Audi E-bike: What To Expect from Premium Electric Mountain Bike?


The most recent Audi e-bike model to sport the E-Tron logo is an electric mountain bike, and the branding is obvious. The official name of the bike is the Audi E-Tron Electric Mountain Bike. It’s not unusual for automakers to collaborate with bicycle manufacturers.

Not just Audi but other German automakers are interested in developing e-bikes. Since a while ago, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche have all joined the electric bike party. The new “Electric Mountain Bike” was given the “e-tron” electric label by Audi, which is typically associated with its automobile models. Cycling enthusiasts are talking about the full-suspension e-tron e-bike because it has a number of impressive features in addition to an attractive design.

In fact, the partnership between Volkswagen, the parent company of Audi, and Trek, which included a bike with the purchase of a Trek Edition Jetta, is one of the most well-known. However, since the E-Tron Electric Mountain Bike retails for an outrageous $10,126, Audi isn’t giving one away in this instance.

Audi e-bike: Design and Appearance

A bit heavier than conventional mountain bikes, the bike weighs 21 kilograms, which is typical for an electric bike. The e-bike offers riders who are looking for a bike that can be used both in the city and off-road a variety of options because it is made for city traffic and light off-road use.

Beyond the motor and battery, the aluminum structure design uses parts that are distinctly different from those found in the Porsche eBike lineup. Braking IN.CA.S disc brakes, a hlins fork and shock, and Sram parts for the chain, shifters, and derailleur are all to be expected. Italian accents like the Sella Italia saddle and Vittoria tires are also present. In comparison to the XMF 1.7’s 6.7in of suspension travel, the hlins gear provides 7.1in.

The Audi e-tron electric bike has extremely impressive equipment, which is another difference. It has premium accessories like Shimano hydraulic brakes, a 10-speed gearbox, and 27.5-inch wheels. The Audi e-frame bike’s is made of aluminum that has been painted in black and red and has a slim design. The frame is finished with the iconic 4 Audi rings.

According to Audi, the bike was influenced by its RS Q E-Tron Dakar Rally car, which resembles a mountain bike shoe more than a car. The bike has the same orange and black color scheme as a construction sign, giving it the same look as the Dakar racer. With a redesigned RS Q, Audi was confident it could defeat Toyota, the defending champion, at this year’s Dakar Rally. Unfortunately, during the 2023 race, two authentic Dakar vehicles were totaled, one so severely that driver Stephane Peterhansel went unconscious, and a third, driven by Mattias Ekstrom, came in 14th place overall.

The derailleur, chain, shifters, and brakes on both the Audi and Fantic-branded e-bikes are manufactured by Sram, and the saddle is made by Selle Italia. A non-Audi branded Fantic XMF 1.7 would cost about $6,700, but the Fantic e-bike lacks a few components that are standard on other models. The suspension experts at hlins provided their fork, springs, and shocks for Audi’s version, giving it 180mm of travel as opposed to the standard Fantic’s 170mm. Even though you could probably build your own copy of the Audi for less money than it is being asked for, the difference will be insignificant if you can spend $10,000 on an e-bike.

Audi e-bike: Motor and Battery

The impressive performance of the Audi electric motor is a significant distinction from traditional e-bikes. The Audi e-bike has a 250 watt motor that produces 66 Nm of torque. Faster acceleration and better uphill support are provided by the strong motor.

The newest automaker to venture into the upscale e-bike market is Audi. The company has unveiled an electric mountain bike with high-end specs and design cues from its RS Q E-tron E2 electric Dakar Rally racer. It is manufactured by the Italian company Fantic and combines a 250W Brose motor with a 720Wh battery to produce a sizable 66ft/lb of torque.

Although Audi hasn’t yet disclosed the top speed or range, the power pack is noticeably bigger than the Bash/529Wh Mtn’s unit, which, depending on conditions, offers a range of between 30 and 95 miles. Audi’s model has four levels of electric assistance, ranging from a gentle Eco mode to an aggressive Boost mode, just like other e-bikes powered by Brose.

Audi e-bike: Price and Availability

There are three sizes available for the Audi electric mountain bike, but you’ll need to act quickly and have a sizable bank account. The bike is only offered in the UK as a “limited run” model costing £8,499. 

This places it well above the $3,999 Bash/Mtn, the $3,999 GMC Hummer e-bike, and the more potent $5,499 Jeep e-bike, as well as Porsche’s $10,700 eBike Sport. The large battery, other well-known components, and the Audi design are all included in the price. However, if you can afford one of Audi’s more expensive EVs, its two-wheeler is probably within your means.



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