DUOTTS C20 Review: Compact But Powerful E-Bike!


I was ready for something more safe and comfy after using my Xiaomi Scooter Pro for a while. Every day, I commute 24 kilometers from my house to my office and back, and my scooter has taken the place of public transportation for me. During these times, electric bikes and scooters are a fantastic alternative to public transportation. avoiding social contact.


I started by looking at the Fiido D2, which appears to be a pretty well-liked brand. But then I started to notice the DUOTTS C20 e-bike. DUOTTS seems fashionable and doesn’t require as small of a fold as Fiido, so I don’t think I need to. (I hardly ever folded my electric scooter.) Further, I reasoned that the 20-inch wheels would improve my driving comfort.

Gears:7 Speed
Range per Power:> 60 km
Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
Max Speed:<30km/h
Braking System:Disc Brake
Tire Width:20 x 3"
Motor position:Rear Hub Motor
Battery Capacity:15Ah
Motor Power:500W Brushless Motor
Range:pure electric mode: 50-60km Auxiliary mode: 90-100km

Video review of DUOTTS C20

DUOTTS C20: Unboxing

I was pleased that it was delivered to my house because the box is very sizable. The actual bicycle is folded and fully built when it is delivered. The fenders needed to be mounted, and the brakes needed to be changed because they were set a little weak. However, you are essentially ready to go out of the box, which contains the following items: 

  • Bike (folded) a pair of fenders (plastic mud guard or aluminum full wheel cover)
  • Keys to a charger (in my instance with an EU plug)
  • A guarantee card, a bike manual, and a charger/battery manual

DUOTTS C20: Design and Build Quality

When I took my DUOTTS C20 out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent build quality because I didn’t anticipate getting such a high-end bike for such a reasonable price. The frame is built of a sturdy aluminum alloy and can support up to 100 kg of weight. The DUOTTS C20 has an IPX5 waterproof rating, meaning it can withstand persistent, low-pressure water jet sprays like rain. The handle bar’s height cannot be adjusted, but the seat tube can be extended and fastened at various heights. I didn’t fully extract the seat tube because I am only 1.83 cm tall, but I find the riding position to be extremely pleasant. Additionally, the saddle is cozy for extended journeys.

An air pump is built into the seat tube as a clever trick so you can fill your tires while driving. Since I was using my electric Xiaomi Air Pump with a built-in battery, I forgot to snap pictures.

DUOTTS C20 can be folded, but it’s not a folding bike like Fiido D2. I purchased it as advertised because I don’t need to fold my bike up into a small space for storage or travel. DUOTTS’s folding mechanism does, however, contribute to some space savings, particularly when you keep it in a hallway or narrow office corridor. The components protruding out the most are secured since the handle bar flips down and the pedals can be folded.

The handle bar locks and the seat tube screw have a solid, secure look and feel. Pedals can also be turned. None of this requires the use of any tools.

The e-bike has a 7-speed Shimano shifting system with 7 back sprockets and 1 front gear. On the ride to the workplace, the front sprocket is covered to prevent your pants from being torn or soiled. The gear shift, which has a button to shift up and a lever to shift down, is located on the handlebar close to the bell.

The bike’s battery is connected to the white front LED light on the DUOTTS C20. It is turned on using the display’s on/off button (short press while turned on). The bike’s primary battery is not connected to the bike’s red rear light or red reflector. The back light is powered by two AA batteries and is activated via a button on the light’s bottom. Thought that was a drawback at first, but now that I believe it’s not that nice, I’m glad I can change it with a fancier one with more features. As the seat tube can be removed using the built-in air pump, connecting it would make the cables difficult to manage.

The display can be read clearly in direct sunlight. It houses the mode changeover button and the on/off button for the DUOTTS C20. On the right, four squares with the words “Current Speed,” “Mileage of the Trip,” and “Battery Status” are displayed. You can choose between Eco (pedal assisted), Mid, and High – both full electric modes – by briefly pushing the mode button (moped mode). Parking mode is activated by prolonged button pressing. Although the display (and optional light) are switched on when riding totally manually. The trip mileage is changed to the scooter’s overall mileage in this mode.

The 20-inch DUOTTS C20 tires are marked “BMX Race – all season compound by CST” on the label. They are 20 x 3 air tube tires, and their manufacturer recommends a pressure range of 40 to 65 psi (2.8 to 4.5 bar).

I don’t notice a difference in terms of space. My scooter, a DUOTTS C20, is a little bit longer and I hardly ever folded it. I see no issue with riding the e-bike on the metro. I would just bring my Xiaomi Scooter Pro on a train trip so I could store it; it isn’t very tall, fits in the luggage compartment, and is much easier to carry up and down stairs. Since getting DUOTTS , I have hardly ever utilized my scooter. only for very brief hops to a nearby store. It’s e-bike time most of the time because they’re more enjoyable and practical.

Fiido is the shortest when folded when compared to the others because it folds in half, but the others do not, and C20 is unquestionably the longest and highest. However, because the handle bar folds down, the DUOTTS C20 is really the narrowest when placed up against a wall.

DUOTTS C20: Motor and Driving

The 500W brushless motor is mounted on the back tire, allowing you to travel up to 45 km/h in full electric mode (moped mode) and 90 km in assisted mode, or 60 km in full electric mode (I haven’t tested that yet). The advantage over an electric scooter is that the top speed is not constrained by the motor. In contrast to an e-scooter, this bike does not slow you down before you reach top speed. When you press the pedals or descend a slope, you can move more quickly.

On the front and rear wheels of the Xiaomi Himco C20 are disk brakes. It would have been wonderful to incorporate a regenerative brake system (KERS) to use the braking energy produced to charge the battery. It is advised to tighten the steel cable before your first ride because they were set up quite weakly out of the box.

It goes without saying that an e-scooter in electric-only mode accelerates more quickly! I am the fastest when the lights turn green, passing all other bikes and scooter riders. I press the pedals firmly and fully open the throttle. I traveled the entire 12-kilometer distance from my house to work on my e-scooter without using any other modes of transportation. A seat on the DUOTTS C20 is unquestionably a major plus. And since I constantly press the pedals and exercise, I don’t even feel lazy. Typically, I don’t ride very far to get to work, so I don’t arrive sweaty; on the way home, I exercise more.

DUOTTS C20: Battery and Range

The 15Ah battery with power port and LED indication is built into the frame. Power consumption is expressed as 0.72 kw/h per 100 kilometers. The battery can be easily taken out and carried around for charging with the help of a key. It takes roughly 6 hours to fully recharge. A battery management system is said to provide protection from overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit, and temperature. The DUOTTS C20 is powered by using a button on the display rather than a button on the battery or key.

DUOTTS C20: Conclusions

Since I recently purchased my DUOTTS C20 and have only driven it a few times, I’ll hold off on writing my thorough conclusion and opinions. I’m now quite satisfied and can highly recommend it. My expectations in terms of quality and driving comfort were surpassed by the DUOTTS C20.

The following is the only significant problem I’ve so far identified: E-bikes in China are required to beep often for legal reasons. The C20 beeps every 5 seconds while in electric mode, which is really obnoxious when driving. Even worse, other bikers and pedestrians give you the runaround and think you’re continuously honking. 

I don’t want to come across as picky, but if any of the detected minor faults are significant to you, I’d like to discuss them with you as well. The folding mechanism accounts for the pedals’ apparent weakness as they give slightly. The brakes are a little challenging to fine-tune. You must fully depress the brake lever; if it is set a little too strongly, the brakes will grind. As for the throttle, I would have liked a push throttle over a hand throttle like those on motorcycles.


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