure for the electronics installed on top if you want a really decent off-road board.

This board is for anyone looking for something incredibly flexible with a ton of options. The GTR Carbon performs admirably for what it is intended for, even though it may not be for someone who wants to race down the trails and perform jumps at breakneck speeds.

This board is currently involved in a crazy deal. You can purchase it with sea shipment for $1599 and select either the AT Pneumatic Wheels or the Street Setup! This board is a fantastic value at current costs. Comparatively speaking, the Evolve GTR has comparable specifications and ranges in price from $1699 to $1949, depending on the setup.

Overall, the Evolve GTR Carbon might be the greatest AT board available and the ideal affordable AT board. Although I am quite picky, I do have a few nitpicks. This board is wonderful because you can modify it to fit your riding style and create the ideal ride by purchasing additional wheels and gears. If you have any questions concerning the board or esk8 in general, please ask me and I’ll do my best to respond.


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