AOSTIRMOTOR А20 Review: Not Bad Combination of Power and Comfort!


Even if it is not the ideal time of year in many parts of our peninsula to purchase an electric bicycle, the topic is receiving a lot of attention. As usual, the Chinese, who have a keen sense of what sells, have started producing a number of models with a dash of creativity and ingenuity, as is the case with the AOSTIRMOTOR А20 that we’ve recently had the chance to try.

With its most recent e-bikes, the producer AOSTIRMOTOR is targeting the intermediate price range, and it hopes to persuade buyers with its current models: How content are the customers?

With its most recent e-bikes, the manufacturer AOSTIRMOTOR is attempting to win over clients in the intermediate price range. After very good customer evaluations on Little negative information about the models is also published in the contributions of the major Internet forums. Both With its most recent e-bikes, the maker AOSTIRMOTOR is targeting the intermediate price range, and it wants to persuade consumers that these are rock-solid versions for novice and infrequent riders.

Throughout time, especially tiny online communities have formed where people discuss upcoming technological advancements and potential AOSTIRMOTOR e-bike improvements. The sleek e-mountain bikes produced by the company are a highly well-liked product category in the neighborhood.

Front suspensionNO
Rear suspensionNO
Structure shock absorptionLightweight Aluminum Alloy Frame
SaddleFolding Saddle
AL6061 T4T6
27.2 x 250mm
Tube ClampD1=30mm D2=38mm
LightWith Front light
PedalFolding Pedal
Riding modePedal Mode / Boost Mode / Power Mode
Range Distance25-35 km
Recommended Speed25 km/h
ColorBlack / Orange(Rim)
Net Weight29kg
Gross Weight34kg
Product Size176 x 122cm
Folding Size90 x 70cm
Package Size140 x 28 x 68cm
Saddle Height80-92cm
Weight Capacity120kg
Motor500W Motor
Controller36V 22A
Power sensorPAS intelligent pedal assistant system
Charge Time4-6 hours
ForkAluminum Alloy Rigid Fork
Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Handlebar31.8 x 660mm
Stem28.6 x 31.8 x 110mm
Rear RackNO (Optional)
BrakeF/R Mechanical Brake
Disc BrakeFront 180 & Rear 160
Brake leverUniversal
Rim formSp0ke wheel
Rim MaterialAluminum alloy
Tire20 x 4.0 inch Fat Tire
Gear Shift Lever7 Speed Dial SHIMAN0/Sunrace
Derailleur7 Speed SHIMAN0/Sunrace

AOSTIRMOTOR А20: Design and Built Quality

The AOSTIRMOTOR А20 is tiny e-bike class, which includes this model, is rife with items that, in some cases, resemble toys.

For people who often ride a bicycle for sports, like this writer, the gearbox attracts their attention first. A Shimano six-speed transmission is not a characteristic we frequently see on electric bicycles. Even though the Tourney RD-TY21-B-GS is a budget road bike and doesn’t include a Dura-Ace or Ultegra transmission, it is still a product made by the largest firm in the world that manufactures bicycle components.

This is undoubtedly not the case with the AOSTIRMOTOR А20, which after being unpacked and put together (with just a few simple steps needed; in fact, all that needs to be done is choose between mounting aluminum or plastic fenders) instantly presents itself as a “real” bicycle, fully outfitted with everything you need to tackle urban routes or even quite long stretches.

The brakes must be treated with the utmost respect since, in an emergency, they have the power to decide between life and death. Keep an eye out for one’s brakes. With its most recent versions of e-bikes, the company AOSTIRMOTOR is breaking into the intermediate price range, and it wants to persuade buyers that it is better than competing brands like Shimano, Hillock, Tektro, or Hayes. High-quality disc brakes should also be installed on e-mountain bikes. Rim brakes are often suitable for city-, trekking-, and folding e-bikes (V-Brakes).

The average BMX wheel size of 20 x 4 inches is larger than the traditional 14 and 16 inch wheels seen on many Chinese “low cost” e-bike, but smaller than that of a city bike. They are tall and broad enough to accommodate light off-road vehicles as well as absorbing the potholes of a rough road.

The kickstand is quite solid, the disc brakes are of substantial size, the steering wheel controls are well placed, the design is attractive, and the powerful headlamp (even though it is located in a region of the frame that if opened makes it impede with pedaling). The back one, on the other hand, is curiously powered by batteries and requires a button to turn on and off.

The heavy weight is the price of solidity. The gearbox, battery, frame, and wheels of the AOSTIRMOTOR A20, like with other electric bicycles, contribute to its relatively high weight. It registered a solid 29 kilograms on our scale.

In any event, the system’s overall design conveys a sense of tremendous stability and proactive care. Another illustration is the internal cables that may be disconnected and changed out owing to connections.

In any event, the AOSTIRMOTOR А20 is compact enough to fit in an apartment or an atrium without being overly cluttered. From this vantage point, a bicycle could be the best mode of transportation to use while traveling to a city for business or school while living a long distance away.

The frame’s top tube nicely conceals the battery. Our assessment of the product’s design is that it is pleasing, assertive without being overbearing, and tiny without being oppressive.

No one should feel ashamed to ride from the AOSTIRMOTOR А20, even though the profile is not traditional and seems like a youthful bicycle (particularly for the connection between wheels and frame and the design of the frame itself). Perhaps only elderly people could yearn for something more classic and somber. Installing the aluminum fenders is advised in order to soften the appearance and make it more vintage. We believe the long, rampant plastic ones disconnected from the wheel are a little too flashy.

AOSTIRMOTOR А20: Motor and Driving

The AOSTIRMOTOR A20 is really cozy. Although the handlebar’s height cannot be adjusted, we thought the driving posture was comfortable. The foam seat is likewise a good size and aids in absorbing the roughness that the wheels’ size has already properly softened. AOSTIRMOTOR’s bike also has excellent handling and braking stability despite its strong braking system. It appears that you could ride this electric bicycle for many straight kilometers.

The AOSTIRMOTOR А20 can be “pedaled” properly because to its nearly standard-sized wheels and high-quality chassis part. Using the gearbox makes riding this electric bicycle like a regular bicycle quite simple. You can’t go very fast, but you never push yourselves.

We were able to go at a top speed of 23 km/h (AOSTIRMOTOR claims 25 km/h). On the other hand, 16 km/h is not surpassed when in environmental mode. The same speed is also possible in medium mode, however in this situation you may just use the accelerator to get there. It is also feasible to use the pedals to aid the engine and slow down. The same thing occurs when you cycle in “high” mode; you can easily reach 25 km/h and, with some effort, 30 km/h, albeit at this pace you start to lose stability.

The AOSTIRMOTOR А20 is now not considered an electric bicycle since, according to Italian legislation, it must be treated as a moped and must thus be homologated, registered, and insured. In contrast, unless you want to use this bicycle at your own risk anywhere you choose, maybe relying on the fact that in the first mode it is a legitimate and authorized electric bicycle, it can only be used on private roads or in private locations.

The fact that the AOSTIRMOTOR A20 is a real hybrid between a bicycle and an electric bicycle is the second factor making it challenging to evaluate. As previously indicated, the cycling component is particularly emphasized and apparent; although this makes AOSTIRMOTOR’s vehicle properly “pedaled,” it also makes it less prepared to employ the electric component while recovering and beginning.

In a positive sense, the Xiaomi AOSTIRMOTOR A20 includes a lot of noteworthy features. In addition to the previously stated six-speed Shimano transmission, the vehicle also has a (quite potent) double disc braking system and a computer that offers some (weak) information. Too terrible, usually according to the handlebars’ observations, for that awfully inexpensive bell.

If we assume that this is a commuting bike, the motor and battery are trustworthy. The brushless motor has a 500W power output and is driven by a 13AH battery. Recharging the battery takes around 6 hours (five hours according to AOSTIRMOTOR). Both of us have the option of removing the battery for a separate recharge or charging it directly on the tube.

AOSTIRMOTOR А20: Battery and Range

Regarding autonomy, AOSTIRMOTOR states that it has a range of 35 km while using simply the electric mode and 50 km in Eco mode, which is the true assisted mode. We didn’t do an exhaustive test, but we can tell that at an average speed of 15 km/h and our weight of roughly 65 kg, we traveled about 20 kilometers before the battery’s capacity fell to half.

The battery contains a button that, when pressed, illuminates the LEDs that display the charge. Even while the length of the cable is still adequate to recharge the battery without separating it, the ability to do so makes it a solid anti-theft method, albeit one that is less successful than in other comparable goods because this is a “real bike.” It is easily moved with the use of the pedal.

AOSTIRMOTOR А20: Conclusions 

Of the electric bicycles we’ve had the chance to ride in esam, the AOSTIRMOTOR А20 is the most intriguing and unique. If an aesthetic assessment was not necessarily based on personal preference, we might even describe it as “beautiful.” Additionally, it is expertly assembled and extremely nicely made with carefully chosen components. With a riding component that makes it easily useable even as a bicycle without utilizing the engine, it is also a true bicycle.

However, we are allowed to use it on all privately owned property, including warehouses, parks, vacant lots, events, and private roads that are not governed by the Street Code. It’s a great shame since all it would have needed was a software update and a few hardware alterations to make this bike a purchase that could be made without even opening your eyes. Who knows if AOSTIRMOTOR will give it any thought in the future and ensure that his wonderful А20 may go through our cities’ streets without fear of penalties or that the highway rules will be adjusted to account for the massive oriental production of cycles like this one.

Video Review of AOSTIRMOTOR А20



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