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We had the chance to test out a few pedal-assisted e bikes earlier this year around Palo Alto, which was more than enough to whet our appetite for e bikes. In spite of this, we were rather eager to get our hands on Evelo’s fully loaded Galaxy SL since we wanted to fight this battle on our own ground. In order to find out what the Evelo Galaxy SL was made of, we charged it up and plowed through the not exactly mean streets of Portland, Oregon and the steep slopes of the Tualatins.

The Galaxy SL needs some basic assembly right out of the box, but nothing extraordinary. The process of mounting the front wheel, thru axle, and handlebars, as well as setting the seat and front shock resistance and aligning the stem, took around 20 minutes in total. We merely stepped back to see this ferocious animal after that.

The Galaxy SL appears to operate on human souls rather than electricity thanks to its 750-watt motor, RockShox Reba RL front shocks, and nearly 3-inch not-quite fat boy tires. The matte Space Gray color scheme of the Hardtail diamond frame is accented with vibrant orange pinstriping and strong Robin egg blue splashes along the top and down tubes.

Motor500W Continuous, 740W Peak, 95Nm torque
BatteryLithium Ion 36V13Ah
Charger36V Smart Charger
RangeUp to 50 Miles on Pedal-Assist or 30 Miles on Electric-Only
Frame6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy
ForkEVELO 6061 Alloy with Steel Steerer Tube, Designed for Fenders
Wheel36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes
TireCST Cyclops 24″ x 2.4"
LightsFully Integrated Spanninga Kendo Front, Lineo Rear
Bicycle Weight (without battery)46 Lbs.
Battery Weight8 lbs
Recommended Rider Heights4'10" - 5'10"
Seat Height (Minimum / Maximum)29" / 36"

Video Review of Evelo Galaxy SL

Evelo Galaxy SL: Design and Build Quality

You’ll adore the Galaxy SL’s atmosphere if you’re a sentimental who enjoys retro-looking wheelers because it was made to look like any other bicycle thanks to its roomy, comfortable Selle Royal Comfort Springer saddle, relaxed frame, and cruiser handlebars. The Galaxy SL is not exactly feather-light, weighing in at 54 lb (24.4 kg) with the battery attached, but unless you’re planning to lift it up with your bare hands all the time, you won’t feel that weight because the e-bike is easy to handle and “curated to create the best ride feel possible,” to quote the manufacturer.

Evelo’s Galaxy SL features 24″ x 2.4″ tires, a handlebar-mounted throttle, front and back fenders, a built-in rear rack with battery integration, Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, a 3.7″ multi-color display, and integrated front and rear lighting. Since this is more of a city cruiser, suspension is not included.

It’s quite simple to see this 3.25″ display. You can choose between a light or dark background, and the interface comes in a variety of hues. The center of the handlebars are where the display is located. Since it is not detachable, if you run a quick errand, it won’t be stolen off the bike. If necessary, you can gently change the angle to reduce glare. Although not the most comprehensive display, this one offers the essential metrics for riding. Feedback on battery power is provided by a 5-bar battery indicator. You can look straight ahead, see both the road and the display, and control assist with your left hand without lifting it off the grip because the control panel for the display is on the left grip and is within easy thumb reach.

Both the front and rear lights are integrated with the batteries by Evelo, although the front light may also be turned on or off using the display control. (The tail light cannot be turned off for safety reasons.) As you brake, the tail light’s built-in brake function makes it brighter. Evelo offers an optional Safety Package that comes with extra lights, leg reflectors, and a bell. In order to protect the battery, which is well-placed directly behind the handlebars, the tail light is tucked behind it beneath the rear rack. Although you should always check to make sure your cargo isn’t obstructing the light, the light should remain visible if you hang panniers or attach cargo to the rear rack.

The 180mm front and 160mm rear rotor Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes are equipped with the Galaxy. Dual-piston calipers are used on the brakes to ensure even and balanced braking. To prevent unintentionally running the brakes up against the motor, brake inhibitors turn off the motor power whenever te brake levers are tapped. We were pleased that Evelo chose hydraulic brakes over mechanical ones. This makes it simple to control your braking, and your caliper has more “grip” than it would have with a mechanical brake setup.

The Galaxy SL is a little bike, as we’ve already established. This bike is perhaps best suited for short riders because although the frame is made for those between 4’11” and 5’10”, I had to adjust the seat almost to the highest position. Justin and Pierce, both 5’11”, rode well on the ebike but, given their size, would probably prefer the Evelo Aurora Limited. Since the battery is out of the way, it is simple to put on and take off the step through frame. Currently, the bike is only offered in silver with chic brown faux-leather grips and a saddle. The styling is elegant, minimalistic, and has clear lines.

Your options for a basket on the front are limited by a tangle of cables in front of the headtube. Just below the cabling is where the headlight is located. While not our preferred cluster style, it does make servicing the electronic parts much simpler. For a sleek appearance to the entire frame, all cables are incorporated into the underside of the downtube.

The Galaxy SL sports an Enviolo automatic shifting system with an electronically controlled Gates Carbon belt drive, as we mentioned in the Gear Range section above. This is comparable to a car’s automatic transmission. On the exterior of the back wheel, there is a tiny shell that houses all the gears. The derailleur is absent.

These flat Wellgo aluminum alloy pedals include rubber cleats around the outside to prevent your shoe from slipping. These pedals work with any sports shoe, including sandals. The back of the pedal has reflectors that further improve visibility.

To get a feel for things, we put the pedal assistance to its default position. As the pedal turns about a third of a crank, this backend support begins to gradually kick in and lasts as long as you are pedaling. For the pedal-assistance and battery life to be as effective as possible, the right handlebar must be used to continuously keep up with the transmission.

Evelo Galaxy SL: Motor and Driving

The Galaxy SL’s motor produces a steady 500W of power, 95 Nm of torque, and a maximum power of 740W. The electric bicycle has a top speed of 25.5 mph (41 kph). A 36V/13Ah lithium-ion battery powers Evelo’s new bike, giving it a pedal-assist range of up to 50 miles (80 km).

The total experience is a tale of two trips, as anyone who has done their fair share of mountain biking will attest: the glorious descent and the arduous, though necessary, rise. Even though we still have one more freefall in the tank, the uphill can be tiring, and the very thought of it signals the end of the afternoon adventure. The Specialized Turbo Vado comfortably navigated Silicon Valley’s most challenging hills, but could the Galaxy SL withstand the Tualatins? We were adamant about finding out.

The Galaxy SL offers excellent comfort. The gel saddle is the feature we like best. Although it features an imitation leather surface, it is also strong and simple to clean. While you’re riding, the gel padding offers exactly the right amount of cushion. It’s in terrific shape as well. The saddle is not overly wide or too narrow, which could make you uncomfortable or increase your chance of developing saddle sores from “hot patches” on your leg rubbing against the seat. The top of this saddle doesn’t require the addition of a gel cover or anything else. Additionally, there are springs under the seat that help lessen the impact of the ride’s dips and bumps.

The handlebar grips are of a nice size and design. Again, because this bike is made for younger riders, it has somewhat smaller grips and a little extra roughness. Since the grips on most bikes are made for hands that are bigger than mine (I’m 5’5″ for comparison), I personally found the grips to be exceptionally comfortable.

No suspension exists for the Galaxy SL. You don’t have a suspension seat post or front shock, but you won’t really need them. This type of bike is not intended for off-road or rough terrain. As you glide along, the sturdy frame feels supportive.

We frequently decide to disable the pedal assistance when traveling downhill. A sudden shock is the absolute last thing you need when sliding fully inertia down a mountainside, especially when turning. But even though it was absolutely pointless, it was fun to switch to Speed mode and press the accelerator while barreling into a jump at 20 mph. We never even broke a sweat on this monster because we were dressed in flannel and jeans rather than even the most modestly adequate mountain riding gear.

Evelo Galaxy SL: Battery and Range

The battery’s range and power amazed us. A lithium ion 36 volt, 13 amp hour battery with a potential 468 watt hours powers the Galaxy SL. Depending on the terrain and level of assistance, the anticipated range on one charge is 26 to 40 miles. (More hills = greater demand on the motor and battery.) In order to keep it safe and off the downtube, the battery is stowed behind the rear rack. Even when the bike is not turned on, you can press the button to get an approximation of the charge (5 lights Indicate full charge). The charge indicator is located on top of the battery.

Pierce, our 175-pound tester, drove the Galaxy SL along our neighborhood’s trail network as part of our range test. He had to climb “Hell Hole,” a treacherous hill in the middle of an out-and-back path rather than a circle. In just a few minutes, this resulted in an elevation gain of several hundred feet. The ride had a total elevation gain of 935 feet, and Pierce pedaled the entire time at the greatest level of assistance (Level 5/5). He managed to travel 29.2 miles at an average speed of 17 mph.

Evelo Galaxy SL: Conclusions

Evelo’s new Galaxy SL two-wheeler is designed for easy riding, seamlessly fusing the retro vibe with all the modern conveniences of an electric bike. It fits riders measuring 5’10” (178 cm) and under, has a comfortable, upright riding position that keeps the handlebars within easy reach, and is built to fit riders.

Although the Galaxy SL comes 95% built, Evelo requires some assembly because it ships straight to the customer. Attaching the front tire, fender, and handlebars is all that is required. A limited 4-year, 20,000-mile guarantee is also provided by Evelo, which is exceptional for an e-bike.

Riding the Evelo Galaxy SL was fun for us. With the Enviolo drive system and carbon belt drive, this is comparable to some of the high-end ebikes we see coming out of Europe. Here, you get a lot of new and improved features. In fact, several of these features are seen on electric bikes costing $5K or more, so we believe the Evelo represents excellent value at the asking price. The Galaxy SL is almost the ideal bike, but we’d love to see a slightly longer kickstand that’s just a little bit further back behind the pedals to prevent pedal lock! The Galaxy SL is a terrific approach to let you feel carefree and young once more.

The Galaxy SL is offered by Evelo for $3,500, and you can make a reservation on its website. Beginning of shipping is anticipated for late August.

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