ADO DECE 300 Review: Stylish and Productive Electric Bike 2022


Electric bikes are quickly conquering more and more slices of the market than their peers without an electric motor. Until now, it was easy to recognize an e-bike, due to its not very harmonious shapes due to the integration of the battery pack, but things are finally changing.

The ADO DECE 300, which we had the pleasure of testing and which we want to present to you in this review, is characterized by a unique design that has finally given a break with the past, with elegant, thin and harmonious lines that make it look like a classic bike without an engine. electric made in a design studio.

ADO is one of the best electric vehicle brands in China, a young brand that we already got to know a few months ago with the review of the A20F model. With the DECE 300, ADO wanted to aim even higher, creating a product capable of distinguishing itself not only for the beautiful design, which immediately catches the eye, but also for the high-end technical characteristics, which we had the opportunity to test for almost a month.


Compared to the A20F model (e-bike with fat wheels, with folding frame), this new e-bike has larger and thinner wheels that are 27.5 inches high and 1.95 inches wide, which guarantee extreme grip on city streets with the possibility of crossing dirt roads without problems.

As anticipated before, ADO DECE 300 is not just design, we find in fact an aluminum alloy frame, a 250 Watt brushless motor (the maximum available for European legislation), an 9-speed Shimano gearbox, an IPX5 waterproof rating, a declared range of 90 km, hydraulic disc brakes and much more.

Ado is a relatively young company that deals only with electric vehicles, whose founder is an advocate of environmental protection and ecological commuting. Its name ADO is the acronym of “A Dece Oasis” (literally translated Oasis in the desert).

After this brief introduction, let’s move on to the ADO DECE 300 review right away.

Brand Name:ADO
Model Number:DECE 300
Gears:11 Speed
Range per Power:> 60 km
Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
Wheel Size:27.5”, 27.5''*1.95''
Max Speed:<30km/h
Power Supply:Lithium Battery
Braking System:Disc Brake
Torque:30-50 Nm
Charging Time:>3 hours
Motor position:Rear Hub Motor
Battery Position:Integrated Battery
Battery Capacity:10.4AH
Battery:36V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery
Color:Grey and Silver
Brake:Disc Brakce
Units:Single item
Single package size:190 x 120 x 65 cm
Single gross weight:35.000 kg
Package Type:Carton box

Package Contents

Right from the box and its packaging, I can underline how much care has been devoted to this e-bike. In fact, ADO DECE 300 comes inside a very sturdy cardboard, completely immersed in the expanded foam, as you can see in the photos below, a solution that makes it practically safe from any impact and protection from even the worst couriers. This feature alone assures us of the arrival of a perfectly intact product.

ADO DECE 300 arrives almost completely assembled with the exception of the saddle, handlebar and front wheel, in order to take up as little space as possible. In the next paragraph we will see all the steps to assemble it.

In the package we find:

  • ADO DECE 300 E-bike
  • Charger with European plug
  • Instruction manual (multilingual including Italian)
  • Quick installation guide (multilingual including Italian)
  • Smartphone holder to be installed on the handlebar
  • Assembly tools set


To assemble the ADO DECE 300, it takes about 15 minutes. Below you will find all the steps to follow in the correct order to assemble the e-bike quickly and smoothly, while in the photo gallery above you will find the images that will make the whole procedure clearer.

  1. First of all, let’s start assembling the seat without worrying too much about the height to which to adjust it, which we will evaluate better later.
  2. We then move on to installing the handlebar, removing the 4 bolts that lock the front handlebar locking plate using the hex key provided.
  3. At this point we install the handlebar and block it with the plate we removed, properly tightening the 4 bolts and making sure that the cross is well in the center of the plate hole.
  4. Now turn the bike over, being careful to move the on-board computer on the handlebar so as not to damage it and remove the metal bar with the supplied key, locked by 4 bolts (2 internal and 2 external) present at the end of the fork.
  5. Before inserting the wheel, we slightly spread the brake disc pads.
  6. Now let’s take the quick coupling pin which will subsequently be mounted on the front wheel, removing the lateral data and its respective spring. At this point we insert it into the front wheel and reassemble the spring and the nut that we had just unscrewed.
  7. Now insert the wheel, making sure to match the direction in which the brake disc is present, with the caliper on the fork.
  8. At this point it is good practice to adjust the position of the brake caliper by slightly unscrewing the two hexagonal nuts that keep the caliper locked on the fork. Now we just have to hold down the brake of this caliper and re-lock the nuts while holding back. If you have done this correctly, the same space will remain on both sides between the wheel disc and the two pads, as you can see in the photo.
  9. All that remains is to mount the pedals, characterized by the letter L “Left”, for the left pedal and R “Right” for the right pedal and your ADO DECE 300 will be ready.
  10. As a last step, all that remains is to adjust the height of the seat, its forward or backward travel and the inclination of the levers on the handlebar.

If necessary, also adjust the two screws that regulate the passage of the chain from one ratio to another. In my case there was no need as the gearbox was already perfectly adjusted from the factory.

Design, dimensions, materials, weight and frame

The frame of the ADO DECE 300 is made of aluminum alloy, characterized by a design that I personally find beautiful, as well as the choice of the metallic gray color. The finishes are practically perfect, in fact not even the slightest sign of welding is noticeable, a truly valuable result. When it comes to design, materials and finishes, it’s hard to wish for anything better. The wiring is also done with great care.

This e-bike supports people weighing up to 120 kg and a height between 165 and 190 cm. For my height and weight, 185 cm for 85 kg, the electric bike is already perfect with the factory settings, I just had to adjust the seat excursion slightly further back for greater comfort and to have a more aerodynamic position during its use.

The dimensions of this electric bike are respectively 180 cm in length, for a height from the ground of 110 cm for the handlebar and a saddle whose excursion varies from 80.5 to 95.5 cm in height from the ground. The width from one pedal to the other, including the kickstand, is about 40 cm, while that of the handlebar is 64 cm.

The net weight of ADO DECE 300 is around 22 kg including the battery that we find inserted on the central bar of the frame, in a perfectly linear way so as to disguise itself with the lines of the frame, to the point of making it more like a bike without an electric motor, compared to one of its category. In fact, during the review, quite a few people asked me, doubting that this was a pedal assisted e-bike.

The pedals are also excellent, made of aluminum alloy, which guarantee perfect foot grip, with a truly beautiful design.

Engine, Performance and Driving Comfort

On ADO DECE 300 we find a 250 Watt brushless motor that reaches 380 rpm, mounted on the rear wheel hub, with G-Drive 2.0 control system, which according to ADO should simulate the presence of a torque sensor, so as to calibrate better pedaling assistance even downhill.

The speed up to which the engine is assisted is 25 km/h, as sanctioned by European legislation, speed reached without problems with a thrust of the engine that is felt, despite my size of 85kg. On this bike we do not find any accelerator, therefore this makes it fully compliant with the laws in force in Italy, unlike the ADO A20F model, in which the accelerator was instead present.

The 42Nm of torque guarantees excellent pedaling assistance which is more than good even on fairly steep climbs, certainly an added value combined with the 11 ratios offered by the Shimano gearbox mounted on this e-bike.

In the practical test, the driving comfort is more than satisfactory on asphalted tracks, thanks to the generously sized wheels and the soft but not too soft seat, even if in the rear, on long journeys, in dirt or on bad roads, you can hear the absence of a rear shock absorber.

The engine is decidedly silent and does not clearly reproduce that classic hiss of the electric motors of e-bikes. The pedal assistance calibration is quite conservative, without intervening abruptly as soon as you touch the pedals, remaining active for just under a second when you stop pedaling.

Wheels, Shock Absorbers, Lights

The wheels mounted on ADO DECE 300 are 27.5 x 1.95 inches, capable of giving excellent stability and control on different types of tracks. On the side of the tires, we find the maximum level indicated regarding the inflation pressure, which must be between 2.8 and 4.5 BAR.

At the front we find a double front shock absorber present in the fork legs, with the ability to set the preload or to lock and unlock the shock absorber using a control on the handlebar.

I would certainly not have minded finding a rear shock absorber whose absence unfortunately is felt on long journeys, as already anticipated, a choice perhaps dictated to obtain a cleaner bike design, which however could have been remedied with a shock absorber present directly on the seat post.

As for use in low light conditions, we find a LED light more than enough to have good visibility at night, while unfortunately we only find a reflector on the back.

Handlebar, Controls, On-Board Computer and maximum power release

The handlebar is the right width, so as not to negatively affect the precision and ride comfort. On the left side we find the controls to manage the on-board computer (position at hand so as not to compromise safety while driving) and the lever that operates the front shock absorber lock via cable.

Centrally we find an excellent on-board computer, model S830, perfectly visible even under direct sunlight, equipped in the lower part with a USB type A port.

On the handlebar it is also possible to install a support on which to mount our smartphone that can be recharged using a USB cable to be connected to the on-board computer. On the right side, on the other hand, we find the selectors to change gears and the bell in a classic and non-electronic bicycle style.

There are three assisted pedaling levels, with different speed steps up to 25 km/h, as per legislation.

Gearbox and Brakes

The rear derailleur mounted on ADO DECE 300 is an 11-speed Shimano, with 11 rear sprockets and 1 front chainring. The gearbox, already at the factory, in my case is perfectly adjusted, with fluid, precise and fast changes, implemented by the selector on the handlebar.

Two disc brakes are finally mounted on the front and rear wheel of the hydraulic and non-mechanical type, which ensure smooth and safe braking, brakes initially to be calibrated to center them with the disc as on any bike, in order to have a braking perfect.

Battery, Autonomy and Charging

The battery mounted on the ADO DECE 300 is 36 volts, 10.4Ah for 374.4Wh. It has a metallic black color that distinguishes it from the frame.

The battery can be recharged either by leaving it inside the bike using the plug on the side of the battery, or by extracting it using one of the two supplied keys.

The charger is 2A and 42 volts. The autonomy of about 75 km with pedal assistance of level 1 and 55 km with pedal assistance of level 3. Surely what affects this figure is my size and the presence of slight climbs made during the tests of this review.

The recharge time required to bring the battery to 100% is about 6.5 hours, a little excessive time in general, for those who would like to use the e-bike, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

Conclusions, purchase, shipping and warranty

ADO DECE 300 enters by right at the top of the best e-bikes on the market. It excels not only for its incredible design, but also for many other features such as gearbox, range, finishes, engine, brakes and build quality.

Unfortunately, all this has a considerable cost, as it should be for a high-end product, proposed on the official ADO website at a price of €2,099. Below you will find all the links for purchasing the ADO DECE 300 from the official ADO store, from Alibaba where you can save a little more.

Moving on to our conclusions, like any product this too is not free from defects or features that could be improved. You feel a little the absence of a rear shock absorber on rough roads, moreover, if we can define it as a defect, I found a position of the stand, which once inserted collides with the left pedal, when we have to move the bike backwards with the tripod inserted.

Given the quality of the product, lastly, I would have preferred that the accessories as a gift (pump and smartphone holder) were not present in the package, even if they are a gift, as they do not reflect the quality of the product, but rather affect it. Apart from this, however, we are faced with an excellent product, certainly thanks to a great job by ADO.

Here are the pros and cons found:

Pros of ADO DECE 300:

  • Fantastic design
  • Build quality, materials and finishes
  • Driving comfort and stability
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Excellent 11-speed gearbox
  • Autonomy
  • Exceptional packaging
  • On-board computer full of functions in the secret menu
  • Removable battery

Cons of ADO DECE 300: 

  • Kickstand that, once inserted, collides with the pedal
  • Useless wheel inflation pump
  • Lack of a rear shock absorber

Video Review of ADO DECE 300



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